McGraw-Hill On-Site Guide to Building Codes 2000: Commercial and Residential Sites and Exteriors

McGraw-Hill On-Site Guide to Building Codes 2000: Commercial and Residential Sites and Exteriors

by David Smith, Laura Smith

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Find accurate,up-to-date answers to your code questions instantly Co-authored by the architect/ interior designer team of David Smith and Laura Holland Smith,the McGraw-Hill On-Site Guide to 2000 Building Codes 2000: Exteriors provides you with the latest residential and commercial requirements for exterior and site design as specified in the 2000 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). With a convenient graphic treatment,this one-stop resource covers uses of occupancy,height and area requirements,types of construction,fire regulations,egress rulings,walls,roofs,structural designs,approved materials,accessibility,building systems,and much more. More than 300 graphs and tables summarize all key information to keep you current with the 2000 IBC and IRC.

Compliance in the Palm of Your Hand This essential portable reference gives you quick answers on the many major changes in site and exterior requirements that you'll find in the new International Building Code(R) and International Residential Code(R). Open this guide for time-saving and error-sparing aids,such as:
*Charts,tables,and illustrations—300 quick visual references that provide answers at a glance
*Instant answers on IBC and IRC site and exterior paperwork requirements; use or occupancy restrictions; height and area definitions; and fire regulations
*Easy-access data on types of construction; structural designs; approved materials; accessibility; building systems such as electrical and HVAC; and much more
*Accurate and complete answers from a well-known architect/interior designer team This one-of-a-kind guide to the new International Building and ResidentialCodes gives you answers that are quick and correct.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071365109
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 05/11/2001
Series: McGraw-Hill Architecture Ser.
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.34(h) x 1.49(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Building Codes.
Chapter 2: The Design Professional.
Chapter 3: Use and Occupancy.
Chapter 4: Construction Types—Allowable Height and Area.
Chapter 5: Fire Resistance-Rated Construction.
Chapter 6: Means of Egress.
Chapter 7: Accessibility.
Chapter 8: Interior Finishes.
Chapter 9: Exterior Walls and Roofs.
Chapter 10: Other Issues.
Appendix A: What's In a Code.
Appendix B: Model Codes and Standards Related Organizations and Associations .
Appendix C: Errata to the 2000 International Building Code.
Appendix D: Referenced Standards.
Appendix E: SBCCI Publications.
Appendix F: BOCA Publications.
Appendix G: ICBO Publications.
Appendix H: NFPA Publications.
Appendix I: ASTM Contents by Subject.
Appendix J: ASTM Discontinued Standards.
Appendix K: Construction Related Associations and Reference Organizations.
Appendix L: State Accessibility Codes Contact List.
Appendix M: Metric Conversions.

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