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Me, You, Us and Life: 10th Anniversary Edition

Me, You, Us and Life: 10th Anniversary Edition

by Sam J Sligar
Me, You, Us and Life: 10th Anniversary Edition

Me, You, Us and Life: 10th Anniversary Edition

by Sam J Sligar

Paperback(10th Anniversary ed.)

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This is the 10th Anniversary Edition of Reflections on Me, You, Us and Life by Sam J. Sligar. The orginal was first released in 2008 as a collection of newletter articles written for the purpose of promoting self-awareness, nourishing family life and creating respectful loving relationships. The goal of this book is to present short and easily understood articles to aid each person to find their own way in this journey of life.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692156230
Publisher: Crossings Counseling Center, Inc.
Publication date: 07/25/2018
Edition description: 10th Anniversary ed.
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.23(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue 7

Me 12

Do You Really Need to “Explain” Yourself? 13

Playing the Victim Role 14

Achieving Self-Love 15

Dealing with Shame 16

Reinventing Yourself 17

Anger Management 18

Good Self-Esteem vs. Bad Self-Esteem 19

Change 20

When Feelings Become Ideas 21

Learned Helplessness 22

Defining Maturity 25

Introduction to a Monster 26

How Important Are You? 27

Denial of the Negative 29

Listening to Pain 29

Looking for Angels 31

I Think, Therefore I Am or I Feel, Therefore I Am 32

Double Bind of Fear 33

Emotional Reality vs. Rational Reality 34

Add: Fear of the Unknown 35

Add Worry Wart 37

The “Overreacting” Diagnosis 38

You 40

Sarcasm 41

What does Your Mirror Reflect? 42

I Love You. Therefore, You Owe Me 43

Constructive Criticism 45

Double Messages 47

People Boxes 48

Setting the Tone 49

The Blame Game 50

Yesbut, the Word that Defeats Communication 51

The Peril of “Fixing” 52

Why is it Always about You? 53

“Kick But” and Improve Communication 54

Creative Tension 55

Us 56

Romantic Love: Is It Real? 57

Being In Love How Long Does it Last? 58

Relationship Fitness 59

Preventive Medicine for Marriage 60

Getting More Personal 61

Unresolved Conflict 62

Why Do Couples Fight to be Right 63

Two words That Always Confuse Communication 64

Togetherness & Separateness in Marriage 66

Love Means Always Having to Say You're Sorry 67

What Do You Assume about Your Mate? 68

Becoming Aware 69

The Seven-Year Itch 69

The Thirty-Year Hump 71

Marital Cancer 72

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Marriage 73

The D Word 74

The Sandwich Generation 75

Sometimes on the Way to Heaven 76

Sit Down! We're Going to Have a Talk 78

Spoiling the Child 78

Ten Commandments of Divorcing Parents 80

First Step for Step Families 81

Blending Families 82

Family Values — A Counselor’s Perspective 84

When Trust is Lost 85

Re-framing a relationship 87

And Life 90

Which Land is Your Land? 91

Failure Rejection and Hope 92

The Illusion of Control 93

Letting Go of Hurt 94

Live Into It 95

A New Year Re “soul” lution 96

Attitude of Ingratitude 97

Everyone Suffers from Depression 98

A Cure for Depression 99

Revisiting Norman 100

Grieving Heals 101

Secret of Success 102

Internet Dragnet 103

When All is Lost 104

It’s Not a Problem Unless 105

I Am Entitled 106

Epilogue 109

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