The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind

The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind


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Bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow shows how the Mayan Calendar is a bridge to galactic wisdom that fosters personal growth and human evolution

• Unearths the meaning behind the calendar, its message for modern civilization, and what will happen after the calendar ends

• Reveals how time acceleration is a manifestation of the acceleration of consciousness

• By the author of The Pleiadian Agenda

The Mayan Code is a deep exploration of how, with the end of the Mayan Calendar, time and consciousness have been accelerating, giving us a new understanding of the universe. Using Carl Johan Calleman’s research, as well as the ideas of other Mayan Calendar scholars, Barbara Hand Clow examines 16.4 billion years of evolution to decode the creative patterns of Earth—the World Mind. These great patterns culminated in 2011, but subsequent astrological influences have continued to inspire us to attain oneness and enlightenment.

The Mayan Code shows how the time cycles of the Calendar match important periods in the evolutionary data banks of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. These stages of evolution converged during the final stage of the Calendar, the period between 1999 and 2011. Evidence of the tightening spiral of time that we experience as time speeding up—war and territoriality, resource management and separation from nature—are all part of daily events we must process during the coming years. Barbara Hand Clow counsels that our own personal healing is the most important factor as we prepare to make this critical leap in human evolution—now referred to as the awakening of the World Mind.

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Publication date: 03/29/2007
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Pages: 304
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About the Author

Barbara Hand Clow is an International Mayan Elder (Comunidad Indigena Maya), Cherokee Record Keeper, and internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher and author. She has published ten other books, including The Pleiadian Agenda, Chiron, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, and Catastrophobia. She teaches at sacred sites throughout the world and maintains an astrological website,

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from Chapter 4

Entering the Milky Way Galaxy


Physicists, astronomers, and astrophysicists have been successfully mapping the universe since the 1950s. Much of the public knows that our Sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in a 225-million-year orbit, and that it is approximately thirty light-years out from the center. Our galaxy is part of a cluster of galaxies called the Virga Supercluster, and there are many more superclusters in the universe.

Mysteriously, cosmologists discovered in 1998 that the expansion of the universe was suddenly speeding up! This shift may ultimately provide the proof for superstring theory (the idea that the universe is made of vibrating strings functioning in ten dimensions) because it suggests that quintessence—a strange energy that can exert an antigravity force— somehow “switched” in 1998. That is, cosmologists considered the possibility that quintessence started accelerating the cosmic expansion in 1998! This has to be an effect from another dimension, which in my model would be the ninth dimension, the dimension of the Mayan Calendar.

Cosmologists have penetrated the real nature of our galaxy and our place in it just in time, because reattaining galactic consciousness is the agenda of the Galactic Underworld. It looks as if some fundamental cosmological forces changed in 1998, which helps me understand how the acceleration times twenty that began January 5, 1999, was even possible. And what changes will there be in the universe when the Universal Underworld acceleration kicks in 2011?

It is highly probable that the Maya and other highly developed ancient civilizations may have known more about the galaxy than we do right now. Regarding evolutionary acceleration times twenty, now it is time to comprehend the time distortions of the Galactic Underworld stacked on top of the Planetary Underworld (A.D. 1755-2011), stacked on top of the National Underworld (3115 B.C.-A.D. 2011), and so on.

The Planetary Underworld accelerated our climb out of the slower time of the National Underworld by speeding up time by twenty times; this recovery of an accurate scientific view of the universe has become ubiquitous since 1992 by means of computer networks. Meanwhile, during Day Seven of the National Underworld and throughout the entire Planetary Underworld, materialistic science has eliminated the spiritual understanding of science.

This approach will not hold up during the Galactic Underworld because both the material and spiritual approaches to science are needed now. The Galactic Underworld is a dualized phase that favors rightbrain access, which is very spiritual. This is why an interest in spiritual science is increasing in our culture. An example of this is the wild popularity of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water.

I find it fascinating that the Coba stele was deciphered in the 1950s, when the scientific evolutionary timeline was also assembled. The flowering phase of the Planetary Underworld in Day Six just happens to have been from A.D. 1952 to 1972: the 1950s again! We can understand more about the convergence of so many scientific theories at this time by having a closer look at the Planetary Underworld, which will help us comprehend the nature of the speedup times twenty within the National Underworld.


