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Memories 2017


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MEMORIES 2017 speaks about Herkimer Crystals, Howe Caverns, Earth Day, Antarctica, Washington, D.C., Tucson Gem Show, and more.

One time I was at the tip of South Africa and Barbara and Margaret were at the end of the Amazon River, Brazil. We joined forces to work with dolphins and crystals. It was wonderful!

Annelis Kessler, Switzerland

I will always have strong memories of being with Barbara and Margaret at Niagara Falls, one of the most powerful sites in the world. I love when our paths cross.

Kim Reid, Canada.

I enjoyed working with Barbara and Margaret to help the Atlantic Ocean at São Conrado Beach and Copacabana Beach. I love their books and the way they express their work here.

Marilu Montenegro, Brazil

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ISBN-13: 9781524698362
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/07/2017
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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Tucson, Arizona

From Barbara:

It is February and I have just returned home from what is considered to be the greatest convention of gemstones and crystals in the world. This is at Tucson, Arizona, in the southwest part of the United States.

Since I live in the northern part of the United States, at this time of year there is snow on the ground and cold weather.

Well, Tucson is exactly opposite. There is no snow and instead of clouds, there is mostly sunshine. During the winter, the temperature can become hot during the day.

And so I have begun my travel to Tucson wearing five layers of clothes. By the time I reach Tucson, I am only wearing one layer.

For a moment, I have thoughts of staying in this paradise forever. After all, an annual big gem show begins in January and it continues until mid February. At least that is my understanding.

In any case, I am with Margaret and we arrive in February and remain in this wonderful atmosphere for five days.

Tucson is a big city. When you look at it from the sky as you fly to it, it is spread out for miles and miles and miles. On arrival, we rent a car and we first drive to the home of Tom and Suzie Hayes who have invited us to stay with them while we are in Tucson. Our friend SilverStar is staying with them and so now they have three visitors.

It isn't long before we and SilverStar are in our rental car driving to the Convention Center which we understand is the main exhibit area for the gem show. We pass a motel called Days Inn noted for its crystal displays for sale, and we are tempted to stop. But, we continue, and then we pass Howard Johnson with its big tents of gems for sale, and we do not stop. We also pass the Ramada Inn noted for having minerals and gems.

When we do reach the Convention Center, we are told that it is not opened. It will be closed for a couple days. This is a disappointment.

We decide to put our attention on nearby white-peaked tents reminding us of Native American teepees. We know these tents hold gems for sale.

One cluster has a sign saying Brazil, and this interests us. Long ago, the Atlanteans had two major crystal-growing locations, Minas Gerais in Brazil and Arkansas in USA. We have visited both places and the gems there are amazing.

Now we stop at the Brazilian white tents, and we speak with dealers from Brazil. We have a bit of difficulty understanding each other, but it is fun being with them. They show us amethyst and citrine and clear quartz and geodes of all sizes.

We are fascinated by a geode statue of huge stones holding onto each other. We ask how much this blue, aqua, and white statue costs, and the answer is $5,000. Nearby are little stones costing less than $1. Well, that difference in price means that anyone rich or poor can come here to buy.

After the gem show, when we are returning home, we change planes in Chicago. Here we meet a jewelry artist from Toronto, Canada, returning home from Tucson. She tells us she makes jewelry with gems and crystals, and she points to big bags with her. These have gems she had bought in Tucson.

We realize that the gems and crystals in Tucson that have come from all over the world are being spread throughout the world! These precious gems and crystals may not return to their homelands, but they will reside somewhere in the world!

It was wonderful seeing them in Tucson, and now, when I see exceptional artwork made from gems and crystals, I know this will remind me of my glorious visit to Tucson.

Now I want you to turn your thoughts to Margaret's trip to Tucson.


From Margaret:

I am packing for Tucson, our next trip, where we will be staying with Tom and Suzie Hayes in the Oro Valley outside of Tucson during our visit to the big Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. We will be connecting to the crystals of the world. We want to unite this powerful crystal force field to help ascend Mother Earth and all on her to higher energies.

Our flight to Tucson arrives early enough for me to watch the setting sun over the desert mountains. Their power is great, and they are so approachable. They seem very loving and open to guests arriving from all over the world.

I am here in this beautiful place and I am barely grounded. The owls call. I say to the desert stones and crystals, please give me a word or two for clarity. I cannot find a grounding point. My excitement is whirling.

Margaret Channeling:

The Desert Stones and Crystals speak: Come in. Welcome. Slow down. Breathe. The air is clear here. Let your thoughts be clear. You are meeting the record keepers of the world -- the product of great changes and histories of Mother Earth -- volcanoes, Ice Ages, seas rising, sinking land rising. Fire and Ice. Can you comprehend?

Approach us with that concept. Humans are only a few decades old, but we are millions of years old. The planet is very precious. We belong to the planet. Not to the Oro Desert region, Tucson region, Arizona state, United States, North American Continent, Northern Hemisphere. We belong to Mother Earth planet without borders, without people branding us with names and values. We exist to tell the story of the planet traveling through space for millions and millions of years. And we are with her millions and millions of years. And so your petty details of life are but a flash of light and then you are gone into the whole again to return in another form and we stay constant. That is our secret. That is why we are so bright. We carry millions and millions of years of Light.

