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McGraw-Hill Education Conquering ACT English, Reading, and Writing, Fourth Edition

McGraw-Hill Education Conquering ACT English, Reading, and Writing, Fourth Edition

by Steven W. Dulan, Amy Dulan

Paperback(4th ed.)

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A comprehensive tool to help boost your score on the English, Reading, and Writing portions of the ACT

If you’re one of the more than 1.9 million high school students who take the ACT every year and want to boost your English, Reading, and Writing score, than this is the ideal study resource for you!

McGraw-Hill Education’s Conquering ACT English, Reading, and Writing, Fourth Edition is the most complete, in-depth review guide available for all of the verbal topics tested on the ACT. The authors arethe founders of Advantage Education, Inc.—one of America’s most respected providers of school-based test-prep classes. They have prepared thousands of students over the course of 20+ years, resulting in strategies that work and are field tested.

Score-raising features include:

• 3 full-length practice ACT English tests with complete explanations
• 4 full-length practice ACT Reading tests with complete explanations
• Strategies to help you answer the challenging multiple-choice questions
• Coverage of basic reading, writing, and grammar usage skills
• Scoring table for each practice test, including the ACT Writing Test
• Companion website with additional ACT practice tests and test information

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ISBN-13: 9781260462555
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 06/16/2020
Edition description: 4th ed.
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 413,277
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Steven W. Dulan and Amy Dulan (East Lansing, MI) are the founders of Advantage Education, Inc., which offers test-prep classes at high schools and colleges throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Colorado, as well as distance-learning programs over the Internet. The Dulans have personally prepared thousands of students for success on standardized exams.

Table of Contents

About the Authors ix

Exciting ACT Updates! xi

Introduction 1

About the ACT 1

Structure of the ACT 1

How to Use This Book 3

General Test-Taking Information and Strategies 4

What to Do on Test Day 11

What's Next? 12

Part I The ACT English Test 13

Chapter 1 Format and Scoring 15

Anatomy of an ACT English Question 16

The ACT English Test Score 16

What's Next? 17

Chapter 2 ACT English Diagnostic Test 19

Chapter 3 Grammar Review 39

Punctuation Rules 39

Grammar Rules 44

What's Next? 56

Chapter 4 Strategies and Techniques 57

Skim the Passage 57

Review the Underlined Portion 58

Predict an Answer 58

Trust What You Know 59

Use the Process of Elimination 59

Take Delete Seriously 60

Fear Change (Sometimes!) 60

Go with the Flow 60

Practice, Practice, Practice 61

What's Next? 61

Chapter 5 Applying Strategies, Building Skills 63

Grammatical Voice 63

Modifying Clauses 65

Verb Tense 67

Subject/Verb Agreement 68

Adjectives and Adverbs 70

Pronouns 71

Idiom 73

Redundancy 74

Punctuation 76

Answers and Explanations 80

What's Next? 86

Chapter 6 ACT English Practice Test 1 87

Chapter 7 ACT English Practice Test 2 109

Part II The ACT Reading Test 131

Chapter 8 Format and Scoring 133

Anatomy of an ACT Reading Question 133

The ACT Reading Test Score 134

What's Next? 134

Chapter 9 ACT Reading Diagnostic Test 135

Chapter 10 Speed Reading 151

Some Benefits of Speed Reading 151

Expectations of Speed Reading 151

Determining Your Baseline Reading Speed 151

Increasing Your Baseline Reading Speed 153

Techniques for Improving Your Reading Speed 153

Strategies to Increase Speed-Reading Comprehension 155

Some Potential Problems with Speed Reading 155

Speed-Reading Drills 156

Practice, Practice, Practice! 157

What's Next? 158

Chapter 11 Strategies and Techniques 159

"Sacrificing" a Reading Passage 159

ACT Reading Test General Strategies 160

ACT Reading Test Question Types 164

What's Next? 165

Chapter 12 Applying Strategies, Building Skills 167

Identify Topic, Scope, and Purpose-Main Idea 167

Locate and Interpret Significant Details 170

Understand Sequences of Events and Comprehend Cause-Effect Relationships 171

Determine the Meaning of Words, Phrases, and Statements in Context 173

Draw Generalizations 174

Analyze the Author's or Narrator's Voice and Method 175

Make Comparisons and Contrasts 177

Answers and Explanations 179

What's Next? 183

Chapter 13 ACT Reading Practice Test 1 185

Chapter 14 ACT Reading Practice Test 2 201

Chapter 15 ACT Reading Practice Test 3 219

Chapter 16 ACT Reading Practice Test 4 235

Part III The ACT Writing Test 251

Chapter 17 Format and Scoring 253

The ACT Writing Test Format 253

The ACT Writing Test Essay Prompt 254

The ACT Writing Test Score 254

What's Next? 257

Chapter 18 ACT Writing Diagnostic Test 259

Chapter 19 Strategies and Techniques 271

The ACT Essay Prompt 271

What Makes a Good Essay 272

Common Mistakes to Avoid 275

Steps to Writing Well 277

Revising and Editing 279

What's Next? 280

Chapter 20 Applying Strategies, Building Skills 281

Writing a Good Essay 281

Answers and Explanations 296

What's Next? 302

Chapter 21 ACT Writing Practice Tests-Set 1 303

Chapter 22 ACT Writing Practice Tests-Set 2 325

Part IV Appendices 347

Appendix A ACT Vocabulary List 349

Appendix B Quick Review Sheet 375

Appendix C Additional Resources 377

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