Meeting His Match

Meeting His Match

by Katee Robert


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A satisfying category romance from Entangled's brand new Lovestruck imprint...

This CEO has finally met his match...

When New York matchmaker Addison St. Claire is tasked with matching her best friend's new brother-in-law, she almost refuses. But the sexy southern CEO turns out to be a challenge she can't resist, because if anyone needs to meet his soul mate, it's this man. And if matching him with someone else removes the temptation of being near him? Even better.

The last thing Caine McNeill needs is a matchmaker-especially a gorgeous redhead who spouts nonsense about soul mates, critiques what he drives and how he dresses, buys him a dog, and pesters him about a million little things he couldn't care less about. It's a crying shame he has to keep his hands off because chemistry like what's flaring between them ought to be explored. Thoroughly.

And so the battle begins. Addison is determined to stick to her plan of setting him up on dates with other women, and Caine is equally determined to ignore these women and seduce her.

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ISBN-13: 9781502845467
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2014
Pages: 198
Sales rank: 957,148
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.60(d)

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Meeting His Match (A Match Me Novel) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Two stubborn people one determaned to find him his soul mate and one who is a workaholic and doesn't want her help. She sees him as lonely so try's to find him the right girl. In doing so she decides he needs a dog. But instead of one dog she brings him home a female dog and her puppies. Funny, and beautifully written. You won't want to miss this bok by AUTHOR ,KATEE ROBERT. L.M.A.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute Story
LoriC5 More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! This is a quick read, but a fun and sexy one! Caine is quite delicious.  Their sparks fly all over the place immediately. Cain is irritated and  a little ego-bruised when Addison blows into his life insisting that he  needs her to find him a woman. Not just any woman, his soul mate.  He realizes pretty quickly that he just wants her. I always love a hero who knows when he meets the right woman, doesn’t fight it,  and he pursues her. Caine definitely made me swoon a time or two with his wit and sexiness! "I'm not going to tattoo my name on your ass. I'm asking you to be my girlfriend.” Addison is sweet and lively. She is full of energy and appears very carefree, on the outside. Inside, she is sad and quite lonely. A dedicated matchmaker who seems sweet but has a dry sarcasm that seeps out from time to time. "So let me get this straight. You have no hobbies.  You don't care what this woman looks like as long  as she can "doll herself up" and entertain herself  and pop out a few babies for you?" I loved Addison at first, however, she did begin to frustrate me.  She took much too long to come to the realization that while Aiden may or may not have been her soul mate, Cain may be a 2nd chance at love and a family. She clings to the belief that we only get one  soul mate with a death grip. I would have liked to see her come to this realization a little quicker. She could still be afraid to take a  chance with Cain,but her comments about soul mates began to be too repetitive. However, I very much enjoyed this book! The ending  was sweet and I truly loved them as a couple. Plus, I do love an epilogue...
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--MEETING HIS MATCH is the first instalment in Katee Robert’s contemporary, adult Match Me erotic romance series. This is CEO of McNeill Enterprise Caine McNeill and New York matchmaker Addison St. Claire’s storyline. As a favor to her BFF, Addison agrees to travel down south in order to help her best friend’s brother in law  Caine McNeill find that special someone in his life.  The premise focuses on the building relationship between Caine and Addison but also on Addison’s attempts find the perfect match for Caine. Addison believes there is only one soul mate match for everyone and with this she also believes that any chance at love for herself has passed her by. Heading to Tennessee Addison finds herself face to face with her best friends brother in law and a man who wants nothing to do with finding his soul mate or his online match. The relationship between Addison and Caine is one of instant attraction but Addison refuses to allow herself to get involved with clients or Caine McNeill.  Their instant chemistry is offset by Addison’s take charge attitude which in the end is exactly what Caine needed. The sex scenes are sensual, steamy and arousing. The secondary characters include Addison’s best friend Regan and her husband Brock (Caine’s brother) as well as several dates that have been lined up for Caine. Caine’s determined parents play an integral part in the storyline revealing their true nature and to what lengths they will go, to protect their assets.   The world building brings together family and friends, and sets the backdrop for Addison’s matchmaking business as well as the family run enterprise long held by the McNeill family. Katee Robert writes a compelling and imaginative storyline that pulls the reader into the seductive world of second chances, soul mates and happily ever afters.   
