Member of the Third House

Member of the Third House

by Hamlin Garland

Hardcover(Library Binding)

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Member of the Third House by Hamlin Garland

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ISBN-13: 9780781212168
Publisher: Reprint Services Company
Publication date: 05/28/1988
Series: Collected Works of Hamlin Garland Series
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

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Chapter III. CAN THE SENATE BE BOUGHT ? rAVIS came in briskly, followed by his ' attorney, Fox. He was a large man, with short side-whiskers, white as snow. His face was vivid-scarlet with the heat, and his mustache, close-cut, bristled with the motion of his lips. His eyes were keen and restless, and his voice fretful, harsh and imperious. He looked like a man of great energy beginning to break. He wore a short velvet coat, white trousers, a rather low-cut vest, and a flowing tie. A man of powerful individuality, as was evident from his dress. "Oh, papa, we're waiting to go home. You know you promised to drive us down to-day." Davis nodded at Miss Ward, and seated himself hastily at his desk. "Yes, yes, yes, but I can't do it now, my dear. I've got some business very important." "Oh, der! When can you go?" Helene pouted, " Oh, I don't know," said Davis, impatiently, "In the course of half an hour, perhaps. Now, you take a drive up the avenue, and " "Oh, if you want to get rid of us," said Helene, in pretended anger. " Mr. Brennan, will you please help us into the carriage ? " " With pleasure," said Brennan, leaping forward. There was a gleam of coquetry in Helene's eyes that made his face radiant as they went out. Fox was a large man, with a full gray beard. His mustache was shaved. He looked like a Methodist deacon. His hair was close-clipped, and his eyes small and blue- gray. He looked after the young people while Davis lighted his cigar. "Ain't she a little kittenish with Brennan ? " " Who ? " said Davis, from the desk. " Your daughter Helene." Davis looked at him closely. "Are you a fool?" he asked, irascibly. Fox took a seat in a chair, and softly exhaled a puff of smoke.His lips had curves at the corners like a baby's. ...

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