Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life

Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life

by Laura Hedgecock


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ISBN-13: 9781462114535
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI Distribution
Publication date: 05/13/2014
Pages: 235
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 Getting Started 7

Bringing Your Memories to Life 8

Recording Your Stories: Choose Your Medium Well 11

Finding Time to Write 15

Brainstorm-a-Coming 19

Worksheet: Brainstorming Exercise 21

Outlining-To Be or Not to Be 22

Keep Your Dates 24

Establishing a Timeline of Events 26

Sample Worksheet: Timeline of Events 27

My Turn: Half-Full 28

Visual Aids 30

My Turn: A Day in Africa 36

My Turn: A Day in Africa (Illustrated) 37

Tickling Your Memory 38

Truth and Accuracy 39

Moments versus the Momentous 42

Worksheet Vivid Moments I Remember 45

My Turn: Fleeting, Enduring Memory 46

Putting Memories to Paper 48

Worksheet: Word Bank Exercise 51

Part 2 Keeping Track of Ideas 53

Idea Bank 55

"Things I Want to Remember" 56

Worksheet: Things I Want to Remember 58

My Turn: Things I Want to Remember about Hazel Savoy Crymes a.k.a. Grandma Crymes 60

Easy Snapshots in Time 61

Worksheet: Writing an Annual Holiday Letter 63

My Turn: Christmas 2004 Letter 64

Reflections on a Dear Friend 66

Worksheet: Reflections on a Dear Friend 68

My Turn: Laura of Laurens 69

Kiddie Corner 71

Worksheet: Brainstorming about "A Taste of the Growing-up Years" 75

Worksheet: Brainstorming about your Child's Antics 77

My Turn: Scientific Method to His Madness? 79

Traveling Down Memory Lane 81

Worksheet: Brainstorming about a Childhood Home 83

Worksheet: Word Bank Exercise for Your Childhood Home 85

Writing Guide for "Come with Me to My Childhood Home" 86

My Turn: Come with Me to My Childhood Home-Excerpt 87

Memories of Grandparents 90

Worksheet: Memories of my Grandparent 92

My Turn: My Grandpa Wilkinson 93

Family Lore 95

Worksheet: Brainstorming about Family Lore 97

My Turn: When Daddy Was a Little Girl 98

Family Heirlooms 99

Worksheet: Identifying Family Heirlooms 101

My Turn: The Little Table 104

Family Traditions and Recipes 105

Worksheet: Brain storming for Family Traditions and Recipes 107

My Turn: Frozen Treats for the Frozen 109

Animal Stories 110

Worksheet: Brainstorming about Animal Stories 112

My Turn: Paper Route Pogo 114

Lessons Learned 116

Worksheet: Brainstorming Lessons Learned 118

My Turn: BFFs 120

School Days 121

Worksheet: Idea Bank for School Memories 123

Worksheet: School Days in a Word 126

My Turn: The Test I Missed 127

Everyday Questions 129

Worksheet: Idea Bank for Everyday Questions 131

My Turn: Does God Have Three Feet, and Why Can't He Keep His Shoes Tied? 135

Recalling the More Elusive Childhood Memories 136

Worksheet: Brainstorming Other Childhood Memories 140

Worksheet: Idea Bank for Sensory Triggers 141

My Turn: Not-So-Lazy Summer Days 142

Material Solicited from Relatives 143

Worksheet: Questions for Relatives 147

My Turn: ID-ed 149

Share with Me My Sorrow and I'll Share with You My Joy 150

Writing Exercise: "My Life as a River" 152

My Turn: Like the Columns of Old Main 154

Conversations from the Past 155

Worksheet: Brainstorming Conversations 158

Worksheet: Capturing Past Conversations 160

Worksheet: Conversations You Wish You'd Had 161

My Turn: Conversation in the Car 162

The Good and the Bad-What about the Ugly? 163

Worksheet: Writing about the Difficult Times 167

My Turn: Grandma and Me 169

Other Writings 171

Worksheet: Idea Bank for Other Writings 172

My Turn: Rosemary's Legacy 174

Part 3 The Finer Points 175

Language-Gatekeeper of Place and Time 177

Brainstorming Colloquial and Idiomatic Words and Expressions 180

Writing Exercise: Preserving Language 181

My Turn: God Bless America! 182

Voice-Being Yourself on Paper 183

Writing Exercise: Finding Your Voice 187

Someone Else's Turn: The Dog and the Trip to South Carolina 188

Humor Is Almost Always Welcome 189

Worksheet: Identifying Humor 193

My Turn: Christmas Eve Debacle 194

Endings 196

Worksheet: Editing Your Ending 198

My Turn: No Comprendo 199

Part 4 Deeper Reflections 201

Letters to Children 204

Worksheet: Letters to Children 206

My Turn: Mother to Daughter 208

Regrets and Premonitions 210

Worksheet: Identifying Regrets 212

My Turn: Premonition or Not? 214

Prayers and Blessings 215