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Another really fun one from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint. Addison is a matchmaker that doesn't believe in second chances. She firmly believes that everyone has one soul mate and will never find another. Since hers has passes on, she's sworn off even trying to look for date for herself. Her friends sends her down south to try and find a match for her work-a-holic brother-in-law and things really get interesting.  Addison finds herself falling, but refuses to believe it's true. A good chunk of the book is about her running from her feelings. I enjoy this to a certain extent because everyone does this a little, but it lasted a bit too long and was dragged out a little too far. The rest of Addison's parts in the book were fantastic. She really takes her job seriously - even bringing a dog (and then some) to Caine's house to make him more "approachable". The dog was adorable - I want one (or a dozen) now. Caine is your typical work-a-holic. He sleeps in the office most nights just because it's easier than driving home between 18 hour work days. It's the family business so he feels like he owes it to his father to prove himself and be successful. He's written off having anything else until Addison throws how miserable and boring his life is right in his face. There is a good dose of healthy confrontation in this book. It was refreshing to see such real-life emotions come into play and tempers flare during conversations. There is just enough meddling to help things move along a bit - with plenty of lecturing on staying out of the lives of others in response. A real life romance that really hit the spot. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim Oh my gosh. I so did NOT expect to laugh so much or so hard reading this book. Caine and Addison are so funny together; they’re perfect. Addison St. Claire is the owner and matchmaker extraordinaire of Connected at the Lips. Her best friend, Regan Wakefield McNeill tasks her with the job of finding someone for her brother-in-law, Caine McNeill. Sensing a challenge and needing a vacation, Addison agrees and heads from New York to Tennessee to help Caine find his soulmate. His whole life, Caine McNeill has been doing what was expected of him. Working day and night as CEO of McNeill Enterprises doesn’t leave anytime for himself, much less a social life. When Addison barges her way into his office and life, he doesn’t know what to make of her. But she stirs something inside of him that wakes him up and makes him want to take notice. At the age of twenty-one, Addison lost her soulmate. For the past six years, she has been putting her heart and soul into her company, helping other people find their one true love. In Addison’s eyes, you only get one soulmate and she has lost hers and everything that forever love entails. So when Caine makes all of her girly parts wake up, her first instinct is to get him matched fast and out of dodge. Addison flies in a couple of women whom she thinks are perfect for Caine. Too bad Caine has already found his perfect woman in Addison. However, getting her to truly give him a chance is going to be hard and it's going to take his steamroller of a sister-in-law, a grandma with a secret, and a pack of mops on four legs to get these two to realize they have met their match. Meeting His Match is the reason why I love Katee Robert. The story is funny, emotional, and packs heat. Source: Publisher
Shirene More than 1 year ago
The quality of romance books available and being released astounds and amuses me. Every time I pick up a new book I live in a state of hopeful anticipation that I will yet again be transported to a magical world of an alpha hero and a heroine capable of getting herself and the hero out of difficult situations and look amazing while doing it. True I am occasionally left wanting and disappointed but Ms. Katee Roberts has a true gift of words and her characters are some I’d love to take out to lunch or to their favorite BDSM club for a drink. Addison St. Claire is a skilled and highly sought after matchmaker in New York but she goes home to an empty home because of a belief that you get one shot at a soul mate and she had hers. Meanwhile Caine McNeill is managing a family business and never gets to step into his palatial home because of the hours he is working. Enter the best friend of Addison and now Caine’s sister-in-law Regan Wakefield throwing these two people together because she “know(s) a man in desperate need of a matchmaker, and you’re the best there is.” Yes this is a trope we have seen a thousand times but Dang if Ms. Roberts doesn’t just take everything and throw it on its head, dance and then giggle at all of us as we are perplexed, amused and finally giggling along with her as these two characters throw everything at each other in an attempt to not let the obvious chemistry blow up in a blaze of glorious love. Not to mention we have two competing cultures with New York and Tennessee and that is just the accents. You add how each of them views the world, their history and baggage and you have a romance that will keep you glued to your chair until you realize you are late back to