Meditation Practice and the Neurology of the Troublesome Thoughts and Emotions

Meditation Practice and the Neurology of the Troublesome Thoughts and Emotions

by Syed Mazhar Uddin Taj, Vladimir (Editor)


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Do you want to have a direct perception of your Unborn, non-dual and formless Self by mastering an ancient Buddhist Vipassana insight meditation technique? What about learning to be mindful of all your mind fluctuations by practicing Anapanasati mindfulness of breathing? What is Prajna transcendental Noble Wisdom and how to use it in everyday life?

Your personal history and memories hunt you every day and you want to restore your energy from them? Enter the magnificent practice of the South American Shamans called Recapitulation and compare it with the Systematic Desensitization therapy from the Behavioural School of psychology. Learn how the limbic system and the amygdalae in your brain affect most of your emotions and thoughts, without giving you a chance to react consciously and apply that knowledge in your meditation and life.

We are all intrigued by the mysterious world of the dreams. Do you want to learn more about REM and NREM stages of sleep? Test dozens of Lucid dreaming induction techniques explained in this book and start living consciously in that parallel world. What are the gates of Dreaming and how to cross them? Found out what an assemblage point is and how to shift it to perceive whole new dimensions of reality. Determine if you are a natural Stalker or fluid Dreamer and choose the right practice for you.

This book is full of in-depth explanations about many mysterious phenomena of our Mind.
And Mind Scientist Syed Mazhar Uddin Taj also gives you many practical techniques to help you experience all of them and be amazed of what human body and Mind are capable of doing.

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Publication date: 03/07/2018
Pages: 166
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