Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and Dating Service--Including True Life Date Stories

Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and Dating Service--Including True Life Date Stories

by Tamsen Butler
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Atlantic Publishing Company FL


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Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and Dating Service--Including True Life Date Stories

Recent studies show that more than 20 million people will visit at least one online dating service a month. Internet dating has several advantages, among them the ability to discover everything about a potential partner before ever meeting them. You can learn their age, religious affiliations, education, expectations, interests, hobbies, and so on.

Internet dating allows you to chat online and get to know someone before meeting them. There is also the ability to meet people on a varied schedule; you do not have to meet them face-to-face right away. Other advantages include protection of your personal identity, the exchange of photos, the ability to be yourself, less cost, and the ability to search by sexual or ethnic preference, all of which will increase the chances of finding that special someone.

Aside from the many advantages, online dating has disadvantages as well. For example, you could be starting an online relationship with someone who, in actuality, does not look like they do in their photos or their personality is not as they described, it might have to be a long distance relationship, or they have a hidden criminal agenda. This is why you need the assistance of this groundbreaking new book that covers it all, allowing you to find the right partner and make your online dates safe and secure.

The book features many available online dating services, such as PerfectMatch, which employs a scientific method to locate matches. eHarmony has a compatibility system that only pairs you with compatible singles. Yahoo Personals helps you choose from thousands of members to find singles in your area. is likely the only dating site that checks new members for criminal activity and marriage history. guarantees you will meet someone special within six months or they will extend your membership by six months at no cost to you. Also detailed are,,,,,, Great Expectations at and

Also included are true stories from couples and singles who have been through the online dating process and have found it either worked or didn't work for them.

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ISBN-13: 9781601381521
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 11/01/2009
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 13

