Maverick Franchise: How a tight budget, a desire to help, and a hunger for success can become your greatest competitive advantage.

Maverick Franchise: How a tight budget, a desire to help, and a hunger for success can become your greatest competitive advantage.

by Nick-Anthony Zamucen


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No matter how many times you hear Nick-Anthony Zamucen's success story, it never gets boring. It's not only timeless, it's rare. You'll almost never come across a franchising business with a 100% success rate, but Nick-Anthony's company, Bio-One Inc., is just that! His company has been around for over twenty years but only began franchising four years ago. Since then, it hasn't had a single franchise that hasn't broken even within eight months! In most business models, breaking even in the first two to three years is usually considered pretty impressive. What Nick-Anthony's company has achieved is phenomenal.

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About the Author

The story of how Nick-Anthony began his company is just as fascinating as the incredible success story the company has become. About two decades ago during a church service, the minister told the congregation to go check on one of the church members whose husband had committed suicide. She was not in the service and the pastor knew she needed to be comforted. Nick-Anthony was a church member at that church in southern Georgia. He and a few other church members decided to visit the woman and see how she was doing. They found her seated on the couch. She had not moved from the couch for four days. She pointed them to the back of the door and told them that the police had told her to clean that herself. They did not know what she was talking about. They checked the back of the door that led to the bedroom.

The bedroom was a mess. Blood was everywhere. It was quite clear to them at this stage that her husband had shot himself to death. Some of her fellow church members took her to lunch. The others, including Nick-Anthony, were left cleaning up the mess. Nick-Anthony says back then, they did several things wrong as they cleaned up, but all they wanted to do was to help. He says this is why one of the core beliefs of his company is helping first and doing the business second.

After the cleanup, they discussed the matter and wondered how people across the country deal with such traumatic events. Nick-Anthony wondered how many other cases similar to this were happening in the United States. Then the idea was born. Back then there were no bio companies.

"What if we started a crime scene cleanup company and could actually help people in this time of need?"

Nick-Anthony believes that you have to work every day as if you are going to lose your job; like that is your last to make a difference. This is what he teaches Bio-One franchisees. He believes this is the secret to Bio-One's incredible success.

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