Carl Johan Calleman notes that the best way to see the influence of the speedup of the Planetary Underworld by twenty times in 1755—right in the middle of Day Seven of the National Underworld—is to follow the development of telecommunications.

The telegraph appeared in 1753, and by the time we evolved to 1952 at the opening of Day Six, we had the first public television broadcasts. I will never forget that moment. We had a grand piano in our living room. I had begun lessons when I was four or five years old, and by the time I was nine in 1952, I was studying with a great teacher. But never mind all that, when television came on the scene, out went our piano and in came the TV!

Is there anything that has changed our basic way of life more than television? And think about how computers have changed our lives. As Calleman notes, the Planetary Underworld was when industrialization was seeded, and communication by written message during the National Underworld was just not fast enough anymore.

Because of the speedup, there was a push to develop technology, and a common communications network was needed. This push that began with the telegraph has evolved all the way to the development of the Internet; it drives this new level of human creativity.

Seeing that the 1950s and 1960s encompass Day Six of the Planetary Underworld (the flowering of communication systems), we can see why so many complex databanks were being formulated during the 1950s. This outburst of creativity required strong links between all people—television got the news out to the planet. Remember the good old days when you could get important information on television? Now, only the Internet and cell phones are fast and free enough for people. Yet, just as television became controlled during the 1990s, global elite controls are being put on the Internet and cell phones as I write these words.

However, unlike television, now the time acceleration is too rapid to stop the flow of information, and next quantum communications will take over, since people are becoming more telepathic. This is because of the dualistic and right-brain nature of the Galactic Underworld, and because of what happens to human consciousness when people are galactocentric. The Mayan Calendar shows that humanity is right in the middle of an overwhelming intellectual waking-up process. I prophesy that in 2011, during the Universal Underworld, we will all be psychic, just as people were thousands of years ago during the Regional Underworld.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

by Carl Johan Calleman



1 The Mayan Calendar

The Discovery
Continuity in Mesoamerican Culture
Time Cycles in the Calendar
Visiting Maya Temples
New-Paradigm Interpretations of Ancient Cultures
The Legacy of the Maya
The Contributions of John Major Jenkins
The Fall of the Polar God
The Dark Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy
The Maya Obsession with Time
Harmonic Convergence: August 16-17, 1987

2 Organic Time
Evolutionary Theory and the Mayan Calendar
The Nine Underworlds of Creation
Darwinian Evolutionary Theory versus Intelligent Design
American Judeo-Christian Fundamentalism
Integrating the New Scientific Paradigm
The Coba Stele and the Nine Underworlds
The Resonance of the Tzolkin
How the Ancient Maya Discovered the Calendar
The Plan of Creation
Acceleration of Time by Twenty
Simultaneous Threads of Creation
The Days and Nights of the Mammalian Underworld
The Tribal Underworld and Homo habilis
The Regional Underworld and Homo sapiens

3 The Global Maritime Civilization
The Neolithic Age
The Regional Underworld as Eden
The Great Cataclysm in 9500 BC
The Habitat and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
The Global Maritime Civilization
Remnants of the Global Maritime Civilization
Decoding the Regional Underworld
Unity and Duality Consciousness
Megalithic and Cyclopean Stone Technology
Day Six of the Regional Underworld
Paleolithic Caves
Paleolithic Lithophones
The Megalithic Geological University of Carnac in France
Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance

4 Entering the Milky Way Galaxy
The 1998 Alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun with the Galactic Plane
Day Seven of the National Underworld
Galactic Consciousness Since 1998
The Planetary Underworld Acceleration: AD 1755-2011
Galactocentric Astronomy and Astrophysics
The 1998 Galactic-Plane Ecliptic Crossing
Earth Develops a Bulge in 1998
Black Holes and Singularities
The Tilting Icosahedral Earth
The New Precession and the Rig Veda
Galactic Superwaves and Precession

