Medicine Becomes a Science, 1840-1999

Medicine Becomes a Science, 1840-1999

by Kate Kelly


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Medicine Becomes a Science, 1840-1999 by Kate Kelly

The History of Medicine is a six-volume chronological account of the development of biology and chemistry and the economic and policy issues associated with public health. The interdisciplinary set begins with an exploration of the medical practices of early humans and concludes with a volume presenting readers with the vital information they need to answer questions concerning the future, from understanding personal risks associated with certain diseases to the ethical questions concerning organ transplants and the preservation of life.

Medicine Becomes a Science: 1840-1999 traces the historic events and scientific and technical breakthroughs that led to a century and a half of rapid progress in combating disease. During this period, male and female scientists and physicians discovered the cause of a number of life-threatening conditions and advanced medical diagnosis and treatment The author links these accomplishments directly to the state of medical care in the 21st century, especially evidence-based medicine, which integrates individual clinical expertise with evidence from systematic research.

The volume includes information on

advances in medication


blood, circulation, and the heart

diagnosis and treatment

DNA and medical developments


war and pain treatment and management

women and modern medicine

The book contains more than 40 color photographs and line illustrations, sidebars, a translation of the Hippocratic Oath, a chronology, a glossary, a detailed list of print and Internet resources, and an index. The History of Medicine is essential for high school students, teachers, and general readers who wish to learn about how and when various medical discoveries were made and how those discoveries affected health care at the time.

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