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Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites: A Collection of Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, Jan 23-28, 2005, Cocoa Beach, FL / Edition 1

Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics and Composites: A Collection of Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, Jan 23-28, 2005, Cocoa Beach, FL / Edition 1


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Over 45 papers included in this collection present the latest advances in research and development on the processing, mechanics and mechanical properties of advanced ceramics and composites. The focus is on the underlying fundamental linkages between microstructure and properties, and the ability to achieve desired properties through innovative processing techniques including design, modeling, evaluation and life-prediction of structural components, ceramics and composites.

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ISBN-13: 9781574982329
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/01/2005
Series: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings Series , #1
Pages: 427
Product dimensions: 5.77(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.11(d)

About the Author

Edgar Lara-Curzio is a Distinguished Research Staff Member and the leader of the Mechanical Properties and Mechanics Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Since 1999 he has been serving as leader of the Mechanical Characterization and Analysis User Center in ORNL's High Temperature Materials Laboratory. Lara-Curzio received a B.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics from the Metropolitan University in Mexico City in 1986 and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY, in 1992. His research work has been focused on studying the mechanical behavior, durability and reliability of structural and functional materials, on understanding the relationships among their processing, microstructure and properties, studying the effect of service environment on their properties and on developing models to describe their behavior and to predict their service life. Dr. Lara-Curzio has been serving as chairman of ASTM sub-committee C28.07 on Ceramic Matrix Composites since 1999. Since 1995 he has been serving as co-chair of the Coordination Group on Test Methods for Ceramic Matrix Composites for the Military Handbook-17 and since 1998 as leader of Working Groups WG20 and WG21 of Technical Committee 206 on Advanced Ceramics of the International Standards Organization. Dr. Lara-Curzio is currently serving as associate editor of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society and as member of the International Materials Review Committee of ASM International. He is also the current chair-elect of the American Ceramics Society's Engineering Ceramics Division. Dr. Lara-Curzio is a fellow of ASTM. He was the recipient of ASTM's Award of Merit in 2001 and ASTM's Advanced Ceramics Award in 2002. He has also received four ASTM Awards of Appreciation for authoring and leading the development of ASTM standard test methods. In 2003 he received the American Ceramic Society's Richard M. Fulrath Award for significant contributions to ceramic science and technology and served as Program Chair for the 30th International Conference for Advanced Ceramics and Materials held in Cocoa Beach, Florida, January 22-27, 2006. Dr. Lara-Curzio is a member of Alpha Sigma Mu, the Metallurgical Honorary Society.

Table of Contents


Creating a Vision for the Future of Advanced Ceramics (F. Kuchinski, K. Hall).


Measurement of Fiber Coating Thickness Variation (R.S. Hays, G. Fair, P. Mogilevsky, E. Boakye).

Model of Deviation of Cracks at Interfaces or Within Interphases (J. Lamon, S. Pompidou).

Preparation and Characterization of Magnesium-Silicon Based Oxide Coating on High-Crystalline SiC Fiber as an Interphase in SiC/SiC Composite (N. Igawa, T. Taguchi, R. Yamada, Y. Ishii, S. Jitsukawa).

Polyborosilazane-Derived Ceramic Fibers in the Si-B-C-N Quaternary System for High-Temperature Applications (S. Bernard, D. Cornu, P. Miele, M. Weinmann, F. Aldinger).

Microtextural and Microstructural Evolution in Poly[(Alkylamino)Borazine]-Derived Fibers During their Conversion into Boron Nitride Fibers (S. Bernard, F. Chassagneux, D. Cornu, P. Miele).

Investigations on Growth of Textured and Single Crystal Oxide Fibers Using a Quadrupole Lamp Furnace (W. Yoon, W.M. Kriven).

Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Super Sylramic SiC Fibers (H. Yun, D. Wheeler, Y. Chen, J. DiCarlo).

High Temperature Tensile Testing Method for Monofilament Ceramic Fibers (M.-M. Yee, P. Sarin, W.M. Kriven).


Computer Modeling of Crack Propagation Using Fractal Geometry (G.W. Quinn, J.B. Quinn, J.J. Mecholsky, Jr., G.D. Quinn).

Geometry of Edge Chips Formed at Different Angles (J. Quinn, R. Mohan).

Threshold Stress During Crack-Healing Treatment of Structural Ceramics Having the Crack-Healing Ability (W. Nakao, K. Takahashi, K. Ando).

Ablation of Carbon/Carbon Composites: Direct Numerical Simulation and Effective Behavior (Y. Aspa, M. Quintard, F. Plazanet, C. Descamps, G.L. Vignoles).

Modeling of Deformation and Damage Evolution of CMC With Strongly Anisotropic Properties (D. Koch, K. Tushtev, M. Kuntz, R. Knoche, J. Horvath, G. Grathwohl).


A Novel Test Method for Measuring Mechanical Properties at the Small Scale: The Theta Specimen (G.D. Quinn, E. Fuller, D. Xiang, A. Jillavenkatesa, L. Ma, D. Smith, J. Beall).

Nondestructive Evaluation of Machining and Bench-Test Damage in Silicon-Nitride Ceramic Valves (J.G. Sun, J.M. Zhang, J.S. Tretheway, J.A. Grassi, M.P. Fletcher, M.J. Andrews).

NDE for Characterizing Oxidation Damage in Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Used on the NASA Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System (D.J. Roth, N.S. Jacobson, J.N. Gray, L.M. Cosgriff, J.R. Bodis, R.A. Wincheski, R.W. Rauser, E.A. Burns, M.S. McQuater).

