Megalomart: This perky pit of perdition

Megalomart: This perky pit of perdition

by J M Harrison


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And it's the 2020s. America three major exports are streaming videos, righteous opiate pharmaceuticals and cheeseburgers. China, with controlling interest, won't let us start a war with Costa Rica! Fox News has been made the fourth branch of government. Lottery winners now opt for alcohol in lieu of dollars...

Is the world's largest corporation. Its parking lots lay waste to whole counties. The owner just bought Kansas because he wanted a larger 'side' yard. The US Navy rents out Megalomart aircraft carriers. This juggernaut is the heir apparent - for all intents and purposes - of the new 'Corporate' America. Could world domination be far off?

It is if you've made the mistake of hiring Jake Gillis...

Jake's old fashioned, he finds the grinding, crushing, suffocating inhumanity that passes for 'business-as-usual' in Corporate America troubling. Don't get him started on Megalomart, Inc., - a corporation so crazy its neuroses have psychoses...

Jake slaves away at Megalomart Gas (MGS) - a wholly owned subsidiary of Megalomart and the world's largest gas station.

There are so many gas bays the furthest can't be seen without binoculars from the store.

The convenience store - six stories tall - contains the world's smallest Indian casino.

The gas bay overhang is so massive it creates its own micro-weather as reported on the nightly local news.

Gas prices fluctuate so wildly the station's electronic reader boards flicker wildly. The mathematical algorithms governing how MGS determines the price-per-gallon at any given moment were written by former AIG derivatives managers and are managed by on-site AI computers.

Shop lifting and drive away gas theft are so common MGS has it's own on-site judicial system, manned by moonlighting district court employees.

Now, that fickle bitch Fate has brought Gillis, Lord Burton and Johnny 2Good together - for what cosmic scheme no mortal knows. These three, through cunning and guile are just trying to scratch out a living here at Gulag, Inc. To make life just a bit easier for them and their's in the Land of Corp. And it's just that talent for scheming and conniving that's so impressive...

But even Fate hadn't counted on how utterly bizarre 21st Century 'Corporate' America had become. This might take awhile...

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ISBN-13: 9781456503123
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2011
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Currently slinging history courses at whatever universities will have him, J.M. Harrison has had just about every job you would probably care to name. This would include stints in the various circles of corporate hell. He's traveled extensively, spent a lot of time in Indian Country and is currently working on both a feature length film and a new television series. If he had any spare time he'd be spending more time with his three adult children and his amazing grandson. No doubt there'd be hiking, camping, chess, more books and movies sprinkled in there somewhere too.

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