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McUisdean is a book that deals with the early history of many families with a similar name, who also share matching DNA. These families include McQuiston, McQuistion, McQuesten, McQuestion, McQuistan, McCuiston, McCuistion, and several more, including McChristian. The author has spent five decades researching this work, including three trips to Scotland, one each to Ireland and Northern Ireland, plus trips to England, Europe, and North America, where family history or history of Celtic settlement can be found. This is a legitimate history of this family and there is not likely to ever be anything this comprehensive attempted by any other writer.

The author explores the genealogy of the man from whom all these families descend, one Uisdean McDonald, known historically as Hugh of Sleat, Chief of the McDonalds of the Isle of Skye. Hugh was born about 1436 and died in 1498. His ancestors and descendant are well-documented in this book, thanks to help from museums and sources in Scotland, Northern Ireland and North America, including Canadian records. There are stories, too, of the Father of Alaska, Father of the Yukon, and a U.S. President, Andrew Jackson, who also come from this family, and many other fascinating tales as well, including links to the Knights Templar, to the hero King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, to Nova Scotia, and possibly even to the Oak Island treasure, and much, much more.

For anyone with one of these surnames, there is not a better book to be purchased, nor is there likely ever to be. Don't miss out on this well-researched and exciting story of your own family.

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About the Author

James A. McQuiston is a recognized Scottish historian, being accepted as a Fellow with the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. He has studied his own family, with all its different spellings and pronunciations, since he was a young boy. He has traveled the western world and amassed a library full of books and papers proving the great history of his extended family. McQuiston has written other books related to the history of this family, but this one is his life's work. There will never be another one like it.

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