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Springer Netherlands
Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods: Cambridge, England, 1988 / Edition 1

Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods: Cambridge, England, 1988 / Edition 1

by John Skilling


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ISBN-13: 9780792302247
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 05/31/1989
Series: Fundamental Theories of Physics , #36
Edition description: 1989
Pages: 526
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Tutorial.- Clearing up Mysteries — The Original Goal.- From Rationality and Consistency to Bayesian Probability.- Classic Maximum Entropy.- Developments in Maximum Entropy Data Analysis.- The Three Phases of Statistical Mechanics.- Bell’s Theorem. Inference and Quantum Transactions.- Philosophy.- Probability, Philosophy and Science: A briefing for Bayesians.- Statistical thermodynamics & Quantum mechanics.- The Statistics of Quantum Mechanical Wavefunctions.- Justification of the Maximum Entropy Criterion in Quantum Mechanics.- Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics.- Applications of Maximum Entropy to Condensed Matter Physics.- Problems of Maximum-Entropy Formalism in the Statistical Geometry of Simple Liquids.- Physical measurement techniques.- Liquid Structure Factor Determination by Neutron Scattering — Some Dangers of Maximum Entropy.- Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Data Evaluation Using the Maximum Entropy Method.- Maximum Entropy Reconstruction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Solution of Autocorrelation Function Constrained Maximum Entropy Problems Using the Method of Simulated Annealing.- Solution of Laplace Transform Equations (Sum of Exponentials) by Maximum Entropy.- Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Approach in Tomographic Image Reconstruction and Restoration.- Crystallography.- Maximum-Entropy-Based Approaches to X-ray Structure Determination and Data Processing.- Maximum Entropy in Crystallography.- A Multisolution Phase Determination Method in X-Ray Crystallography.- The Challenge of X-RAY and Neutron Powder Diffraction.- A Statistical Potential for Modelling X-ray Electron Density Maps with Known Phases.- Chemical Spectroscopy.- Enhanced Information Recovery From Spectroscopic Data Using MaxEnt.- Bayesian Spectrum Analysis on Quadrature Nmr Data with Noise Correlations.- Selective Data-Sampling and Reconstruction of Phase Sensitive 2D NMR Spectra Using Maximum Entropy.- A New Maximum Entropy Processing Algorithm, with Applications to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments.- Sampling Strategies for Magnetic Resonance Experiments.- The Inverse Problem for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.- Time series, Power spectra.- Maximum Entropy Calculations on a Discrete Probability Space: Predictions Confirmed.- Application of Classical, Bayesian and Maximum Entropy Spectrum Analysis to Nonstationary Time Series Data.- Identifying Discrete Cycles in Economic Data: Maximum Entropy Spectra and the Direct Fitting of Sinusoidal Functions.- Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis of Hilbert Transformed Complex Data.- Astronomical techniques.- Maximum Entropy Tomography of Accretion Discs from Their Emission Lines.- Distances to Clusters of Galaxies Using Maximum Entropy.- The Application of Maximum Entropy Techniques to Chopped Astronomical Infrared Data.- Neural networks.- The Use of Bayesian and Entropic Methods in Neural Network Theory.- Electronic ‘Neural’ Nets for Solving Ill-Posed Problems with an Entropy Regulariser.- Fundamentals, Statistics.- Bayesian Model Selection: Examples Relevant to NMR.- Regularization and Inverse Problems.- Maximum Entropy and Inductive Inference.- Maximum Specific Entropy, Knowledge, Ordering, and Physical Measurements.- The Metrics Induced by the Kullback Number.- The Paradox of the Money Pump: A Resolution.- Constrained Maximum Entropy Methods in an Image Reconstruction Problem.- Entropy + Rain = Floods.- Maximum Entropy and Constrained Optimization.- The Eigenvalues of Mega-dimensional Matrices.- Bayesian Evaluation of Discrepant Experimental Data.- Superresolution limit for Signal recovery.- A Monotonic Property of Distributions Based on Entropy with Fractile Constraints.- Kinetic Theory and Ensembles of Maximum Entropy.- On the Use of Quadratic Regularisation within Maximum Entropy Image Restoration.- From Chirp to Chip, a Beginning.- Bayesian Data Analysis: Straight-line fitting.

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