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Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests / Edition 6

Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests / Edition 6

by Joan Levy, Norman Levy


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ISBN-13: 9780768916997
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 09/15/2004
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 1.00(w) x 1.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

What This Book Will do for You1
Techniques for Studying and Test-Taking4
Part ISpatial Relations
Hidden Figures18
Test 1Hidden Figures19
Test 2Hidden Figures21
Test 3Hidden Figures23
Answers and Explanations25
Matching Parts and Figures28
Test 1Matching Parts and Figures30
Test 2Matching Parts and Figures32
Test 3Matching Parts and Figures34
Test 4Matching Parts and Figures36
Answers and Explanations38
Spatial Views44
Test 1Spatial Views45
Test 2Spatial Views47
Test 3Spatial Views51
Answers and Explanations51
Cube Counting54
Test 1Cube Counting55
Test 2Cube Counting58
Answers and Explanations62
Pattern Analysis64
Test 1Cardboard Folding65
Test 2Cardboard Folding67
Test 3Cardboard Folding69
Test 4Box Unfolding71
Test 5Box Unfolding73
Test 6Box Unfolding75
Answers and Explanations77
Figure Turning80
Test 1Solid Figure Turning81
Test 2Cube Turning85
Answers and Explanations89
Perceptual Ability93
Test 1Similarities and Differences between Objects96
Test 2Line Ranking99
Test 3Angle Comparisons103
Answers and Explanations107
Visual-Motor Coordination109
Test 1Letter-Symbol Coding109
Test 2Counting Crosses and Zeros111
Test 3Examining Objects113
Test 4Mazes and Pursuits116
Answers and Explanations118
Map Skills124
Map Reading Test125
Answers and Explanations134
Part IIReasoning with Symbols
Symbol Series144
Symbol Series Test145
Answers and Explanations149
Symbol Analogies150
Test 1Symbol Analogies152
Test 2Symbol Analogies155
Test 3Symbol Analogies158
Answers and Explanations161
Figure Classification167
Test 1Figure Classification168
Test 2Figure Classification171
Answers and Explanations174
Series Reasoning176
Test 1Number Series179
Test 2Letter Series181
Answers and Explanations182
Part IIIMechanical Aptitude and Achievement
Tool Knowledge191
Test 1Tool Recognition192
Test 2Tool Recognition193
Test 3Tool Recognition196
Test 4Tool Recognition198
Test 5Tool Recognition199
Test 6Tool Analogy200
Test 7Tool Analog202
Test 8Tool Analogy204
Answers and Explanations206
Mechanical Insight210
Test 1Mechanical Insight211
Test 2Mechanical Insight215
Test 3Mechanical Insight219
Test 4Mechanical Insight222
Test 5Mechanical Insight226
Answers and Explanations230
Mechanical Knowledge238
Test 1Shop Practices238
Test 2Electronics Information240
Test 3Automotive Information243
Test 4Maintenance Work245
Answers and Explanations250
Shop Arithmetic and Calculation251
Test 1Shop Arithmetic251
Test 2Shop Arithmetic255
Test 3Shop Arithmetic258
Test 4Shop Arithmetic260
Answers and Explanations263

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