Memoirs of a French Napoleonic Officer: Jean-Baptiste Barres, Chasseur of the Imperial Guard

Memoirs of a French Napoleonic Officer: Jean-Baptiste Barres, Chasseur of the Imperial Guard

by Jean-Baptiste Barres

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These lively memoirs date from the time of Barrès’ entry into the Chasseurs Velites (skirmishers, or light infantry) of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard in 1804. Always modest in recounting his own exploits, Barrès was not only at the cannon’s mouth, but also a participant at such spectacular events as the Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon in Paris and Rome, the torch light procession on the eve of Austerlitz, the meeting of the two Emperors at Tilsit, and the magnificent military display in the Champ de Mars. His duties involved mounting guard at Malmaison and the palace of Saint-Cloud and also allowed him many fascinating glimpses of the Emperor at reviews, presenting awards and receiving trophies. This is a superb record of a serving soldier, making light of danger, sharing with the reader the fatigues and privations that attended so much campaigning in appalling weather and hostile country, and rejoicing as much in the outcome of a successful foraging expedition as his promotions and appointment as Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur.

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ISBN-13: 9781473882959
Publisher: Frontline Books
Publication date: 02/28/2017
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Born at Blesle, in Anvergne, in 1784, Jean-Baptiste Barrs died, aged sixty-five at Charmes, in Lorraine in 1849.

Table of Contents

My Grandfather (Preface Maurice Barrès) 9

The Abbé Pierre-Maurice Barrès 25

The Empire 29

My Admission to the Skirmishers of the Guard 30

Arrival in Paris 32

The Coronation of the Emperor 38

The Presentation of the Eagles 40

An Evening at the Palais-Royal 41

Departure for Italy 42

I Decide to Keep a Diary 43

We Return to France 52

Paris 53

Leaving Paris for the German Campaign 55

Our Entry into Germany 58

Austerlitz 74

Seven Months at Rueil 81

War Against Prussia 83

Jena 86

The Emperor Enters Berlin 89

Going to Meet the Russians 93

Eylau 98

The Emperor Tastes My Bread 106

Heilsberg 107

Friedland 109

Tilsit 111

Back to France 115

Triumphal Entry of the Guard into Paris 119

I Am Appointed Sub-Lieutenant 123

Nineteen Months in France 126

Spain and Portugal 134

Campaigns of 1813 and 1814 159

I Receive the Legion of Honour 164

The Two Battles of Bautzen 164

Dresden 173

The Disaster of Leipzic 180

Siege of Mayence 197

The First Restoration 202

The Return to France 202

The Hundred Days 208

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