Maxims from the Quran: Enrich Your Soul

Maxims from the Quran: Enrich Your Soul

by Ismat M AL-Massri PhD



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Maxims from the Quran: Enrich Your Soul by Ismat M AL-Massri PhD

Maxims from the Qur'an:Enrich Your Soul

Ismat Mahmoud Al Massri

This book aims to enrich your soul while providing a roadmap to life's big questions as derived from the wisdom of the Quran.

Questions about our existence always occur to the mind at some point in one's life. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I heading? Many of us are looking for answers to such questions. While there are a plethora of books that proffer answers most of us remain unsatisfied. The Quran urges us to become aware, both of ourselves and the universe around us. God tells us:
In the earth, there are signs for people with certainty; and in yourselves, can you not see? 51:20-21
There are signs both in ourselves and within the universe around us such that if we were to ponder upon them they will lead us to realise God's existence and His divine power. The answers to man's questions about his existence can be found in God's last book: the Quran. The Quran tells us of the soul's journey from birth until resurrection. It answers all of life's questions and concerns.
In this book, a selection of verses from the Quran which stand out as a universal law, or a maxim for life or, broadly speaking, a general rule that can benefit all of mankind are presented to the reader.

Key Words:
God, Quran, Life, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Spirituality, Islam, Religion, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Stress, Abundance, Life Challenges, Satan, Morals.

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