Case study: Melissa's Story 15

Chapter 1 Who and Why? 17

Location, Location, Location 23

Case study: Mike's Story 24

Real or Fake? 25

Nothing to Lose 26

Dealing with Backlash 26

Chapter 2 Which Site is Right for You? 29

Be Selective 33

Getting Started with Any Site 35

Case study: Monique's Story 37

Familiarizing Yourself 38

Case study: Susan's Story 42

Internet Technology 43

System Requirements 43

Internet Connection 44

Your Computer 45

A Snail's Pace 46

Case study: Luke and Michelle's Story 47

Chapter 3 What Sites Are Out There? 49

Site Reviews 49® 49® 52® 55® 57

JDate®.com 59 61® 62

LavaLife®.com 65

But Wait There's More 67

Case study: Pamela's Story 68

Yahoo!TM Personals and Yahoo! Personals Premier 68

FriendFinder® 70® 71® 72

Great Expectations 74

Chapter 4 Personal Experiences with Online Dating 77

A Woman's Experience 78

Introduction 78

The Signing Up Process 81

Money Talks 84

Profile Photos 85

The Matches - Flame or Fizzle? 87

Searching High and Low 91

How is Compatibility Defined? 92

Slow and Steady Wins the Race 93

Does eHarmony Work? 94

Does Perfectmatch Work? 96

Does Work? 98

And the Winner is 99

A Man's Experience 102 103 110 115

How I Fared 118

Suzie Q 120

Bonnie B 121

Chapter 5 Social Networking Sites 125

MySpace 126

Getting Started with MySpace 127

Facebook 129

Getting Started with Facebook 129

Other SocialNetworking Sites 131

A Quick Glance 133

Compatibility Sites 133

Database Free-for- Alls 134

Dating Sites for Same-Sex Relationships 134

A Sampling of Sites 135

Case study: Nancy's Story 138

Chapter 6 Crafting the Perfect Profile 139

Expert Advice: Nicole Settle of Cole Settle Photography l42

Show Your Personality 142

Getting a Great Profile Photo 142

Keep it Real 143

Case study: John's Story 144

Expert Advice: Todd C Darnold, PhD 145

Recruiting Models 145

Accentuate the Positive 145

Looking for a Good Fit 146

Revealing Your Negatives 147

Expert Advice: Lori Gorshow, MSW "The Dating Coach" of Dating Made Simple 147

Appeal to Your Target Audience 147

Rules for Crafting Your Profile 148

Using Specific Dating Sites for Specific Types 148

The Importance of Photos 149

Writing for our Target Audience 150

Taglines 150

Paying Someone to Write Your Profile 151

Being Safe When Creating Your Profile 151

Contacting Other Members 152

Sample First Contact 153

Sample Second Contact 153

Chapter 7 Creating Your Own "Rules" 155

Composing Your List 155

Reading Profiles 160

Make Sure the Person Qualifies 161

Make Yourself More Attractive 162

The Icky Factor 163

Know Who You're Talking To 164

Case study: Carol's Story 167

Chapter 8 Getting Your Feet Wet 169

Rule One: Always Be Honest 170

Answering Questions 172

Responding to Sensitive Questions 173

Rule Two: Take Your Time and Do Not Rush 176

Contacting Other People 178

Meeting People 180

Rule Three: Do Not Take Everything to Heart 182

Responses 183

Compatibility 185

Rejected 188

Case study: Jennifer's Story 190

Overcoming Fear 191

When You Are the One Doing the Rejecting 193

Initiating Contact 196

Beyond Messages 200

Phone Calls 205

Meeting in Person 206

Prepare for the Date 207

Relax! 209

Go Public 211

The Best Locations 212

Reflect on the Date 215

Reconnecting 217

Case study: Melanie's Story 219

Ten Dating Tips for Women 221

Ten Dating Tips for Men 222

Ten Dating Tips for Everyone 224

Case study: Michael and Rachel's Story 226

Chapter 9 Cautions 229

Little White Lies 230

The Clues 231

The Model's Photo 231

The Sob Story 232

Dangerous Liaisons 234

The Players and the Users 236

Slow Down 238

Just Plain Mean 239

Your Public Profile 242

Case study: June's Story 245

Chapter 10 You Change, Your Needs Change 247

Periodically Review Your Needs 248

Correspondence 249

Case study: Marjorie's Story 251

Your Needs 252

Changing Sites 254

A Little Help From Your Friends 256

Case study: Meg's Story 257

Chapter 11 Your Happy Ending 259

Long Distance Relationships 260

"I Love You" 262

Case study: Seth and Trudy's Story 265

Conclusion 267

Appendix 269

Bibliography 277

Author Biography 279

Index 281

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Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and Dating Service--Including True Life Date Stories 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anna12341 More than 1 year ago
True, there are a lot of fake profiles on dating websites. But Meeting Your Match Online advocates that when you run across a profile that sounds too good to be true, don’t turn and run. Heartbreak hurts, but so too does loneliness. From the first chapter, Meeting Your Match Online recognizes that your internet dream man/woman might actually be an internet fantasy, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. This book is the user’s guide for anyone new to online dating. Pick the site that’s right for you, and believe me there are a slew of sites out there. Meeting Your Match Online lists sites for parents, for artists, for Christians, and the elderly. Some cost, others don’t, but one thing’s sure, in a market as flush with options as this one, you’ll find the dating site that’s right for you. The book also recommends that you be picking, and I mean really picky. Don’t settle because you’ve got a bite online. Be discerning and craft a profile that represents you well, while “keeping it real.” The guide includes some sample questions you might try answering about yourself before looking online for dates, including “Are there physical attributes that you will not accept, such as over or underweight?”
Brittany_Reiher More than 1 year ago
“Meeting Your Match Online” is the perfect book for those nonbelievers of Internet dating. I got this book for my Uncle who recently lost his wife. He was very skeptical about signing up for one of those dating sites until he read this book. “Meeting Your Match Online” includes real life stories about couples that have met online. After reading them you can’t help but turn into a believer. It has more than just stores though; it has step-by-step instructions on how to go about Internet dating the right way.
