Memories 2017 Part II

Memories 2017 Part II


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“Barbara and Margaret were speakers at our yearly international conference at City Montessori School, the largest school in the world. We enjoyed their presence and we look forward to seeing them again”

Shishir Srivastava, Head of International Relations, CMS, India


“From Japan I came to New York City for a Tim Janis Carnegie Hall performance. Here I met Barbara and Margaret and we spent three wonderful days giving healing energy to the world.

Infinite LOVE and Peace, Mieko Sakai, Japan


“Barbara and Margaret came to the United Arab Emirates at the time of the Abu Dhabi Art Fair. I enjoyed showing them the amazing works of art. Their visit brought so much positive energy to us”

Salwa Zeidan, United Arab Emirates

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ISBN-13: 9781546223597
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/08/2018
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Mount Shasta

From Barbara:

Our journey will be to sacred, powerful Mount Shasta in northern California. We have bought our air tickets and we leave August 6, returning August 10. The big moment will be August 8, called 8-8, when powerful energies are coming to Earth. The Lion's Gate will be open.

What is the Lion's Gate? It is the opening of a portal where huge energy will come in because there are three powerful alignments happening. These three are the earth, the sun, and Sirius which, at that moment, is the brightest star in the sky. The earth will be receiving powerful Light energy from the power of the sun and Sirius at that time. If we realize this, we can align ourselves with this positive energy to send it out from the West to East as we fly home.

From Margaret:

In order to prepare for my journey for next week to Mount Shasta, I connect to Mount Shasta who answers me.

Sacred Flames burn here beneath the surface. The Flame of Resurrection. The Flame of Healing. The Flame of Love. Mother Earth's heart is close to the surface here. The mountains were created by her internal fire. Take the Shasta Frequency and make it your own. Peace and Beauty, Love, Harmony and Healing.

So many gather here to drink the pure water, the pure love of the mountain, distant yet close. Always present. An honor to be here. The doors are always open. Think on Shasta and you are here. The frequency influence of Shasta is worldwide – planetary.

The basic frequency of Light (Life) is Love. Carry that through your life. That is the heart song of the humans. Love is the basic principle of creation. You saw the wonder of the Milky Way. That was my gift to you and to the group. Each one will receive more gifts as they give their gifts. Each giving one is a fountain of Joy and Harmony and Love – Light – Peace.

Peace, Love and Light.

Blessings from Shasta.

Another channeling:

Radiating Love that heals. It is all very simple. The animals, birds, and sea creatures do it naturally. Their instinct is to love, to create. Humanity is more complex. Their thoughts shade the expression of love. Sometimes it becomes lost or dim but it reignites again. It is always there, the core principle, LOVE.

Blessings from Shasta. We are always with you in peace and in love.

August 6:

Breakfast at 4:00 a.m., and then Joan the taxi driver comes at 5:00 a.m. to take us to the airport to go to Mount Shasta. Our first flight is to Chicago.

My seatmate is a young Chinese male student aged fifteen from Xi'an, and I enjoy talking with him. He is on a tour seeing Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, Hawaii. Wow. He says, in China students go to school from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., six days a week. His favorite subject is math and paper and pencil are used for calculations. He has an iPhone. He also loves music and he plays a guitar. His favorite sport is soccer. In fact, he is a goalie. We enjoy our conversation.

On arrival in Chicago, I disembark and say good-bye to my new friend.

Here, Barbara and I transfer to a plane bound for Denver, Colorado, and then another plane to Medford, Oregon where we will spend the night. Mount Shasta is our goal for the next day.

August 7:

Today is the day of the Lunar Eclipse, 3:11 a.m. Mountain Time, 6:11 a.m. my body time. I celebrate it with my mind.

When it is time to leave the hotel, we rent a car and begin driving toward Mount Shasta. The roads are strong and curving and we go a long way up mountains and a long way down mountains. There is a forest fire haze but we do not see the fire.

