The Medical Detectives

The Medical Detectives

by Berton Roueche

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As AIDS has most recently taught us, a rare disease can surface without warning and spread like wildfire. Who mans the rampart against such onslaughts?

A legion of interrelated health services, professional and amateur, guard us. Linked by training, interest and technology, they gather data and share resources to disarm these diseases before they get started.

This is the second of two collections that bring together the best of Berton Roueche's ANNALS OF MEDICINE narratives.

Originally published in The New Yorker magazine, the stories are classics of literary and medical lore.

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ISBN-13: 9780671614539
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 12/11/1981

About the Author

BERTON ROUECHÉ joined the staff of The New Yorker in 1944. His “Annals of Medicine” department and his stature as a medical journalist have been recognized by numerous awards, including those from the Lasker Foundation and the American Medical Association. He lived and worked in Amagansett, Long Island, for many years, and died, at age 83, in 1994.

Table of Contents

The Medical Detectives1. Eleven BLue Men

2. A Pig from Jersey

3. A Game of WIld Indians

4. The Incurable Wound

5. CH3 CO2 C6 H4 CO2 H (Aspirin)

6. The Liberace Room

7. Impression: Essentially Normal

8. A Swim in the Nile

9. The Orange Man

10. The Dead Mosquitos

11. Something a Little Unusual

12. A Man Named Hoffman

13. Three SIck Babies

14. The West Branch Studies

15. The Huckleby Hogs

16. All I COuld Do Was Stand in the Woods

17. As Empty as Eve

18. Two Blue Hands

19. Antipathies

20. Sandies

21. A Rainy Day on the Vineyard

22. Live and Let Live

23. The Fumigation Chamber

24. A Lean Cuisine

25. The FOulest and Nastiest Creatures That Be

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