Meditations for the Soul

Meditations for the Soul

by Neale Lundgren PhD
Meditations for the Soul

Meditations for the Soul

by Neale Lundgren PhD


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Pathways and Practices to Strengthen Your Soul for the Journey Ahead

Everyone longs for a soulful purpose that sets the heart ablaze. This book guides you through accessible meditations designed to help you experience the deep joy and fulfillment that comes when we live in the immediate and irrefutable now.

Join teacher and former monk Neale Lundgren as he shares dozens of awakening exercises designed to help you activate your soul's senses, become more present to your inner and outer worlds, and learn to bring soulfulness to your relationships with others. This book is all about helping you reconnect to your soul and strengthen your personal sense of purpose in life. The practices within can be used by anyone regardless of your spiritual or religious background. With breathing exercises, visualizations, affirmations, and more, you will learn to incorporate ancient spiritual technologies even in the midst of your busy 21st century life.

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ISBN-13: 9780738764306
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 12/08/2020
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.03(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Neale Lundgren, PhD, is a therapist, a former Benedictine monk, a poet, and a musician. He received his doctoral degree from Emory University in psychological, philosophical, and religious thought and has taught at St. John's University, Emory University, and Pacifica Graduate Institute. As a teacher, he uses the conversation of presence, reflective reading, meditation, and transformational energy work to help put students in touch with the sacred. Neale lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit him online at

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 Awakening to Soul in the Material World

Chapter 1 Soul Therapy 11

Soul Journey: Activating Warm Consciousness 14

Chapter 2 The Seeker Awakens 17

Soul Journey: Soul Vision 21

Chapter 3 The Soul, A Work of Art 23

Soul Journey: Creating Soul 25

Chapter 4 Creative Seeing 27

Soul Journey: Relaxing the Mind 30

Chapter 5 Out of the Silence 33

Soul Journey: Hearing with Soul 36

Chapter 6 The Terrain of Consciousness 39

Soul Journey: Divine Gravity 43

Chapter 7 Sheath of the Soul 45

Soul Journey: Awaken Your Body 47

Chapter 8 Soul Music 49

Soul Journey: Attunement 53

Chapter 9 The Soul on Earth 55

Soul Journey: Start with Being 57

Chapter 10 The Soul in Time 61

Soul Journey: The Eternal Moment of Being 63

Part 2 Strengthening Soul In The Material World

Chapter 11 At the Threshold of the Paths 71

Saul Journey: Seasons of the Soul 74

Chapter 12 Yoga and the Soul 77

Soul Journey: Joining Earth Energy and Heaven Energy 79

Chapter 13 Mind Yoga 83

Soul Journey: Stretching the Mind 86

Chapter 14 Heart Yoga 89

Soul Journey: Stretching the Heart 92

Chapter 15 Action Yoga 95

Soul Journey: Soulful Presence 98

Chapter 16 Energy Yoga 101

Soul Journey: Unite with the Flow 104

Chapter 17 Beauty Yoga 107

Soul Journey: The Great Sense 109

Chapter 18 Sublimation Yoga 111

Soul Journey: Energy Cleanse 114

Chapter 19 Integrative Yoga 117

Soul Journey: Making Soul Sense of the Yogas 120

Chapter 20 Living the Yogas 123

Soul Journey: Soul Scan 125

Part 3 Bringing Soul to the Material World

Chapter 21 Unfold Your Soul for Others 133

Soul Journey: Soul Tree 136

Chapter 22 Share Your Light 139

Soul Journey: Key of Light 141

Chapter 23 Mentoring the Soul 145

Soul Journey: Holding Soulfid Space for Another 148

Chapter 24 The Soul and Stress 151

Soul Journey: Burn and Cool 154

Chapter 25 Meditation-in-Action 157

Soul Journey: Sensing Flow 160

Chapter 26 Companionship with the Soul 163

Soul Journey: Contacting the Monk and Mystic Within 166

Chapter 27 The Four Relationships 169

Soul Journey: Soul Mirrors 173

Chapter 28 The Great Romance 175

Soul Journey: Expanding the Heart 178

Chapter 29 Language of the Soul 181

Soul Journey: Expressing the Soul 184

Chapter 30 Flowers of Wisdom 187

Soul Journey: Contacting Your Inmost Self 191

Conclusion 193

Recommended Reading 199

Glossary 203

Acknowledgments 215

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