Then, at a distance we see Mount Shasta and we also see Black Butte Mountain standing as Shasta's sentinel. When we reach the busy city of Mount Shasta, we make our way to the Visitor's Center. Here, we see three new Peace Poles standing at the entrance welcoming everyone coming to Shasta.

We phone Victoria Lee to have lunch with us and she agrees, saying afterwards she will drive us up the mountain. And yes, the drive up is amazing. We have learned that the upper drive has been closed to protect delicate spring flowers appearing now that the snow is melting. Later, we realize we are some of the first visitors to reach the top of the Mount Shasta's parking area. WOW!

This is the cover of our book.

Mount Shasta speaks to me:

The Great Mountain of Shasta welcomes you. That is why people stand in awe of the Mountain – the vastness, the presence of Mother Earth's heart.

Lighten your load. Come without agenda. Come as Spirit.

The layers of Lemuria are here, The Pacific rim, the beginning of the great continent that is here in everyone's frequency.

Softness, quietness, sweetness, gentleness, strength, focus, peace — allowance of all to grow and be nourished.

Nature is Glory. Nature is profound. You are a leaf waving on a branch — part of the whole. The Great Drama of Life on the Planet.

Move out to this wonderful day. You were already here before you left your home.

Love from Mount Shasta.

At the parking area near the top of Mount Shasta, I ring the Blessings Chimes for the mountain to acknowledge the great presence and power of Shasta. I walk to little flowers and draw with my finger Vortex Symbols on a recording stone beside the flowers. The stone feels pleased. I can see faint Symbols seemingly already there.

I offer the Vortexes to Mount Shasta and to the Lemurians living beneath Shasta. Also, I offer the Vortexes to the Sun and to the Whales and Dolphins who are present but in a higher dimension.

The wind comes up. And the Sun comes out!! I hold out the open first page of my Vortex booklet to the Galactic entities above and I say, "These are your Symbols!"

The Elements of Water, Fire, Land, Air, etc. receive and acknowledge the Vortexes. The wind blows. The clouds part to greet the Sun. The sun shines brightly, highlighting Light.

Now, cloud dragons appear in the sky overhead and whale and dolphin clouds appear.

As Victoria drives us down Shasta, I continue wondering about this magical mountain. Trees welcome us. Wild flowers, purple, white, yellow abound.

Shasta is happy.

While on the mountain, I have a feeling of the closeness other worlds, of Brothers and Sisters from other galaxies,

August 8:

We have breakfast with Victoria at the Black Bear Diner which has delicious home-cooked food plus a MAGNIFICENT VIEW of Mount Shasta whose presence is expansive and powerful!!!

After breakfast we go to the nearby Visitor's Center to photograph the three Peace Poles for friends in Japan who strongly promote Peace Poles for the world.

Then we drive to the nearby Gateway Peace Garden to visit Mother Mary's meditation garden. Mount Shasta is in view. We feel great peace here and the feeling of the Divine Feminine. Many flowers surround Mary. Nearby we visit another Peace Pole location where we quietly sit in peace.

A bit further along, we visit the Quan Yin Meditation Garden that has prayer ties clustered on oak trees embracing the loving statue of Quan Yin. This garden is also serene and peaceful.

I softly ring the Blessings Chimes in front of Quan Yin, and Victoria says she can see Quan Yin's smile deepen.

Just after 12 noon, we drive to McCloud Middle Falls that has a HIGH VIEW, SPECTACULAR VISTA of the river snaking below. I ring the Blessings Chimes for the water, for the trees, for the rocks.

People are swimming off the rocks — humans in league with the mountain water – others perched on rocks and some diving off high rocks into deep pools.

We then drive to McCloud Upper Falls where I see amazing vegetation — large circular plant clusters. Beautiful!! They are Indian rhubarb.

I am with Victoria where we see the Indian rhubarb, and now we return to Barbara who is sitting at a picnic table with a group of French Canadians and Europeans. When we return to the car, Victoria says they are part of the French Canadian Telos Group. We know the city of Telos is in a higher dimension below Mount Shasta and so we immediately return and say hello to the Telos group. They light up with joy. They want to know about us and we hug and kiss. We say we will meet each other in Telos tonight.

