Memphis Belle

Memphis Belle

by Christy Poff

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Memphis Belle by Christy Poff

Belle Chamberlain immersed herself in a very successful singing career after her husband’s death after returning from leave in Naples. She remains true to him though her life lacks love. Jaspar Constantine enjoys the darker side of sex and women. They enjoy him because of his international financial status but once they find out his desires, they bolt. On-line, he meets a woman who wants to explore the lifestyle but needs the right hand guiding her. Will he collar his Memphis Belle or will the past tear them apart?

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ISBN-13: 9781593745929
Publisher: Torrid Books
Publication date: 04/01/2006
Series: Internet Bonds , #4
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 145
File size: 978 KB

About the Author

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep respect for the Civil War and has done extensive research into the times. This love and research have resulted in several Civil war novels including CHASE FOR AN ANGEL which was born from this love and released in March, 2006. Others will follow. She loves old cities with and history like Charleston and New Orleans, the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and the Dakotas plus seeing the rest of the U.S. and western Canada. A volunteer firefighter for over twenty-five years, she’s been able to use her experience in several published works for others and even in some of her own work. People wonder what she writes to – Brooks and Dunn, Gary Allan, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Harry Connick or whoever strikes her mood at the time. She loves to watch Iron Chef on the Food Network, CSI:Miami and reruns of Nash Bridges, Miami Vice, Night Court and JAG.

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January, 1998

Years after Desert Storm, Gulf War veteran and Navy SEAL Greg Chamberlain got a much needed and well deserved thirty day leave from where his unit had been staging at an undisclosed location. He planned to fly to Naples with every intention of making his way home to Memphis, Tennessee to surprise his wife on their anniversary.

He stowed his duffle on an outgoing plane, ready to board it when a lieutenant called him.

"Captain Chamberlain, this is for you," the younger officer said after saluting him.

Chamberlain thanked him, returning the salute. Opening his new orders, he groaned.

Remain in Naples for duration of your leave time. Your unit has been placed on emergency stand-by. Your group is the only one with the necessary talents for this mission.

He boarded the plane, buckled in and waited to leave. So much for my surprise...

Hours later, he checked into his hotel, then went straight to his room. He tipped the boy who brought his bags in, then locked the door behind him when he left. Greg got out his laptop and set it up to go online. The Internet had been a lifesaver. Calling his wife from the Gulf or other exotic locals tended to become very expensive and, at times, hard to do. They found the Net the easiest way to go.

Checking his e-mail, he found one from Belle, his heart skipping a beat. High school love brought them together and they married days after graduation. No one thought they would survive his enlistment in the navy followed by his becoming a SEAL team member, but somehow, they had.

Opening her post, he gasped. He should have known from thesubject line--For your eyes only! On the screen, he stared at a scanned photo of his wife, naked and beautiful. No note, just her picture. He replied simply--I love you!

He looked at his watch, figuring out what time it had to be in Memphis, picked up the phone and called home.

"Hello?" a sleepy voice answered.

"You better be naked."

"Greg? My God, where are you?"

"Naples for a few days. I wanted to come home and surprise you for our anniversary, but..."

"I know, duty calls."

"Happy anniversary, baby."

"I love you, Greg."

"I still have something to surprise you with."

"And that is?"

"I want you to do exactly as I say and tell me everything you feel."

"Are you naked, too?"

"Getting there," he said as he undressed. "Now, I am."

"Okay, what?"

"I want you to play with your nipples. Make them hard and sensitive."

He heard her little moans and told her to find herself. Belle did, her moans driving him. Together, while on opposite sides of the world, they needed each other desperately. He groaned when she cried out again, her gasps erotic.

"Get one of your toys, baby. I want to hear you."

He heard the drawer to the nightstand squeak open, then a buzz when she turned on her favorite toy. He could tell by what he heard which one she decided to use. This one teased her asshole, her pussy and her clit.

"Greg, I want to hear you. Please," she begged, "for me!"

"Sure, baby, anything," he said, getting off on her orgasm as it washed over her. Unable to control himself, he brought himself to the edge, his cock throbbing. Together, they charged the long distance between them.

"Happy anniversary, baby."

"I love you, honey."

"I've got a surprise for you."


"If I tell you..."

"Tell me," she begged as he laughed.

"I got you nipple clamps with Murano glass dangles and while I was at it, I bought ones you'll be able to wear when you get your nipples and belly pierced."

"Greg, I love it."

"I thought you would. I'll get them in the mail in the next few days."

"I can't wait to see them."

"Baby, the thought of you wearing them drives me crazy."

"Tell me what to do."

"One more time, Belle."

* * * *

Belle Chamberlain sang at local clubs throughout the city of Memphis. She varied her song list, changing the shows, while making sure she included the different types of music she loved to sing. Her catalogue included some jazz, blues, the old standards, new ones, and some different songs to add spice.

She loved what she did, but lately, she seemed to be performing more blues and one or two torch songs someone sent her a few months back. Missing her husband put a sad edge to her vocals. Her need for him came out in her music, and it made her one of the favorite singers on the Memphis club circuit.

"And now, for her last set this evening, our own Memphis Belle Chamberlain," her emcee announced. The crowd applauded as she walked on stage wearing a slinky red gown, one of Greg's favorites. He had picked it out for her when she met him in New York for a brief weekend together. They had gone into Saks Fifth Avenue because he wanted to buy her a sexy number so he could show her off when they went to dinner.

Extremely low-cut in the front, the halter top went over her shoulders, hooking at her neck with thin straps from the collar to the lower back. The slit up the side stopped midhip.

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