Determination of Elastic Moduli and Poisson Coefficient of Thin Silicon-Based Joint Using Digital Image Correlation (M. Puyo-Pain, J. Lamon, F. Hild).

Use of Rupture Strength Testing in Examining the Thermal Cycle Behavior of Various Types of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Seals (K.S. Weil, J.S. Hardy, G.-G. Xia, C.A. Coyle).

Characteristics of Sealed Parts Under Internal Pressure in Super High Pressure Mercury Discharge Lamps (M. Kase, T. Sawa, Y. Iwama).


Synthesis of Titanium Aluminate-Alumina Compositions for Low TEC Applications (J.A. Geodakyan, A.K. Kostanyan, K.J. Geodakyan, W.R. Cannon).

Structuring Ceramics Using Lithography (M. Schulz, J. Hauβelt, R. Heldele).

The Notion of Densification Front in CVI Processing with Temperature Gradients (G.L. Vignoles, N. Nadeau, C.-M. Brauner, J.-F. Lines, J.R. Puiggali).

Fabrication and Characterization of MGC Components for Ultra High Efficiency Gas Turbine (Y. Waku, N. Nakagawa, K. Kobayashi, Y. Kinoshita, S. Yokoi).

Comparison of Sodium Caprylate and Sodium Stearate and the Effects of Their Hydrocarbon Chain Lengths on Adsorption Behavior and Alumina Paste Rheology (C.R. August, R.A. Haber, L.E. Reynolds).

Formulation of Additives for Water-Based Tape Casting of Ceramics (M. Guiotoku, P. Lemes, C.M. Gomes, C.A. Valente, A.P.N. Oliveira, D. Hotza).

A Non-Linear Programming Approach for Formulation of Three-Component Ceramics as a Function of Physical and Mechanical Properties (S.L. Correia, C.M. Gomes, D. Hotza, A.M. Segadães).

Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Directionally Solidified Ceramic in Al2O3-Al2TiO5 System (A. Sayir, M.H. Berger, C. Baudin).

Study of the Relationship Between the Young's Modulus and Microstructure of Vacuum Plasma Sprayed Boron Carbide (H.R. Salimi Jazi, F. Azarmi, T.W. Coyle, J. Mostaghimi).

Scalloped Morphologies of Ablated Materials (G.L. Vignoles, J.-M. Goyhénèche, G. Duffa, A. Velghe, N.T.-H. Nguyen-Bui, B. Dubroca, Y. Aspa).

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Non-Aqueous Gel-Cast Celsian and Sialon Ceramic Materials (R. Vaidyanathan, T. Phillips, J. Halloran, L. Reister, W. Porter, M. Radovic, E. Lara-Curzio).

Bend Stress Relaxation Creep of CVD Silicon Carbide (Y. Katoh, L.L. Snead).


Mechanical Responses of Silicon Nitrides Under Dynamic Indentation (H. Wang, A.A. Wereszczak).

Scratch Resistance and Residual Stresses in Longitudinally and Transversely Ground Silicon Nitride (G. Subhash, M.A. Marszalek, A.A. Wereszczak, M.J. Lance).

Improving the Damage-Resistance of Si3N4-Based Ball and Roller Bearing Components and Their Non-Destructive Evaluation (R. Wagner, G. Wötting).


Comparison of Elevated Temperature Tensile Properties and Fatigue Behavior of Two Variants of a Woven SiC/SiC Composite (S. Kalluri, A.M. Calomino, D.N. Brewer).

Tensile and Thermal Properties of Chemically Vapor-Infiltrated Silicon Carbide Composites of Various High-Modulus Fiber Reinforcements (T. Nozawa, Y. Katoh, L.L. Snead, T. Hinoki, A. Kohyama).

Preparation and Properties of Dense SiC/SiC Composites (M. Suzuki, M. Sato, N. Miyamoto, A. Kohyama).

Fabrication of SiC/SiC with Dispersed Carbon Nano-Fibers Composite for Excellent Thermal Properties (T. Taguchi, N. Igawa, S. Jitsukawa, S.-I. Shamoto, Y. Ishii).

Transpiration Cooling Structure Effects on the Strength of 3D-Woven SiC/SiC Composites Under Thermal Cycling (T. Hayashi).

Constituent Properties Determination and Model Verification for Ceramic Matrix Composite Systems (G. Ojard, K. Rugg, L. Colby, M. Colby, L. Riester, Y. Gowayed).

Short-Fiber Reinforced CMCs: Potentials and Problems (R. Weiss, M. Henrich).


Ceramic Laminates with High Mechanical Reliability by Design (V.M. Sglavo, M. Bertoldi).

Methods of Residual Stress Analysis in Layer Composites and Their Application (M. Wenzelburger, M.J. Riegert-Escribano, R. Gadow).

Potential Use of Mullite-SiC Whiskers-SiC Particles Multi-Composite as High Temperature Springs (W. Nakao, K. Takahashi, K. Ando, M. Yokouchi).


Brazing and Characterization of Advanced Ceramic Joints (J. Janczak-Rusch).

Development of Joining and Coating Technique for SiC and SiC/SiC Composites Utilizing Nite Processing (T. Hinoki, N. Eiza, S. Son, K. Shimoda, J. Lee, A. Kohyama).

Effect of Active Fillers on Ceramic Joints Derived from Preceramic Polymers (C.A. Lewinsohn, S. Rao, R. Bordia).

Numerical Analysis of Single Lap Jointed Ceramic Composite Subjected to Tensile Loading (D. Fujita, H. Serizawa, M. Singh, H. Murakawa).

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