work. Ooops! And if all of the above hasn’t got you clicking on one of the links above to buy this book right away then what about this fact. Caine is a Southern Gentleman. And I do love a Southern Gentleman. And I don’t know about you but whenever an author can include animals and make you laugh out loud at just the names and a few scenes they are in. Especially if they can steal the lime light for those scenes then you know you are in for one heck of a ride. And no I’m not going to tell you the names because they are just too adorable they are making me grin and laugh as I write this! Final Thoughts: If you haven’t read a book by Katee Roberts, you need to ASAP and this is a perfect one to pick up. The humor is heart warming. The romance and chemistry is panty-melting. The story can be nothing but a 5 star and the first Ms. Roberts book added to my Best of 2014 list. Well deserved. And I can’t wait for the next in this series. Entangled Publishing provided me with a copy of Meeting His Match but nothing else was exchanged for my honest review.
My_Writing_Self_ More than 1 year ago
Addison St. Claire is a New York match maker who is confident, beatiful and successful. She believes her late husband was her one and only soulmate, and seals herself off to any possibilty of loving someone again.   Her life is about to change, however, when she gets a request from her best friend  to fly to Tennessee and do some matching making for her new brother-in-law, Caine McNeill.  Caine is rich, handsome, single and wants to keep it that way. He is a workaholic, who has no time for a woman or romance.     But sparks soon start to fly between them, and Addison is torn between her feelings for Caine and her challenge to find him a match.  Caine trys hard to hide his inner longing for a meaningful relationship, and there is only one match he wants to make.    This was an entertaining, fast moving, romance. The instant attraction between Caine and Addison is sizzling. Katee Robert shows us that true  love can touch us more than once. I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Meeting His Match by Katee Robert was so much fun to read! Addison and Caine are both such strong personalities, and watching them verbally spar with one another was fantastic. There were a lot of really funny scenes like this one: “What the hell is that monstrosity?” “Shh.” She put her hands over the dog’s ears. “Don’t call her that. You’ll hurt her feelings.” God forbid. “Fine. What is that massive dog that I don’t remember owning doing here?” He hoped like hell he had misheard her when she said pups, because one giant mop of a dog was more than enough to deal with right now. “She’s here to help.” When he just stared, she smiled harder. “We talked about this.” “No, we didn’t. I would remember agreeing to get a dog.” “You’re letting me work on your image. Gollum will improve it.” He eyed the animal. “Tolkien’s Gollum was male.” “Well, this Gollum is female.” She patted the dog’s head. “She’s quite nice once she gets used to you.” He doubted it. The animal looked more likely to take his hand off at the wrist than cuddle up with him. So much for dogs being man’s best friend. “That’s wonderful to hear, but I never agreed to any of this.” Addison sighed. “I won’t be able to successfully match you if you don’t work with me, Caine.” The fact that he hadn’t volunteered for this matchmaking business seemed lost on her. He stepped forward, but stopped when the dog growled again. “What does successfully matching me have to do with a damn dog?” “Gollum will make you more approachable. You need that—desperately.” “There’s not a damn thing approachable about that beast.” “Something you have in common.” What Caine and Addison don't realize right away, though, is that both of them are completely miserable in what currently passes for their lives. Caine's life has become nothing but an unending cycle of work and never being able to please his father, and Addison is no longer able to find the satisfaction she used to in matching up her clients.  Whether they want to admit it or not, they're also both desperately lonely. Caine realizes way before Addison does that matching him with anyone but her is futile, which was a refreshing change. I loved his single-minded determination where she is considered, and his ultra-sexy way of saying darlin'. ;) Addison, however, has taken her one-true-soulmate-for-everyone belief and let it rule her life--an idea that's okay for a dedicated matchmaker, but not so okay when the matchmaker in question was widowed at twenty-one and therefore believes that's it for her. Katee Robert gave Addison a decent reason for holding on to her belief so tenaciously, even with Caine right there in front of her--though it did seem to go on just a smidge too long. That said, it was absolutely wonderful to have a widowed character find love again without having to turn the dead spouse into a villain, or at least a major "less than" by comparison. (That alone is worth three stars in my book, right off the bat. But that's just me and my minor pet peeves, I know.) Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this quick read. It was fun and I loved the characers. It was a great beach read.
