Membership Primary Care: Transforming Family Medicine is Key to Healthcare Reform

Membership Primary Care: Transforming Family Medicine is Key to Healthcare Reform

by Robert T Bailey Pharmd MD
Membership Primary Care: Transforming Family Medicine is Key to Healthcare Reform

Membership Primary Care: Transforming Family Medicine is Key to Healthcare Reform

by Robert T Bailey Pharmd MD


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In the United States, family medicine and primary care are on the verge of extinction. The biggest problem that has defined this issue is the lack of time physicians must spend with their patients, which, on the average, is only seven minutes. Since the resources and reimbursement for primary care doctors are so razor thin these physicians must build up panels of patients reaching into the thousands so they can run 30 or more patients through their office daily. This is an unsustainable vicious cycle, as more resources are required for these large numbers of patients, dramatically increasing the doctor's overhead. In Membership Primary Care: Transforming Family Medicine is Key to Healthcare Reform, Robert T. Bailey, PharmD, MD, shares revelatory wisdom that offers solutions for our dysfunctional and expensive healthcare system. Dr. Bailey explores a successful model to restore family medicine to its former days of glory and prominence, so it can play a primary role in reforming our healthcare system, improving the wellness of US citizens, and substantially reducing the high cost of healthcare. Written to both patients and healthcare thought leaders, Membership Primary Care clearly identifies the major problems in the medical field and provides a blueprint for improving family medicine. Putting into practice Dr. Bailey's teaching can result in a win-win-win situation for the patient, the doctor, and the healthcare system. With more universal acceptance of Dr. Bailey's model of care, primary care will draw more of our brightest medical students into this incredibly important field, while greatly improving patient care and decreasing utilization of the most expensive doorways into healthcare. The practical methods Dr. Bailey shares will reform our current system of sick care to one of wellness and prevention. The powerful truths within Membership Primary Care will change your understanding of all that healthcare can be. Dr. Bailey is a recognized thought leader in family medicine, primary care, and clinical pharmacy. He was inspired to write this book to offer an effective solution to reform family medicine and healthcare in general for the sake of the health of our citizens and to dramatically reduce our healthcare expenses as a country. Dr. Bailey is founder and president of Bailey Family Medical Care, in Scottsdale, Arizona, since 2003 ( and is a specialist in the BaleDoneen Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Method. He is an expert in the integration of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. He has received numerous patient awards, including Patient Choice Physician Awards, America's Most Compassionate Doctor Awards, Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor Award, Top 10 Family Doctor and Medical Practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the NCQA/ADA Physician Diabetic Recognition Program Award. Dr. Bailey is a board-certified family medicine physician and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. His background is broad and diverse. He has served as a tenured associate professor of surgery, family medicine, and pharmacy at Creighton University and an associate professor of family medicine and Director of Family Medicine Research at Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale. Dr. Bailey has an illustrious academic career spanning more than forty years and has been awarded numerous large research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Health Futures Foundation in esophageal disease, pharmacology, and left ventricular heart assist devices as a bridge to heart transplant. Dr. Bailey is a Christian physician and minister and was ordained as a full-time Christian minister of medicine by William Standish Reed, MD, who pioneered the healing of the whole person through the spirit, mind, and body. Dr. Bailey serves as president of a nonprofit organization, Prophet's Reward, Inc., ( to further positive health care reform in primary care and to advance whole person medicine.

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