In the evening, Mount Shasta speaks again:

The Mountain is the Light of the world, much like Mount Fuji for the Japanese. There is a softness about the frequency of the people reflecting the Lemurian vibration of the heritage of the area.

The Sun Disc here expands and moderates the frequencies — the Atlantean Crystal of OM that moderates dimensions and time. Telos stands as a Beacon of Light to return to. It is the operating system – kindness and compassion – inclusiveness – operating from heart space rather than head space.

If you can take on the wonder of the mountain's presence, you can step into the wonder presence of the Milky Way and the multiple universes to become lost in the vastness.

Light and Love, that is the operating system of Shasta.

There are Lines of entry – the Mary Line, the Quan Yin Line, the Telos Line, the Galactic Line – the cloud line, the fairy line – the angelic line, the Masters Line.

Sacred Geometry. Water.

Later I receive channeling from Telos:

Knock, knock at the Door of Telos. Yes, come in to share in the peace and vibration of Telos where all are equal in gifts and duties. Each offers his or her own talents to the whole.

Telos stands ready to accept whoever knocks at our door. You may enter through the heart. Your credentials are that you are a seeker, creator, lover and healer. The heart frequency opens the door.

The greeting is the smile that lights the way to open the path from one to another. To share, to sing, to join together, is the Lemurian way of living.

The Planet is revered and cherished. Mother Earth, Mount Shasta and other sacred places are deeply held in one's Soul and cherished.

The ticket to Mother Earth is rare enough. The ticket to Shasta rarer still.

The ticket to Telos is quite rare. Only given to those who seek, who resonate with the core principles of the Telos communities. No ego. No agenda. Just openness and giving.

To share in the wondrous gift of living on Mother Earth, send your own positive energies for the maintenance of the Health Life Stream of the planet.

The crystals give Light to the health of the planet — created by fire to come to the surface to sustain and enhance the power of Mother Earth.

Humanity needs to give as much as it takes. Admiration, sending Love, sending Light, offering thanksgiving for the strength and beauty of the Great Mountain of Shasta. Thanksgiving to the tiniest plant, to the grandest tree – from the rock sand pebbles to the greatest boulder – from the drop of water to the roaring swift moving stream which forms a great river to flow to the ocean.

Water nourishes Life. Telos nourishes Life by sustaining the High Principles of Life Existences.

To float and not to strain. To give, to share freely of oneself. To walk with respect on Mother Earth's surface. To cherish all forms of Life, each equal in their worth and existence on the planet.

No one better than the other. All are the same in Creator's eyes. Everyone has a say. Everyone has life to enjoy to the fullest. A great symphony of joy rises up for the Vision of Mount Shasta growing larger and larger in wonder and power. Each being offering a gift to the whole.

This is from your friends from Telos. You are sitting with us – heart to heart, mind to mind, no separation. Love dissolves barriers.

Love and Life – free gifts to all life on the planet. Enjoy. Spread your Light.

Spread your Love. The world is enhanced by your presence – everyone's presence.

The mountain gives strength and Light. The power expands. The Planet is enhanced. All are lifted up to a higher dimension.

This is Shasta and why everyone is drawn here.


August 9:

In the early morning at sunrise, Victoria again takes us to the top of Mount Shasta. When we reach the top, we see a Native American drumming and singing traditional songs. We move to a nearby picnic table where I ring the Blessings Chimes.

A great hawk circles above us.

August 10:

Now it is time for us to fly across the country giving out peace energies. The Lion's Gate is still open. In addition to North America, we also focus on Peace and Healing for the world.


Solar Eclipse

From Barbara:

August 21, a total Solar Eclipse will cross the North American continent. This will happen because the position of the moon crosses in front of the sun and diminishes the light. In the old days, and even in some places today, eclipses were feared because of the sun disappearing. It is thought that this is a bad omen.

