Maybee's Stepping Stones

Maybee's Stepping Stones

by Archie Fell


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"But he forsook the counsel of the old men, which they had given him."
"Tod's coming!" said Maybee, dancing up and down on the doorstep.
"How do you suppose they'll behave?" said Sue, taking books, lunch-basket, and two clean pocket-handkerchiefs from mamma's careful hands. "Tod is so queer; and what shall I do with Maybee's tongue?"
"Do exactly as you would be done by," said mamma, smoothing the anxious little forehead. "Remember, everything will be new and strange, and keep the wee things under your own wing as much as possible. Be very gentle and patient, help them over all the hard places, and my word for it, they will be your most obedient servants. I think Mabel means to be very good and quiet," she added, stooping to kiss the dimpled chin on the doorstep.
"Yes'm, 'course," nodded Maybee, skipping away to meet the freckle-faced Theodore, six months her junior. "On'y my ap'n's so slippery it will rattle, and Tod's got starch in his shoes, so's he can't go very sofferly."

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