Matthias & Smith

Matthias & Smith

by Mike Wilkins

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You are about to read a story which gives you the opportunity to experience the emotions of love and lust, as you glimpse into the corruption of real bodies, minds, and spirits. The manuscript is perfect for readers who enjoy a true story. The book Matthias & Smith is no respecter of religions involved. We are interested in exposing all the facts as experienced, endured, and witnessed from the different viewpoints of all concerned! After presenting the facts in a story-line format, each careful reader or student will find themselves empowered. Information is power to make your own decisions on what happened to the American Prophet Matthias, Sojourner-Truth, and the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith.

Sojourner-Truth & Matthias.
The name Sojourner-Truth has become established in modern humanity: she is a symbol of freedom, justice, strength, and endurance. As an Icon, Sojourner-Truth helps humanity understand the importance of communication and honesty.
During their time together Sojourner-Truth and Prophet Matthias experienced many shocking trials and tribulations. Interestingly Prophet Matthias called himself the spirit of truth. Coincidentally, when he and Sojourner-Truth eventually parted company, she, after experiencing an epiphany, began calling herself Sojourner-Truth.
Additionally, college and university students will find facts presented in a readable, enjoyable manner, with all of the required historical references thoroughly presented. The book is a foundation for study, debate, and end of term essays involving Sojourner-Truth and her New York years. If you are interested in Sojourner-Truth, then we have endeavored to record her actions and words alongside those of her companions. She was a woman who had much to say about her New York Years. She was searching for a better way of life; she wanted freedom and justice. Sojourner-Truth was a Christian light shining in the darkness of wealth, immorality, and delusion within the Zion or New Jerusalem which Prophet Matthias was attempting to build. Within this book, we read Sojourner-Truth's record of her time with the wealthy and powerful members of New York Society. Additionally, we elaborate on what Margaret Matthews, the legal wife of Prophet Matthias had to say about him, and Sojourner-Truth.

Prophet Matthias and the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith.
Two of America's memorable prophets, Joseph Smith and Matthias, were not afraid to claim divine spiritual authority. Together they had the opportunity to bless or curse the lives of those who walked in their long shadows! They issued commandments, along with striving to proselyte their visions for the future of humanity! They attested to the difference between good and evil spirits, after which they preached their doctrines! Death, destruction, and sacrifice often became the rewards of those men and women who followed in the footsteps of these trailblazing American prophets! Perhaps you are wondering why these two American prophets had so many of the same doctrines?
The unique connections between them present challenging questions! Maybe you would like to know which Prophet was the trailblazer. One believed that he could walk on water: then in his attempt to perform this miracle, almost killed himself! Interestingly, we examine the violence which was perpetrated upon these two American prophets as they endeavored to proselyte their doctrines.
Unlike most other books, we tell the full story of Robert Matthews and his band of 'Dupes.' We journey with him from his youth into manhood then experience his transformation from man into Prophet, and learn why he is called Prophet Matthias!
Informatively we present the different viewpoints of real people who lived and experienced the effects of walking in the shadows of men, who claimed to be living Prophets of God!

Please remember that every part of this story has a direct line of contact with a real person who lived, then recorded their experiences. As the story unfolds, each section has a reference number, making it easy for investigation. After a decade of research and writing finally, the curious connections between the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, and the notorious American prophet Matthias is exposed! This is the heartbreaking emotional story of real men and women who were searching for a better life amidst the conflict of claimed heavenly and demonick spirit entities!

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Publisher: Down Town Secure Books.
Publication date: 07/31/2018
Series: Clash Of The Prophets. , #1
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About the Author

Regarding Smith & Matthias, Mike said. ‘The ongoing development or driving force behind the manuscripts is derived from my curiosity and innate thirst for knowledge. I have often said to my wife Colette, family and friends, on numerous occasions; "I am in most things a real searcher!" The definition of searcher being, ‘to examine in order to find something lost or concealed.'

After almost thirty years of interest in the history of New York during the period known as the Second Great Awakening: I decided to correlate information. My investigation resulted in a series of unusual coincidences between the words, and actions of two men who were claiming to be prophets of God! Ultimately Robert Matthews (aka Prophet Matthias) and Joseph Smith (the Mormon Prophet) met for all the word to witness. Together they talked with each other in a three-day conference during November 1835. This was no ordinary meeting between friends or associates, as both men were claiming to be living Prophets: experiencing continued contact with spirit entities, who would guide and inspire them in their doctrines!
Eventually, the story expanded, resulting in Sojourner-Truth along with many other famous characters from the New York area becoming involved!
Ultimately plans were implemented to publish the amazing story of the connections between some of the most famous, and infamous characters within American history.
Facts are stranger than fiction.
Books by Mike Wilkins. from the Clash of the Prophets book series.
1. Matthias & Smith
2. The Sufferings of Margaret Matthews.
3. Sojourner-Truth Victorious. (out of print)
4. Next book is Life or Death.

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