I realize there can be a momentary lessening of the energy of the sun during an eclipse and it is time to roll up my sleeves before an eclipse to help increase energy when it will fade for a moment.

Shasta becomes the major Sun Disc to be considered when the Eclipse begins crossing North America. It is the first North American Sun Disc to be touched by the diminishment, the lessening of sun energy on the continent.

Pinnacle Mountain of Arkansas controls the Sun Discs of North America. We need to ask the entities in charge of the world Sun Discs to help increase Light energy at Pinnacle Mountain which controls the Sun Discs of North America. Automatically, when the Pinnacle Sun Disc energy is increased, this will increase the Light energy on all the Sun Discs of North America, including the Shasta Sun Disc.

The major Sun Disc of the world is at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland.

We need to ask for help from the guardians of this major world Sun Disc. They have known me for twenty years. I need to share with them my thoughts of constantly energizing Light during the time of maximum Eclipse.

Yes, we are busy preparing for the Eclipse. And we have been contacting people who can help. We have phoned Germany and Switzerland and we have notified Kim of Canada and Victoria Lee of Mount Shasta.

Then we drive a short way to Mendon Ponds which has powerful positive energy built up over millions of years when Mother Earth only experienced positive energies. As the Eclipse is in full force, we will send this positive energy across the North America. Especially, we will send it to Shasta.

Also from Barbara:

August 21:

I wake at 6:30 a.m. after a good night's sleep. Today is the beginning of the Eclipse and the daylight shows me a clear sky, cool, 63 degrees Fahrenheit, a slight breeze. I turn on soft music, dress, and then put in my hands a North American Sun Disc map showing twelve locations. I speak to the guardians of Rosslyn Chapel and ask them to join me in concentrating on giving powerful Light to these twelve locations.

I know the Eclipse will not touch the North America continent for several hours. Rochester, New York State, our location, is far from Mount Shasta where people will begin meditating at 12:06 p.m., the moment the Eclipse appears.

Margaret and I closely watch the time. When it arrives, we are expecting enormous power because of the number of people sending positive energy to counter the Eclipse. And yes, the positive energy is ENORMOUS. It shakes us to our roots. We had not realized it would be so huge.

We know the Eclipse will not reach our area for a time. We watch the clock, and when the Eclipse begins to come close, we look out the windows to see a multitude of leaves happily basking in the sun. These leaves show little movement. The wind has diminished to almost nothing and the sun is still shining brightly on the leaves.

At. 2:00 p.m., the wind completely stops. Now the sky is not dark, but the sun does not shine. The Eclipse is here. We watch, and when the Eclipse is over, the quiet leaves begin to slightly move. But the energy feels low. I continually send out the words of Love, Love, Love. Although I know the biggest love energy comes from the sun, it remains low, so I must substitute by saying the words over and over again — Love, Love, Love.

The daylight continues to remain dull. Not dark, not overcast. Within me, I see WHITE LIGHT. My body is White Light. I know powerful positive energies have been spread across the land. I know we can expect changes for the Earth because of an Eclipse, but I also know that many, many across the world have injected a flow of positive energy into this disruption.

Also, by means of Sun Discs, I know the Rosslyn Chapel guardians have used massive Light energy coming from those meditating to help spread powerful energy across the world.


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements, vii,
Foreword, ix,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1 Mount Shasta, 1,
Chapter 2 Solar Eclipse, 10,
Chapter 3 Sacred Fire ~ Sacred Lake, 17,
Chapter 4 Healers And Spiritual Beings, 25,
Chapter 5 Yellowstone, 34,
Chapter 6 The Pacific, 43,
Chapter 7 Korea, 49,
Chapter 8 United Arab Emirates And India, 59,
Chapter 9 United Arab Emirates And India, 73,
Chapter 10 New York City, 87,
Chapter 11 New York City, 95,
Glossary, 101,
Vortex Symbols, 105,

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