Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 11

Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 11


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This reference volume consists of revised, edited, cross-referenced, and thematically organized selected articles from Software Diagnostics Institute ( + and Software Diagnostics Library (former Crash Dump Analysis blog, about software diagnostics, root cause analysis, debugging, crash and hang dump analysis, software trace and log analysis written in June 2017 - November 2018 for software engineers developing and maintaining products on Windows platforms, quality assurance engineers testing software, technical support and escalation engineers dealing with complex software issues, security researchers, reverse engineers, malware and memory forensics analysts. This volume is fully cross-referenced with volumes 1 – 10 and features: - 8 new crash dump analysis patterns with selected downloadable example memory dumps; - 15 new software trace and log analysis patterns; - Introduction to diagnostic operads; - Summary of mathematical concepts in software diagnostics and software data analysis; - Introduction to software diagnostics engineering; - Introduction to narrachain; - Introduction to diagnostics-driven development; - Principles of integral diamathics; - Introduction to meso-problem solving using meso-patterns; - Introduction to lego log analysis; - Introduction to artificial chemistry approach to software trace and log analysis; - WinDbg notes; - Updated C++17 source code of some previously published tools; - Selected entries from debugging dictionary; - List of recommended modern C++ books; - List of recommended books about algorithms; - Author's current CV; - Author's past resume written in WinDbg and GDB styles. This volume also includes articles from the former Crash Dump Analysis blog not previously available in print form.

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ISBN-13: 9781912636112
Publisher: Opentask
Publication date: 12/02/2018
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

Table of Contents


About the Author

PART 1: Crash Dump Analysis Patterns

System Call

Data Correlation (CPU Times)

Stack Trace Race


Disassembly Ambiguity

Hidden Exception (Managed Space)

Insufficient Memory (Stack)

Exception Reporting Thread

PART 2: Software Trace Analysis Patterns

Ultrasimilar Messages


Trace Field

Script Messages

Working Set

Trace Homotopy



Motivic Trace

Significant Interval

Random Data

Truncated Data

Time Scale

Trace Sharding

Phantom Activity

PART 3: Software Diagnostics, Root Cause Analysis, Troubleshooting, and Debugging

The Most Important Skill in Software Diagnostics

Pattern-Oriented Data Analysis Example

Diagnostic Operads

Mathematical Concepts in Software Diagnostics and Software Data Analysis

Software Diagnostics Engineering


Diagnostics-Driven Development

Integral Diamathics – Tracing the Road to Root Cause

Meso-problem Solving using Meso-patterns

Lego Log Analysis

Artificial Chemistry Approach to Software Trace and Log Analysis

PART 4: Fun with Debugging, Crash Dumps, and Traces

PART 5: Art and Photography

PART 6: Debugging Dictionary






Kernel Space

Memory Dump

Memory Space

Physical Memory


User Space

Virtual Memory

PART 7: Tools

Dump2Picture Version 2.0



WindowHistory Mobile




Using SSSL Principle to Design Support Tools

Repair Clipboard Chain

The Inception of Debugging Studio

Easter Egg

PART 8: Miscellaneous

Selected Crashes from My Computers

WinDbg Notes

Resume and CV as Memory Analysis Artifacts and General Traces


My Road to Modern C++

Algorithms for Breakfast

Applying API Wrapper Pattern

Clipboard Issues Explained

Inside Citrix - November 2006

Looking at Software Problems from a Different Angle

Me and "Windows NT/2000 Native API Reference"


Curriculum Vitae

Resume in WinDbg Style

Resume in GDB Style

Windows Internals Certificate

Dump2Picture 2.2.3 Source Code

Dump2Wave 1.3.3 Source Code

Window2Dump 1.0 Source Code

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