You wonder how can we carry Light when we were buried before we were found and our answer is the Light is Love expressed over time and we send our Love constantly and we send our Light constantly. So come to the Gem and Mineral Show and receive our Love and our Light and you reflect yours back to us.

With Love from Your Brothers and Sisters of the Crystalline World.

There are no differences in our world except the structure of Love -- that is what holds the particles together -- formed in space, traveling today in space, meeting one moment on a dear beloved Planet Star in space. We are but a dot of reality and in that dot is the world.

I speak, dear Brothers and Sisters of the Crystalline World, thank you for the beautiful link and understanding.

With love, Margaret ______________

The next morning we drive to the crystal show with our Native American friend SilverStar. We visit the white tents of crystals. I am immediately drawn to one tent displaying a magnificent three-foot high geode with layers of blue and aqua framing a burst of clear white crystals in the center. Here I speak with Buck, a manager, and he says the crystals are from Brazil. Soon, a young man, Seth, joins us. Then a man from India joins us. I notice they are highly spiritual men who are drawn to be with us to share our Love for Mother Earth and her stones and crystals.

SilverStar tells us that Native Americans call today the Stone Nation and Crystal People Day. How auspicious. ______________

The next morning we drive to Sabino Canyon Recreation Area to ride a tram up the Sabino Canyon. This takes us along a narrow, winding road with spectacular views of high cliffs and rushing water bridges. Melting snow has filled the creeks with water and the tram has to forge on flat stone bridges that are under water. I see the water flow is very intense with strong currents and falling water. I hold tightly onto to the seat guardrails, glad for the competence of our driver-guide who navigates the rushing passageways. I see he loves the beauty and history of the canyon.

During the ascent and descent of the canyon ride, I focus on the geology of the area which is breath-taking. There are volcanic and metamorphic rock cliffs and boulders that have broken off and now lay in the streambed. Every view is different. Every view is dramatic. It is a trip one wishes to enjoy again and again.

When the ride is over, we thank the driver and go into the exhibition area to study the rock displays. Also, to see exhibits about the bird and animal wildlife and history of the early people of this area. What a delightful way to enjoy the mountains here!

Our next outing is to drive to Saguaro National Park, home of the Saguaro Cacti. These are only grown in the Sonoran Desert which is in the southern part of Arizona and California, and it extends into Mexico. The cacti here are tall, powerful, living 150 to 175 years. Their growth is slow, one inch plus the first eight years of life, and they have to be thirty-five years old to produce flowers and seventy-five years old to produce an arm.

Here in the park, the cacti cover the entire landscape unhindered by modern buildings or roads. They are in their own environment and they stately stand tall, either singly or in clusters, over vast reaches of mountainsides and valleys. Their presence is awe-inspiring. Like grand old wisdom keepers standing tall, they give a loving presence for Mother Earth.

I really want to sit and chat with them but Barbara has a mission to deliver here a sacred crystal. ______________

From Barbara:

The cacti know what is happening. The energy is electric with anticipation. When I place a sacred crystal at the base of a tall one, all rejoice. All are happy.


From Margaret:

The next day, February 10, is when the moon crosses the shadow of Mother Earth. It is an Eclipse, a Sweet Eclipse. Father Sun tells us in Chief Golden Light Eagle's book, THE SYMBOLS, at the blinking of an eye, all things change.

The Crystals give me a message that I think I should give to you: Rest with us in the understanding that the crystals have experienced this for millions, billions of years.


In the early evening, we are ready to begin a Sacred Fire Ceremony to acknowledge the Eclipse of the Full Moon. A fire is built and then SilverStar begins leading us with sacred songs and prayers.

The night is bright -- Venus is overhead and the Full Moon comes up majestically. The fire is powerful.

At the end of the ceremony, I ring the Blessings Chimes for the moon to honor it for its relationship to all the water and the flowing liquid on Mother Earth. Under the guidance of Saint Germain, David J. Adams created these Chimes that are dedicated to healing the world's waters. David J. Adams gifted them to me.


Also from Margaret:

February 11, early in the morning, the owls sound and I know all is well with their world. A few hours later, we return to the crystal and gem displays to visit a tent with Pakistani pink salt blocks that will probably be made into lamps. Then we look at a three-foot pillar of amethyst crystals. I have never seen such an amazing display!


Later at night, I hear an owl call close to the house. I step outside and the owl is hooting just at the side of the house. It is magical to be so close. What a blessing to have owls near by, the full moon, the mountains, the cacti, the power of this area.

A final comment: I feel it is hard to hold onto all the memories and frequencies of Tucson. Barbara says Tucson exists in higher dimensions and this is why one can feel disconnected with time and space.

I feel like an astronaut floating in a space capsule with memories whirling around me of meetings with people, happenings, and visions of beautiful sights of cacti, mountains, and crystals.

