Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids, One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty

Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids, One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty

by Anna Smith
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Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids, One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has good insights and wonderful humor. Thanks to Mrs. Smith for sharing this personal, realistic peek into their interesting and inspiring lives.
JanetteFuller More than 1 year ago
"Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids,One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty" by Anna Smith, is the story of a devoted Christian woman and her life as the wife of a Christian rockstar. Mrs. Smith opens her home and her heart to share what life is like when her husband is leading worship on stages all over the world. Anna is not only the wife of Martin Smith but she is also the mother to six children. Anna's story begins with a terrible car wreck that seriously injured Martin as they drove home late one night. It was during his recovery that he decided to make his Christian rock band a full-time endeavor and Delirious? was born. Mrs. Smith shares incredible insights and behind-the-scenes adventures that she has experienced over the past 20 years. Many time Anna was left behind to care for the children while Martin toured the world. The Smith family was often separated but they always stayed connected and devoted to each other. The entire family would sometimes join Martin on his foreign tours. They traveled to America, India, Australia, Cambodia, Africa and many other destinations. The entire Smith family experienced a close-up look at extreme poverty when they visited India, Cambodia and Africa. Anna and Martin worked together to form CompassionArt, which raises money through art and music to help the poor around the world. The honesty of this book really touched my heart. Anna provides a realistic look at what it is like to be the wife of a rockstar. She admits that things are not always easy, but she is devoted to her family and adjusts to all the challenges that come her way. She makes it clear that God is first in her life, then her marriage and children and finally her husband's career. Anna does not let the fact that her husband is a celebrity go to her head. She keeps her priorities straight and is leading a very rewarding life. This book is a real inspiration. Martin Smith wrote a companion book: "Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers". Thank you to the B & B Media Group for providing a free copy of this book for me to read and review.
snidbits More than 1 year ago
Anna lives the normal life of any mother of six married to the lead singer for a hugely popular Christian band. In her book she opens up and talks about the challenges she's faced managing the household while Martin's been on tour. She talks about her miscarriages and the desire she and Martin have for their kids to have compassion for others. She talks about how she loves having people over though you may be asked to pitch in! She shares the story of each of her children's births and how she was just as nervous with the last one as with the first. And she wraps up the book by talking about her and Martin's future with Delirious? now behind them. "So right now, our future is unknown. Uncertain but hopeful. I want to find a new way of living, to find a new way of life with Martin, my children and, with my heavenly Father. I want to reconnect with my soul, feel my heart beating again, and feel the breath of God flow through me." I loved hearing Anna's thoughts on her marriage with Martin! It was fun comparing stories with the book Delirious he wrote. Hearing her side and his gave me a better picture of what life was like for the Smith family during the seventeen years Delirious? was together and what they're doing after the band. Their heart for others is obvious and they seem like such a real couple. Loved the book!
rtwins More than 1 year ago
Meet Mrs. Smith by Anna Smith and Carolyn Johnson is a behind the scenes look at the life of Anna Smith, wife of Martin, lead singer of Delirious, and mother of six beautiful, fun, and dearly loved children. This book is more that a peek behind the curtain. Anna is candid, witty, and very funny as she tells what life is like having a husband, ministering to the world, while she keeps the home fires burning. At times, I felt as if I were sitting at her kitchen table, eating chocolate (one of Anna's coping tools), and observing daily life. She holds nothing back in this book. Anna shares the four passions in her life. God, Martin, her husband, her children, and CompassionArt. She relates her strength of organization and hospitality, and her weakness in cooking. I read Martin's book Delirious, first, and recommend you do also as Meet Mrs. Smith adds dimension to Delirious. I believe these books should be sold as a set because they complete each other, like Anna and Martin. I laughed she told of the antics of her children . I cried as she painfully told of her miscarriage on a plane, and waiting days until they could gain privacy to properly grieve. She has honest in relating her first feelings of Martin's passion for orphans and his not spending that time with his own. She tells how God also gave their entire family Martin's vision, and what God is doing today with that ministry. My favorite chapters were the last two, where Anna Smith shares her "Top 10 Survival Tips" and "Anna At The Manor" where she shares how she makes it through each day and her personal schedule. This book is a fun, light read, but will help any mother managing family and life.