ReadThisJP More than 1 year ago
Meeting Your Match Online is a great starting place if you’re considering entering the online dating pool. It takes you through the process of setting up your profile step-by-step and outlines the good and bad side of various dating sites and social media venues. The case studies scattered throughout the book are a nice touch. The book also addresses the fears that some might have regarding online dating sites and delves into niche dating sites which some people aren’t aware of. Overall a good guide for anyone considering the world of online dating. I had previously tried online dating with no success, but I may reconsider after reading this book; it has given me hope and showed me what I was doing wrong.
BillyB More than 1 year ago
Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and Dating Services Including True Life Date Stories is an interesting take on the internet dating scene, that claims that 22 million people have visited a dating site in a month in 2008. That's a lot of people, which explains why there are so many dating sites on the web. It seems that people are tried of the bar scene and would rather use the net to find a mate by narrowing down their age, religious affiliations, education, expectations, interests and hobbies before you ever meet them for coffee or whatever. But these dating sites have their disadvantages as well, like their personality is not as described, they don't match their photo, or they have lied about their history. Being single, I was interested in reviewing this book. There are dozens of real-life stories from people have successfully used dating sites and they give great tips on what to do and not to do in your profile. The book covers popular paid sites like eHarmony, PerfectMatch,com, Yahoo! Personals, and many others, even some you have never heard of. I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it to anyone who has or is interested in online dating sites.
jws More than 1 year ago
Internet dating can be scary, especially if you don't know anything about it. This book guides readers through the basics, and is full of true stories from couples who have successfully navigated the online dating world. The author gives great technical advice about the type of computer equipment you will need and the importance of having current virus protection programs. Tamsen also includes detailed information about the most popular dating sites, including social networking sites, and how to choose the best site for your needs. You are given the tools you need to weigh the pros and cons of each site and make an informed choice about which one to use. The author even uses personal experiences as learning examples with many of the sites. Once you find someone to correspond with, the author gives wonderful advice about the importance of honesty and how to answer questions, including how to respond to personal questions. The author even includes a list of popularly used instant messaging acronyms you may see and explains what they mean. Tamsen wisely advises readers not to rush to meet someone, but to take the time to correspond with someone for a period of time first until you feel comfortable meeting in person. When you're ready to meet, Tamsen gives great ideas about ideal places for your meeting. This is a really thorough guide to internet dating that explains everything you need to know to find the perfect mate.
BMiddleton More than 1 year ago
A great book to check out before registering for any of those dating sites! Butler's voice is natural and without being overly optimistic. Sometimes things just don't work out, but she encourages you to continue your search through other avenues. Also includes some real humorous (and heartbreaking) stories from people who've gone through the gauntlet. Most important, she gives you a good idea for which site is right for you (because believe it or not, they each are strikingly different - even on the basis of "compatibility" and its part in your search). I'm still a bit skeptical about dating online, but at least I feel I have some more knowledge before taking the plunge. Definitely one I'll recommend to friends.
Wordwench More than 1 year ago
In what may be the single, longest title in the history of books, Tamsen Butler evocatively sets forth on a journey of the online dating world and how to not only manage it, but effectively conquer it, and she presents it in a language that will be accessible for even the most uncertain of readers. Being happily involved with my own match, I read this initially to assist a friend who, having tired of trying to meet people locally (and being of a certain age), decided to cast her lot with online dating. This evoked a lot of red flags in me, and thus began my quest. There are a lot of dating sites out there, and even more unsavory characters. I did not want a 3 AM tragedy call. Butler is simultaneously cautionary as well as savvy and lays forth enough good, common sense information that I nearly demanded that my friend read this before deciding. She includes some of the better known sites, and throws a few lesser known ones in for good measure, and also reviews each site providing straightforward information on the qualification process including tips on taking the questionnaires. As well, she notes things that you might and might not like about each site. Additional information presented includes several case studies of individuals who have met through online services which seem sincere enough, even if predictably outcome aligned. Overall, I felt this book was a fantastic guide for my dear friend, who appreciated it immensely and plans to put several of its strategies into play herself. If you (or a friend) are just entering into the world of online matchmaking, likely you will find this book to be an indispensible tool in your dating arsenal.