Memoirs: A Walk With Jesus:One Woman's Journey

Memoirs: A Walk With Jesus:One Woman's Journey

by Nicole Page
Memoirs: A Walk With Jesus:One Woman's Journey

Memoirs: A Walk With Jesus:One Woman's Journey

by Nicole Page


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"Memoirs: A Walk With Jesus" is the testimony of a woman and how Jesus saved her life, in more ways then one. This book includes notes, diary entries, and poems also written by the author on her walk with God. This book was written in the hopes that someone who has lost hope may find it again.

Author - "I am nobody. I am everybody. With Jesus, I am somebody!"

There is life in Jesus Christ! Answer His call for you today!

From drugs and life-threatening situations to peace and freedom, this book will walk you through one woman's journey towards salvation. experience is always the best teacher, come and see how the lost are saved. In these pages, you will find hope, encouragement, and an overcoming spirit.

Is there more than what we see?
Are we more than our situations?
Is there a way out of this lifestyle?
Is there a God?
Who is Jesus?

If you have ever asked these questions... this book is for you!

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ISBN-13: 9798885671446
Publisher: Nicole Page
Publication date: 04/12/2022
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 415,348
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Nicole Page was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1983. As a child she was academically accomplished. She has had poems published and artwork submissions that placed. Nicole earned a scholarship to Duke University in the 7th grade. While systematically self-sabotaging herself, she never used this scholarship. Her educational achievements include a Diploma of Massage Therapy, an Ordained Deacon Minister, Ordained Life Coach Minister, and current student of Divinity and Theology. She plans to continue into the master’s degree for Divinity, followed by the Th.D. of Theology, next. The transformation that has occurred in Nicole’s life is evident to those who know her. She always gives the credit to the Lord for rescuing her.
*** Do I really have to do this in third person? ***

Hi Reader, I am Nicole Page. Thank you for taking the time to read my book. I accomplished all those things at the beginning of this page, but do I really need to state that? What I would actually like to tell you is as follows:
Trust in the Lord. Start some spiritual disciplines. I started this walk with the Lord by saying the Lord’s Prayer, every morning when I woke up. I began to read my Bible. I prayed (A LOT). I slowed down and listened for the Lord’s voice. I handed my heart, my mind, and my soul back to God, who they belonged to. I’m not special, or anyone to be admired. I fell so short of being a decent human being. But the moment I acknowledged that, the Lord opened my eyes. It’s true what has been said before, “at the end of yourself you find the Lord”. I closed off emotion and became “numb” to a lot of things in this life. I thought that mentality would protect me, but it didn’t, it caused more pain. What I really want you to take away from this book is what God can do when we let Him and get out of His way.

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