Measuring Up: Improving Health System Performance in OECD Countries

Measuring Up: Improving Health System Performance in OECD Countries



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ISBN-13: 9789264196766
Publisher: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Publication date: 06/24/2002
Pages: 362
Product dimensions: 7.88(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface7
Part IOverview of Issues and Challenges
Chapter 1.Measuring Health System Performance: Problems and Opportunities in the Era of Assessment and Accountability13
Chapter 2.Performance Measurement and Improvement in OECD Health Systems: Overview of Issues and Challenges35
Part IIPerformance Measurement and Performance Management from the Perspective of Various Actors: A Review of Experiences in Selected Countries
Chapter 3.Improving Value for Money in the United Kingdom National Health Service: Performance Measurement and Improvement in a Centralised System57
Chapter 4.Improving Accountability in a Decentralised System: A Swedish Perspective87
Chapter 5.Providing Performance Information for Consumers: Experience from the United States97
Chapter 6.Can a Tulip Become a Rose? The Dutch Route of Guided Self-Regulation Towards a Community-Based Integrated Health Care System117
Chapter 7.Towards Integrated and Coherent Health Information Systems for Performance Monitoring: The Canadian Experience133
Part IIIPerformance Measurement Activities at the International Level: How can International Comparisons Assist National Policy-Making?
Chapter 8.Opening the Black Box: What Can Be Learned from a Disease-based Approach?159
Chapter 9.The Evolution of WHO's Approach to Health System Performance Assessment197
Chapter 10.Measuring and Improving Patients' Experiences: How Can we Make Health Care Systems Work for Patients?211
Chapter 11.Equity in the Use of Physician Visits in OECD Countries: Has Equal Treatment for Equal Need Been Achieved?225
Part IVBest Practices in Measuring Different Dimensions of Health System Performance
Chapter 12.Measuring the Quality of Hospital Care: The State of the Art251
Chapter 13.Measuring the Quality of Long-term Care in Institutional and Community Settings277
Chapter 14.Developing Composite Indicators for Assessing Health System Efficiency295
Part VApplying Performance Indicators to Health System Improvement
Chapter 15.Applying Performance Indicators to Health System Improvement319
Part VISummary and Conclusions
Chapter 16.Measuring Up: Lessons and Potential337
Part VIIMinisterial Roundtable: Leadership, Successes and Challenges
Chapter 17.Measuring Health System Performance and the Impact on Political Decision-Making: The Views of OECD Ministers351

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