Maude Rivers

Maude Rivers

by Masquerade Books, Incorporated

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)


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ISBN-13: 9781563330872
Publisher: Masquerade Books, Inc.
Publication date: 07/15/1993

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CliffordDorset on LibraryThing 19 days ago
This book is are essentially the same as 'Maude Cameron, published by Blue Moon, with substantially the same text, although the Masquerade edition is rather longer, with embellishments not in the Blue Moon edition. The story is that of a confirmed bachelor, Charles Cameron, who takes as ward the daughter of a business acquaintance. Given sole responsibility of the eighteen-year-old daughter, Maude Rivers, Charles schools her in the disciplinary and amatory arts, and allows her to be known as Maude Cameron. A friend of hers joins their ménage, and she too enthusiastically joins in their well-established and thoroughly loving regime of birch, cane and strap. More females are added to the entourage when Charles opens a school for your ladies and takes on two properly qualified young female teachers. These teachers manage to maintain their disapproval of corporal chastisement, almost to the end of the book, and in the manner of much of this genre, the author seems to have lost enthusiasm for the fairly repetitive corrections being described. For devotees of erotic flagellation this book is a classic, with detailed descriptions of the activities of the lusty Cameron and his scholastic harem.