MathWise Integers: Skill Set Enrichment and Practice

MathWise Integers: Skill Set Enrichment and Practice

by Peter L. Wise


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Note that this is a student edition without answer key. The edition with answer key also includes copy privileges for one teacher's class(es)

MathWise Integers teaches integer addition/subtraction through the Same Sign Rule and the Opposite Sign Rule, but also through visual manipulatives: traditional horizontal number lines, elevator-style number lines, and counters. The rules, visual manipulatives, and the problems themselves are designed to strengthen mathematical reasoning. Additional concepts include: substitution with integers, negative one as a sign switcher, integer multiplication/division, fact families with integers, basic inequalities, multiplication with negative fractions, negative numbers with exponents, and absolute value.

Concept Quizzes are used throughout to test/review students’ conceptual knowledge of integers.

MathWise workbooks are unique in that they give interactive instruction as students are working on math problems. Speech bubbles give insights, hints, and observations in measured doses-not all at once, so that students don't lose attention or get overloaded.

Answer frames foster good technique-they ensure that students solve problems in steps and show their work.

Number sense and sound mathematical thinking are emphasized throughout. In addition to learning the concepts, students develop power with numbers and understand how and why math works the way it does.

These books are skill-specific-not grade specific. Challenge problems are sprinkled throughout the books to stretch students' thinking and to help them grow in their problem-solving skills.

MathWise books can be used to supplement any curriculum. They can be used for remediation with higher grades, and they can be used for enrichment with lower grades. They can also be used to pre-teach concepts or to review material that was previously presented. Students often say that the MathWise books helped them to really understand the material for the first time. The layout, explanations, tips and tricks, sequence of instruction, and mathematical connections presented in these books all contribute to the success of the curriculum.

The material in the MathWise books took over 14 years to create and design. These books have been used, tested, and critiqued in the classroom for over a decade.

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Publication date: 08/15/2014
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About the Author

Peter Wise, a veteran teacher of over 30 years, has developed innovative and strategic methods for teaching math and motivating students. He has coached math teams and taught hundreds of students in before- and after-school math clubs. The students he teaches typically make 2-3 years' growth in math in one year. His teaching techniques have been featured in newspaper reports and recognized on tv. He is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and was nominated for Teacher of the Year in California and Colorado.

His own two children (who helped him with the MathWise books) competed successfully in state and national math competitions.

A resident of Colorado, he also enjoys music, chess, and hiking.

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