Memoirs Of Mercy

Memoirs Of Mercy

by Dionna K Trice


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Memoirs of Mercy offers a balm and cure for the infectious and devious pandemic called silence. Dionna Trice's willingness to break the code of silence and come clean will empower many. She dared to stand trial on the pavement of the public court for a crime she did not commit. Her willingness to allow her accusers to levy charges against her demonstrates that her only motivation is love.

Memoirs of Mercy is a survival guide addressed to anyone who has been fatherless, or suffered devastation through loss, rejection, isolation and abandonment. It shows you how to keep the faith-even after you've done all the right things, but it seems like all hell is breaking loose around you. It is to the person who feels trapped in their life's circumstances as a result of generational curses. This book is for the person who needs supernatural deliverance.

Through this compelling autobiography, Dionna reveals that a happily ever after is possible. A change for the better is possible. Healing is possible. Finding true love is possible. Someone can love you despite internal and external imperfections. It is possible to release all of your emotional baggage. It is possible to trust again-to believe again. It is possible to live-and you haven't lived until you've had a relationship with God. It is possible to put on spiritual lenses and see clearly. It is possible to walk into destiny and have purpose in your life.

God has restored Dionna's life after enduring prolonged seasons of emotional pain. She wants to share these memoirs with you, to challenge you to identify the root causes of negative cycles in your life. Let them inspire you to prioritize what's really important. Now friend, follow Dionna as she leads you through the corridors of Memoirs of Mercy.

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ISBN-13: 9781425938673
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/23/2006
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 0.34(w) x 5.00(h) x 8.00(d)

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