Mathis on Broadway

Mathis on Broadway

by Johnny Mathis


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Release Date: 04/25/2000
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074646389720
catalogNumber: 63897

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Mathis   Primary Artist,Vocals
Betty Buckley   Track Performer
Alex Acuña   Percussion
Rev. Dave Boruff   Saxophone
Susan Boyd   Choir, Chorus
Jorge Calandrelli   Conductor
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Chuck Domanico   Bass
Nathan East   Bass
Jens Engel   Vocals
Jim Gilstrap   Choir, Chorus
Angie Jaree   Choir, Chorus
Jon Joyce   Choir, Chorus
Ronald Kunene   Choir, Chorus
Bobbi Page   Choir, Chorus
Dean Parks   Guitar
Joseph Powell   Choir, Chorus
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Neil Stubenhaus   Bass
Sally Stevens   Choir, Chorus
Efrain Toro   Percussion
Jonathan Tunick   Conductor
Carmen Twillie   Choir, Chorus
Randy Waldman   Piano,Keyboards
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Luther Waters   Choir, Chorus
Oren Waters   Background Vocals
Terry Wood   Choir, Chorus
Hlengiwe Dlamini   Choir, Chorus
Jason Graae   Vocals
Lebo M.   Conductor,Choir Conductor
Julia Waters   Vocals,Background Vocals
William Ross   Conductor
Lindiwe Dlamini   Choir, Chorus
Leo Daignault   Vocals
Lindiwe Hlengwa   Choir, Chorus
Nell Carter   Track Performer
Nandi S. Morake   Choir, Chorus
Orin Walters   Vocals
Nokukhanya Dlamini   Choir, Chorus
Jorge Clandrelli   Conductor
Ntombikhona DLamini   Choir, Chorus
Anthony Manough   Choir, Chorus
Philip McAdoo   Choir, Chorus
Rema Webb   Choir, Chorus
Ginger Freers   Choir, Chorus
Jeffrey Polk   Choir, Chorus
Rich Logan   Choir, Chorus
Megan Cavallari   Choir, Chorus,Choir Conductor

Technical Credits

Robbie Buchanan   Vocal Production Assistance
Jorge Calandrelli   Arranger,Producer
Kevin Clark   Engineer,Engineering
John Hendrickson   Engineer
Jay Landers   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Charles Paakkari   Engineer
Schmitt   Engineer,Engineering
Jonathan Tunick   Arranger,Producer
Randy Waldman   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Engineering
Frank Wolf   Engineer,Engineering
Lebo M.   Arranger,Producer,Choir Arrangement
Peter Fletcher   Contributor
Bill Smith   Producer,Engineer
William Ross   Arranger,Producer
Laura Grover   Liner Notes
Christine Wilson   Art Direction
Richard Jay-Alexander   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Lenny LaCroix   Rehearsal Accompanist
John Sorenson   Engineer
Alan Sanderson   Engineer
Jenny Knotts   Engineer
Matthew Della Pola   Scoring Coordinator
Jorge Clandrelli   Arranger,Producer
Ray Bardini   Engineering
James McCrone   Engineer
Megan Cavallari   Arranger,Choir Arrangement

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Mathis on Broadway 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the choices that were made on this CD. Mathis chose well his singing partners, acquiring seasoned Tony Award-winning Broadway veterans to help him out on a couple of them. Nell Carter is from the musical 'Ain't Misbehavin'', even though folks my age probably remember her better as Joey Lawrence's mother-surrogate on the TV show Gimme A Break. Betty Buckley has done more Broadway than I can think of; like Ms. Carter, she became popular on TV, and people still remember her from the Eight is Enough TV series. But Ms. Buckley was, if I'm not mistaken, the original Grisabella in 'Cats', and she may have also played Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.

Broadway songs are some of the best songs ever written, and four of these are particular favorites of mine. Seasons of Love is a wonderful, wonderful song, a thought-provoking song, and Nell Carter enhances the song beautifully. The medley with Betty Buckley to me gets mixed reviews. I much prefer Our Children, because the dual parts are so exquisitely blended, not to mention the wonderful piano work throughout. Life is a Bowl of Cherries is one of those songs that you think you're just absolutely going to hate, but surprisingly enough, I found it very charming! In fact, I say the Forever Plaid guys give Take 6 a good run for their money! And Once Upon A Dream is a beauty from a play I'm not at all familiar with! But my favorite song has to go to the Lion King's They Live In is such a powerful song, and there is such personal meaning in it for me, and Mathis complements the South African singers wonderfully. I was so impressed at how well Mathis handled the South African expressions in the song, too; I've tried studying African languages and the pronunciation is very, very difficult! Is there nothing Mathis can't handle? Not on this CD.

The production work is clean and pure, and for a change there's NO SYNTHESIZED MUSIC! It's all live orchestration with real instruments, and you immediately hear the difference and the quality, as I have always maintained this is the best accompaniment for the voice of Mathis. And Mathis himself, well, he sounds better than he has in years. Whether this is due to technical wizardry or vocal mastery, a it's long overdue and very welcome treat.

Now, my only real complaint is the value of this much you get for the money. I realize that Broadway songs are of necessity very short, given the original venue for which they are performed. Gotta tell ya, though, a 33-minute CD in this day and age is practically a sin. There was room for at least 5 more songs on here! It's as if Columbia was planning to release this on LP format. An ironic thought ten years after the last Mathis LP, Mathis sings Ellington, which also happens to be his longest CD recording to date at 57 minutes! Tsk. When will they ever learn to stop wasting the consumer's money?

This same thing happened with the Better Together duets album...they left off so many viable contenders for this concept. How about a few more Andrew Lloyd Webber songs? Think of it...just imagine Mathis and Betty Buckley together again on Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Unexpected Song' from Song and Dance, or they could have dueted for 'Love Changes Everything' from Aspects of Love! What about Mathis alone singing 'High Flying, Adored' from Evita, or maybe even 'I Am the Starlight' from Starlight Express? Surely they would have fallen into the twenty-year time frame. I think these songs would have been great additions AND they would have beefed this recording up considerably.

This is one CD that DIDN'T have to 'grow on me' for a change! It's a real winner! Sadly, I cannot give five stars to a recording this short. It's criminal, these things cost too much. I give 5 stars for Mathis' performance, 2 stars for the fact that this should have been marketed (and priced) as a CD extended play single with extra tracks! That totals 7, divide by 2 to get 3.5, which rounds up to four

Guest More than 1 year ago
Mathis on Broadway is a excellent collection of broadway tunes come to life with the voice of one of the worlds greatest singer, Johnny Mathis. This is truly one of the best I have ever heard. These songs, Children will listen, They live in you, Loving you are song with so much life and passion and soul that they go straight to the heart, with a voice like mathis what else can they do? Excellent music! Johnny has touched broadway again.