Thank you, Tucson, for showing me how it feels to live in a higher dimension and beyond. What a blessed trip!


Animal Peace Energies

From Barbara:

As I am writing you, we are coming close to the Earth Equinox, March 20. Equal. Equal. Half of her begins Spring and the other half begins Fall. It is a moment when Mother Earth's energies are high. We learn that Arcturian Peace energies from outer space are coming in to help Mother Earth.

We are worried. There is much negative energy flooding the U.S.A. For example, our newly elected President wants to cancel a program that helps millions who cannot afford expensive health care. The conflict between the President and ordinary people becomes so great, the health care change is canceled.

We are sad this intense anger from the people comes at the same time as we are expecting great energies to come to Earth at the time of the Equinox. We want the people to have smooth tempers, and yet, we understand why they are angry. We also understand that incoming positive energies cannot function in a negative atmosphere.

We search for a solution and we remember that Saint Germain has recently told the world that the high energy of the Unicorn has begun to enter Mother Earth. This positive energy may calm matters.

In ancient times, the Unicorn was considered to be a symbol for purity of grace with the power to take poison from water and to heal sickness. My thought is that we should put the Unicorn into our minds to add it to the strongest energy of all -- LOVE.

Saint Germain also has told us that we can use our minds to create dreams and visions to help Mother Earth and humanity.

We speak with artist Michael Green who knows about the Unicorn. He says that in the Middle Ages people knew about the Unicorn, and then this knowledge grew dim. Maybe it is time for the knowledge of the Unicorn to return.


From Margaret:

I ask Emma Kunz, former artist, healer from Switzerland, to channel about the Unicorn.

Emma says: Margaret, the Unicorn is like a sunbeam, a light shaft, a rainbow of the spray of a waterfall -- fleeting, caught in the shimmering of Light. The Unicorn is opaque -- a feeling tone of companionship, an accompanier, guardian, protector, changer, charger through different dimensions.

The Unicorn reflects the finest Love frequency -- like the chalice, the sacred vessel. The Unicorn can take you to the sacred spaces -- in the deep wooded area of peace and of love.

I ask, can you find the Unicorn by the ocean?

Yes. It is found in all aspects of life.

If Barbara and I go to South America, can we take the energies of the Unicorn with us?

Yes. They are there in the ancient memories of the people in a time when people could see and be with Unicorns. Today, you cannot see them when looking for them. They appear and disappear and it is love and trust that bring them forward.

They exist more in the silence, not in music, but high flute and delicate recorder music can call them forth. Heart calling. There are other ways to call the Unicorn -- by Fragrance, Flowers, Water, Light, Crystals. The reflection of Light outward, upward, inward, all about.

Now the Unicorn comes in and speaks: We are here. In the moment -- a view -- a sighting -- a shimmer of Light. We are answering a love call. A visit without expectations.


More from Margaret:

I have a friend whose family background is German. For centuries, this family has had a Unicorn on its coat of arms. Emma, can you explain the meaning?

She responds: The Unicorn is very sacred -- the highest energy. The Point of Light!! The Unicorn comes to those of high frequency -purity -- truth -- kindness and compassion. The Unicorn is of the Rainbow -- the Seal of Peace.


I realize that everyone can connect to and use the energy of the Unicorn to help the world become peaceful. Good! Just now we need this path of Purity, Truth, Kindness and Compassion.


From Barbara:

Perhaps I should add here that a physical feature of a unicorn is unique. It has a long horn that comes out of its head. In ancient times, this horn was considered so sacred, it had magical and medicinal features. If you look on the Internet you will probably find a drawing of the unicorn.

Human thought, which is energy, can merge with concepts of unicorns that have come down through the ages. A thought is creation and yet real. Some humans can actually see unicorns.

If you could conceive of a unicorn walking beside you even though it is not visible, you can conceive of Joy and Peace walking beside you. Since everything has a consciousness, including the cells of your body, wouldn't they be joyful?


From Margaret:

More channeling from Emma:

Now for you, Margaret. The message is to place the Golden energy of Love around discordant energies so that they will fall away and you will hold to the Golden connections of Peace, Love and Light.

Let the storm clouds pass. Let the barriers dissolve. The greatest connection is Love -- unconditional -- given freely -- with a smile of appreciation and wonder and joy.

Let the heart live in the Garden of Love where the Unicorn lives. There, in the Garden of Love, crystals hold the essence of perfection. They hold the truth and light and love of the universes and operate on this level. We are all finally one to this understanding.


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Table of Contents

Acknowlegements, vii,
Foreword, ix,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1 Tucson, Arizona, 1,
Chapter 2 Animal Peace Energies, 9,
Chapter 3 March Equinox, 18,
Chapter 4 Washington, D.C., 27,
Chapter 5 Holy Days Easter, Wesak, Unification, 37,
Chapter 6 Earth Day, May Day, 54,
Chapter 7 Herkimer, Howe Caverns, Concord, 62,
Chapter 8 Alaska, 75,
Chapter 9 Antarctica, 86,
Chapter 10 Summer Solstice, 94,
Glossary, 109,
Vortex Symbols, 113,

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