Mechanisms and Procedures for a Political Action

Mechanisms and Procedures for a Political Action

by Dr. Mariano Morillo B.Ph.D.


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Of universal origin, born in Dominican Republic and a traveler around the world, has faced the changes or vicissitudes of earthly life, gaining a vast experience that qualifies him to touch issues of general interest in the social field.

A Ph.d. in International Law, a degree holder in Social Communications Sciences, a journalist, with a master's degree in Social Work major in Counseling, University Professor, Culture Worker, was an Honorary Member of President Bill Clinton’s Second Term Committee, Member of the Library of Congress of the United States, Honorary Professor of Lakota St. Joseph’s Indian School.

In his multiple abilities, he can be defined as a scholar of the idiosyncrasy of man. And therefore, as Terence, nothing of that which is human is alien to him, so it has been so easy for him to venture into literature, writing theatre script, stories, novels, poems and essays.

Today he dares to introduce to us his book "Mechanisms and Procedures for a Political Action", a short essay summarizing the main techniques which the candidates in the political parties or social organizations for the design of their election campaigns, and for the selection of their team of government officials should turn to. It is a practical guide for National and International Political Science that can be applied in any democratic country.

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ISBN-13: 9781524574130
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 04/10/2017
Pages: 164
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