Medical Statistics at a Glance (Blackwell At a Glance Series) / Edition 1

Medical Statistics at a Glance (Blackwell At a Glance Series) / Edition 1

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Medical Statistics at a Glance (Blackwell At a Glance Series) / Edition 1

In line with the other books in the at a Glance series, Medical Statistics at a Glance leads the reader through a number of self-contained topics, each covering a different aspect of medical statistics. The majority of these use the standard 'At a Glance' format of two pages per topic.

The authors have provided a basic introduction to the underlying concepts of medical statistics and a guide to the most commonly used statistical procedures. Topics describing a statistical technique are accompanied by a worked example, using real data, illustrating its use. Where possible, the same data set has been used in more than one topic to reflect the reality of data analysis. Detailed and complex hand calculations have been avoided with a concentration on the interpretation of computer data analysis.

Medical Statistics at a Glance is versatile in its use as an explanation, a revision summary and a long-term source of reference.

  • Worked examples to accompany each topic.
  • Emphasis on computer analysis of data rather than hand calculations.
  • Supported by a website at - this site contains useful self-assessment questions to aid student learning.

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ISBN-13: 9780632050758
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Series: At a Glance Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.58(w) x 10.86(h) x 0.31(d)

Table of Contents


Part I: Handling Data:.

1. Types Of Data.

2. Data Entry.

3. Error Checking And Outliers.

4. Displaying Data Graphically.

5. Describing Data (1): The 'Average'.

6. Describing Data (2): The 'Spread'.

7. Theoretical Distributions (1): The Normal Distribution.

8. Theoretical Distributions (2): Other Distributions.

9. Transformations.

Part II: Sampling And Estimation:.

10. Sampling And Sampling Distributions.

11. Confidence Intervals.

Part III: Study Design:.

12. Study Design I.

13. Study Design II.

14. Clinical Trials.

15. Cohort Studies.

16. Case-Control Studies.

Part IV: Hypothesis Testing:.

17. Hypothesis Testing.

18. Errors In Hypothesis Testing.

Part V: Basic Techniques For Analysing Data:.

Numerical Data:.

19. A Single Group.

20. Two Related Groups.

21. Two Unrelated Groups.

22. More Than Two Groups.

Categorical Data:.

23. A Single Proportion.

24. Two Proportions.

25. More Than Two Categories.

Regression And Correlation:.

26. Correlation.

27. The Theory Of Linear Regression.

28. Performing A Linear Regression Analysis.

29. Multiple Linear Regression.

30. Polynomial And Logistic Regression.

31. Statistical Modelling.

Important Considerations:.

32. Checking Assumptions.

33. Sample Size Calculations.

34. Presenting Results.

Additional Topics:.

35. Diagnostic Tools.

36. Assessing Agreement.

37. Evidence-Based Medicine.

38. Systematic Reviews And Meta-Analysis.

39. Methods For Repeated Measures.

40. Time Series.

41. Survival Analysis.

42. Bayesian Methods.


A Statistical Tables.

B Altman's Nomogram For Sample Size Calculations.

C Typical Computer Output.

D Glossary Of Terms.


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