Worksheet: Idea Bank for Prayers 218

Worksheet: Writing Blessings for Loved Ones 222

My Turn: Prayer for a Young Man's Back 224

Other Reflections 225

Worksheet: Keep Reflecting 226

Part 5 Final Considerations 227

When to Stop 228

The Big (or Little) Reveal 230

Recommended Resources 232

About the Author 235

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Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Read-by-Glowlight More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of people writing down their stories. How will future generations know about your adventures, romances, and faith if you don’t write them down? How will your great grandchildren know about the miracles God did for your family if you don’t record them? How will the simpler times and the special times be remembered by future generations? I wish I knew more about my grandparents’ lives, but I’m grateful for what I do know. You probably feel the same way. Do you wish you knew more about how and why they came to America? Why your grandfather changed his name or joined the army while he was still underage? How your grandmother felt about getting the right to vote? The reason why more people don’t write their stories is because the task seems too daunting. The solution is Laura Hedgecock’s Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life. With this handy guide, the task becomes as easy as following a cookie recipe or reading a simple road map. Get paper and pen – or open Word if you prefer using a computer – and get started as you go through the book, beginning with Part 2: “Keeping Track of Ideas.” Part I is “Getting Started,” which is a good introduction with tips about finding time, brainstorming, and using visual aids such as photographs and mementoes. I love that there are worksheets in the book with easy fill-in-the-blanks for those who aren’t up to the task of writing paragraphs. For example, on page 76 is Junior High and High School Interests with prompts to jot down your favorite subjects, study habits, leadership roles, science fair, sports, friendships, hobbies, church, helping around the house, and more. Another chapter I like is “Family Heirlooms” in which Hedgecock tells the story about a little wooden table that her great-grandmother made by hand in the 1800s. What heirlooms are in your family? How will future generations know about them if you don’t write it down? Hedgecock learned that the girl who made the table went on to marry a cabinet-maker who turned to the unfortunate task of making coffins for settlers who didn’t survive the brutal Wisconsin winters. Gems like that turn garage sale items into precious keepsakes. Other chapters many people will have fun with are family recipes, animal stories, school days, and lessons learned. One I would not have thought of is a worksheet that guides you to write about your life philosophies, such as what are your thoughts on forgiveness? The book is easy and fun to go through and will bring back a flood of memories as you read examples and see photographs from the author’s own family. The only thing I found odd is that the chapters are not numbered, and I blame the publisher for failing to include those as an easy guide. But that is a minor flaw in this excellent and essential book. Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy for everyone in your extended family.
lovingthebooks More than 1 year ago
As an avid genealogist I have learned to LOVE the hyphen (-) between the birth and death dates. That little mark represents all the experiences and stories that shape our lives. As I read stories about someone else they become more real to me. I love learning about their struggles, their triumphs, their passions, their life. Now with the help of this WONDERFUL book you can write your own stories to leave for your posterity. OR... You can write about someone else you know to leave a record of their life. This book has: *General writing tips *Ideas on how to find the time to write *Worksheets to help you know what to write about and to spark creativity. *Examples of written and illustrated excerpts to explain what works and what might be too hard for your intended readers to follow. This book will help you bring your family history or personal history alive. It will allow you to leave a "treasure chest of memories ...for the important people in your life." "WE ALL HAVE STORIES TO SHARE!" Phenomenal guidance! Fantastic help! Incredible worksheets!