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review.. 3.5 stars, darlin' I loved the Come Undone, Out of Uniform and Wedding Dare series from Katee Robert, so was very excited to be reading her latest Match Me series, being published under Entangled newest imprint; Lovestruck. NY matchmaker, Addison St. Claire, has a stellar reputation in getting people successfully matched & on the road to Love town. Her best friend (Regan from the Wedding Dare series) has put forward her brother-in-law as a very suitable candidate for Addison’s adept skills, so suggests she makes a special trip south to meet and match him. Caine McNeill is a very successful CEO who doesn’t have time for too much play. The arrival of the familiar redhead, with her eagerness to exude the benefits of finding your soul mate, is met with irritation closely hiding a lustful fascination. Addison temporarily moves into his house with a dog….and her puppies…which she couldn’t separate. Here commences her dissection of Caine’s life, and attempt to introduce him to the habits of someone more likely to appeal to a prospective love interest. I enjoyed the premise of this story, and the banter and chemistry didn’t disappoint. Watching Caine soften and start to relish the idea of Addison as his target was great reading. So I had nothing but admiration and pure lustful thoughts myself towards Caine, but I’m afraid Addison just didn’t stick to me like I would have expected. Her initial strong presence and bolshie attitude towards Caine’s obvious attraction, was amusing, endearing and created some great repartee between them. But this seemed to wane as the story continued, and she came across as indecisive, contrary and damn right annoying. I guess my level of irritation was prodded, and I just didn’t like her. It’s funny how a character can affect your review so profoundly. I love Katee Robert’s voice, and it was no different in this story. Fortunately, Addison will not put me off any of her future works whatsoever. I think Caine held my attention quite nicely, bless him!
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Addison St. Claire is a matchmaker who helps people find their soul mate. She lost her husband in Afghanistan and now she's living her life alone and without love. Her current client, Caine McNeill, doesn't want or need her help. He is rich and handsome but he doesn't plan to marry. His main focus is work and trying to earn his father's approval. Will Caine relent and find his love match? The sexual tension between these two is amazing. They are perfect for each other but Addison is stubborn. Caine is a wonderful hero. I love the chemistry between these two. Add in Gollum and her puppies, his over bearing parents and mix this with their passion and desire, and you have a fast paced and touching romance. This story is a perfect summertime escape. Katee Robert has a wonderful way of mixing passion, humor and drama into a HEA romance. I always enjoy reading her romantic stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome story
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
SCINTILLATING CHEMISTRY & CHARISMA! MEETING HIS MATCH by Katee Robert is the 1st book in Katee's new Match Me series and a highly enjoyable sexy contemporary romance. This book is loosely connected to Katee's SEDUCING THE BRIDESMAID, a Brazen book and her contribution to the Wedding Dare series. While there are interconnected characters between the two, MEETING HIS MATCH can be thoroughly enjoyed as a standalone.  My full review has been published at Reading Between the Wines Book Club.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Good Book! What a fun and upbeat read! This is the story about two workaholics who discover love, thanks to the meddling and kindness of a dear friend who is also a sister-in-law. Addison St. Claire is a successful matchmaker in New York City. She runs her own company which keeps her extremely busy and occupied. Addison believes wholeheartedly that everyone has one true soul-mate, and unfortunately, Addison lost hers to the military when she was only twenty-one. She has been alone for a really long time and Regan, Addison's best friend, has the perfect anecdote for her loneliness. CEO extraordinaire Caine McNeill has no life and certainly no time to seek out a significant other. All he does is work and try to please his super demanding father. Lucky for him that his sister-in-law is best friends with the hottest matchmaker north of the Mason-Dixon line. Boy is he surprised when Addison shows up out of the blue at his office in Tennessee, all ready to use her resources to find him his true love. Addison and Caine are a cute couple and I really liked getting to know them and their idiosyncrasies. To begin with, Caine is the epitome of a southern gentlemen. He is kind, a little broody and truly understands how Addison's mind works. Once he realizes that they should be a couple, he does everything in his power to make it permanent. Addison is a hot redhead that has trouble letting go of the past. Her beliefs run very deep and Caine seems to be the only male who can soften her.