Memoirs of an Immigrant

Memoirs of an Immigrant

by Olof A. Eriksen


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Bergens Guttehjem (Boy's home)

The author of these memoirs, Olof A. Eriksen, was born in Norway 1936. In 1952 he moved to Karlskrona, Sweden to study Mechanical Engineering, and 1956 he immigrated to the United States. This book is his diary containing his true life memories.

"A fascinating, unbelievable, and heart-rending story that will make you shake your head in disbelief."

One publisher wrote:
"If your accomplishments were not so well documented, readers would want to characterize your writings as a fictitious tale of adventure, filled with exaggeration and fantasy. But we are more amazed to know that this is not fiction, but rather an autobiographical account of, how through determination, creativity and sheer genius, you successfully overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, to live a life so special, most of us can only dream of or see in the movies. This extraordinary book deserves a wide audience, indeed."

One Professional writer, Nina M. Sherwood wrote:
"Olof's life is riveting and inspiring. It is hard to imagine that one person could have gone through so much and still come out a "winner"! This definitely is a story that movies and dreams are made from."

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