5 The World Tree
Sacred Cultures and the Worlds
The Material and Spiritual Worlds
The World Tree as the Driver of Evolution on Earth
The Geographical Location of the World Tree
The Crossing of the World Tree
The Influence of the World Tree During the National Underworld
The Collective Drama and the Invisible Cross
Holographic Resonance between the Human Brain and Earth
Active Meditation
Sacred Postures and the Alternate Reality

6 The Galactic Underworld and Time Acceleration
The Galactic Underworld and America as Global Empire
Day One of the Galactic Underworld:
January 5, 1999—December 30, 1999
Night One of the Galactic Underworld:
December 31, 1999—December 24, 2000
Day Two of the Galactic Underworld:
December 25, 2000—December 19, 2001
Night Two of the Galactic Underworld:
December 20, 2001—December 14, 2002
Day Three of the Galactic Underworld:
December 15, 2002—December 9, 2003
Night Three of the Galactic Underworld:
December 10, 2003—December 3, 2004
Day Four of the Galactic Underworld:
December 4, 2004—November 28, 2005
Night Four of the Galactic Underworld:
November 29, 2005—November 23, 2006

7 Enlightenment and Prophecy Through 2011
The Galactic Underworld Breakdown
The Worlds of the National, Planetary, and Galactic Underworlds
The Middle Eastern Whirlwind of Violence
The Death of Organized Religion
Day Five of the Galactic Underworld:
November 24, 2006—November 18, 2007
Night Five of the Galactic Underworld:
November 19, 2007—November 12, 2008
Day Six of the Galactic Underworld:
November 13, 2008—November 7, 2009
The Truth About Exopolitics During Day Six of the Galactic Underworld
A Message from the Pleiades About Ending Earth’s Quarantine in the Universe in AD 2011

8 Christ and the Cosmos
Quetzalcoatl and the Nine Dimensions
Galactic Superwaves and the 9500 BC Cataclysm
Understanding Reality via Inner Consciousness
Paul A. LaViolette and the Message of the Pulsars
Pulsars as ETI Signaling Devices
Pulsars and Exopolitics
Recovering Our Spiritual Potential and the Watchers
The Enochians and Uriel’s Machine
Passing Souls to Protect the Perennial Wisdom
Jesus Christ as Pantocrator
Antediluvian Wisdom in Genesis Unveiled
The Book of Enoch
The Birth of Giants and Increased Cranial Capacity
The Golden Age and the Breakthrough Celebration

Reflections on Earth’s Tilting Axis

Astrological Transits Through AD 2012

Guide to the Galactic Underworld

Finding Your Maya Day Sign:
Conversion Codex for the Mayan Calendar by Ian Lungold




What People are Saying About This

Lesley Crossingham

"I highly recommend the book to alchemists, spiritual adepts and seekers of mystery. The Mayan Code is indeed the handbook of spiritual alchemy as Barbara Hand-Clow provides us with copious illustrations, maps, diagrams, and dozens of references and cross-references, allowing this complicated material to be disseminated easily.

Hunbatz Men

The Mayan Code is really interesting and amazing because its statements are based on facts. For instance, it mentions the VEDA. We the Mayas know this people as the BEDZA. They used and followed the ancient calendar of 360 days, just as the Mayas did with the Haab calendar that has 360 days too. I recommend you to read this book.”

Nicki Scully

“Barbara Hand Clow’s inspired and well-researched articulation of the Mayan Calendar provides a significant aid to understanding the mechanics of the acceleration of time and the process of human evolution. She offers a refreshingly radical and hopeful outcome for our future beyond the Calendar’s end in 2011–2012.”

Curtis McCosco

"Barbara Hand Clow, author of more than a dozen books and DVDs, has taken the revelations espoused by Carl Johann Calleman in his book, The Mayan Calendar, to another extraordinary level.

Whitley Strieber

“Barbara Hand Clow has written the definitive book about 2012. This book, quite simply, is the best resource that now exists. A very wise human being has poured her heart, her soul, and her mind into these words. The Mayan Code is a great gift to us all.”

Ariel Spilsbury

“From now through 2012 we are walking what the Mayas call Xi Balba bih, ‘The Road of Awe.’ Tools that assist us in looking at the vast acceleration and wave of evolution that we are experiencing, through the largest possible soul lens, will be of great assistance during these transformative times. This book is highly recommended for that process.”

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