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - She was a complication he didn't need. Stars! I really enjoyed reading Meeting His Match; if this is the quality of writing we can expect from the new Lovestruck line from Entangled, then I will be front and centre for each new release going forward. Addison and Caine were both likeable and easy to get along with, and the story was one of romance, seduction and happily ever after, with a few laughs thrown in along the way. Katee Robert really knows how to give the reader exactly what they want when it comes to romance. Both of the lead characters were strong, well rounded and knew what they wanted, and although Addison had a few wobbles along the way, I like that most of the drama of their developing relationship came from outside factors rather than from the couple themselves. He looked at her like she was virgin territory that he was about to conquer and claim for his own. I really liked Caine McNeill (Brock from the Wedding Dare Series older brother), and by saying I liked him I mean I really, really liked him. Nothing gives me the quivers more than a man full of charm and who uses the term darlin’ in a way that makes you feel he is verbally pulling your panties down. Caine does that, and with oodles of charm to spare. ”Tonight is about you darlin’. Whatever you need, I’ve got it covered.” Addison has heartbreak and loss in her past, she believes strongly in soul-mates, and that we all only get one true love. She thrives on giving others their ‘Happily Ever Afters’ and has made it her business with the success of Connected at the Lips, lately though the sparkle seems to have become a little tarnished and the satisfaction she once felt seems to be missing. Taking on the job of matching the CEO of McNeil Enterprises with his perfect match, seems like a great idea to get her out of the rut she finds herself in, she just never imagined that she would be the one who fits with Caine perfectly. ”I’ll make you a deal” … “I won’t kiss you again” … “But next time you kiss me, all bets are off.” The build up between these two simmers and sizzles, I loved that they didn’t immediately jump into bed together, and that everything developed between them at a steady pace as the book progressed. ”You don’t have to do it alone” … “You could do it with me.” A perfect start to the Match Me series, I loved the epilogue, and I am looking forward to seeing where Katee Robert takes us and who with, in the next book. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
If you love Katee Robert, I doubt you won't love this. Although slightly tamer than her usual offerings, she delivers every element we have become accustomed to in her books. With a man to fall in love with and a strong-willed lady who captures his heart, Meeting His Match left me a very happy girl. Caine McNeill lives to work. And the man is miserable. With an overbearing father, a brother miles away with his own family and a huge house he's rattling around, it's no surprise he's lonely. Addison St. Claire is his sister-in-law Regan's best friend who runs a dating agency. Unbeknownst to Caine, Regan sends Addison to the deep south to sign her bro' up and find him the love of his life. See where this is going...? Lovely. "Let me take care of you, darlin'. Please" He may be the millionaire CEO, but Caine is a complete treasure. This southern gentleman is the perfect blend of sexy, charming, sweet, bossy and brooding and I loved him. And when I read the words greying at the temples and beard, out popped a little moan of appreciation. He may be filthy rich, but he's grounded, realistic, makes no secret of what he craves in life and this is why I adored him. Addison was equally as likeable, she frustrated a little but in an understandable way and she has a good heart. They have a wonderful chemistry and his determination to make her see they are perfect for one another makes for a sexy, romantic journey that I devoured. So if you're looking for an easy-read, captivating romance with wit, touching moments, passion and some tension this is the book. Goes without saying, I recommend. If this is what we can expect from Entangled's new Lovestruck imprint, I'm sold. (It's worth mentioning that this is loosely related to Seducing the Bridesmaid, one of Katee's Brazen books. Whilst characters do cross over, Meeting His Match can easily be read as a standalone.) Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest & unbiased opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"I'm really happy I'm engaged to you Jake." She smiled
