Meeting Jesus on the Road

Meeting Jesus on the Road

by Bert Edward Park




From Facts to Faith . . . Redeeming Answers to Tough Questions

If you were to meet Jesus on the road today, how might He defend the Bible in accord with your own knowledge and experience?

Is the Genesis Creation account really credible in light of scientific discoveries? What does the evidence show?

Can you reconcile the Christ of faith with the Jesus of history found in the Gospels? Why is that even important?

Do you believe in prophecy—and with that, everything Christ had to say about the future? Where is your proof?

Is the Bible truly the "inerrant" Word of God? Christian: How can you be so certain?

Based on extensive research in the following areas, a former skeptic with post-graduate degrees in medicine and history addresses these questions that
Christian and unbeliever alike should ask—and answer—at some point along their respective journeys:

Science Archeology Geopolitics
History Ancient Documents

Why? Because God commands it—and the world demands it—now more than ever.

About the Author:
The author, a neurological surgeon and published scholar in history and medical ethics, accepted Christ based on the questions raised, and answers provided, in this book. He subsequently closed his busy surgical practice to do full-time Christian neurosurgical missions abroad. Dr. Park has authored four books, numerous neurosurgical journal articles, essays for The [Presidential] Papers of Woodrow Wilson, and lectures widely on Christian apologetics and his neurosurgical missions experience—passions shared with his wife Vicki, daughter Brittany, and their beloved golden retrievers Hannah and Obadiah.

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