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Are you ready to take the test
TraciDouglass More than 1 year ago
Overall, Meeting His Match by Katee Robert was a great, fast read and everything I look for in a category contemporary romance. The story was well paced and fun, the hero was HOT and alpha enough to set my panties aflame, and the heroine was smart, funny, and believable (with one notable exception, which I’ll get to in a moment). ***Spoiler alert warning: I will try to avoid spilling too much of the storyline here, but a bit is unavoidable. You have been warned. :) *** The story involves a classic opposites attract trope with a bit of fish-out-of-water thrown in for fun. The writing is clean and smooth and there were really no rough areas that threw me out of the story or caused me to stop reading. At a concise 202 pages (according to my I-Books app), I finished this book in two days. I could have finished it in one, but I had to go out of town and was forced to stop three or four chapters in. This would be a great beach read or short weekend summer romp if you’re vacationing or camping or at the lake. The hero, Caine McNeill, is a southern charmer whose favorite endearment is “darlin’”. What’s not to love about that??? His character arc takes us from isolated, business-focused loner to a man willing to open his heart and his life to the right woman—our heroine, of course. Addison St. Claire is a streetwise, smart, savvy New York matchmaker who is conned into helping Caine find a mate by her best friend, Regan, who happens to be married to Caine’s younger brother. Through working with Caine, and a bit of compromise on both their parts, she is able to move forward from a painful past and create a deep, lasting relationship with the hero. The author did a good job of avoiding most of the clichéd weak-heroine traits that drive me insane in some contemporary romances of the past. I enjoy reading about people who are doing okay on their own, but are missing a special person to share their success with. Both Caine and Addison are not perfect. They each have baggage that must be overcome before they are ready to have a real relationship with anyone, including each other. Following their journey to wholeness is part of the fun. One minor issue I had involved the ‘soul mate’ subplot for the heroine. This felt a bit off, considering the intricacy with which the rest of the plot was constructed. The author spent a lot of time creating a fully-fleshed, intelligent, relatable heroine, then had her unwilling to move forward in a relationship with Caine solely because of a story her grandmother told her as a child about ‘one person-one soul mate’. Sorry, but it didn’t ring true for me. The whole aspect seemed a bit nonsensical given the heroine’s rational, modern approach to everything in her life. If nothing else, I’d think Addison would keep Caine around for the physical aspects of their relationship and the fact they related well on other levels too. The heroine’s tragic first marriage happened early in her life and they spent precious little time together. For me, it would’ve felt more authentic for her to realize that perhaps her idolized former husband wasn’t as perfect as she remembered and have her then understand how truly special her connection with the hero really is. Still, as I mentioned, this was only a minor interruption in my suspense of disbelief and didn’t stop me from finishing what was otherwise a great book. Meeting His Match was a fast, fun read. Sexy, smart, and stylish, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sassy story with a heaping side of Happily Ever After.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There is no quest. Or prophecy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Aye." He nods.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Um, what's that?"