by Ginger Scott


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My mom always said it was just something about the way he moved.

The same swagger Archie Valentine wore in the ring when he took his opponents down followed him like a halo everywhere he went. But make no mistake about it-he was no angel. He was like a drug. My mother was his addict.

I never understood love could make you blind and convince you to drink the poison. Not until I met Memphis Delaney.

At first, it was the familiar form. He's a fighter, built like a god from the past, the kind of man the universe doesn't make anymore. His eyes hide a story, and every time I'm in his presence I want to keep reading him until I get to the end. And then...there's the way he moves. His boxing is violent but beautiful, and his body is a seductive weapon. When he's in the ring, he wears the stare of a man committed to the battle until his very last breath.

He could end me; turn me into her. Too much of him will leave me as a shadow, and I've lost so much of myself already.

But I have discipline. It came the hard way. Lessons learned, scars left behind, and trust stripped away from life.

I will breathe his air, but I won't fall for a man like him. The only boxer who's ever going to break my heart is the one who gave me my name.

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ISBN-13: 9780999046425
Publisher: Ginger Scott
Publication date: 02/19/2018
Pages: 274
Sales rank: 664,976
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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Memphis 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love all of her books and this one didn’t disappoint!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ginger Scott does it again! Love the story
lenorewastaken More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy through Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion. 3.5 stars — I love this author, but I had a hell of a time staying engaged in this book. I honestly can’t tell if it was my mood, or the book, or perhaps a mix of the two (the book exacerbated by my mood). I would find my mind wandering constantly, and I would have to reread and reread paragraphs and sentences. If it hadn’t been an ARC, I probably would have set it aside and tried again another time. Though quite honestly, I started a book right after I finished this one and had no such problems, so it was at least partially that the writing/plot wasn’t working for me. I will say that I LOVED Memphis. He was the shining light in this book. He was such a sweet, almost adorkable hero. I felt for his childhood, and for how it shaped him. He was truly good and kind and dedicated, and I admired his drive. I loved how sort of shy and awkward he was with Liv, but he was also persistent. He made some missteps on occasion, but it didn’t take him long to course correct. Liv was MUCH harder to love. I think that’s a bit on purpose though. It’s hard when she’s got this nasty streak that her Mom brings out in her. I guess I understood it with her family, but I was saddened when she would also use it against Memphis in the beginning. She was ungrateful, and rude to him at times. I get that she was protecting herself, I’m just saying that apparently I was less forgiving with her. But once she started letting him in, it got better. I think Ms. Scott likes making her heroines harder to love. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes the pay off is less big. This was less big for me. The chemistry was pretty good between Memphis and Liv, but Ms. Scott has done better in other books…I just wasn’t feeling a whole lotta tummy butterflies, you know? What I did love was how solid I felt their relationship was at the end. I loved their friendship chemistry. I felt like they connected on a lot of levels that are often missing in the romances I’m reading, so this book excelled at that. I think I just wished I felt the steamy chemistry a bit more, in a strange twist (since I’ve accused other books of focusing more on the steam, and less on the rest of the connections). I felt like some plot threads got dropped, or that I didn’t get as much information about them, and when that happens I wonder why they’re introduced at all. The Enoch stuff was odd…as was the court stuff. The miscarriage too, why was that not addressed? I feel like sometimes there are so many little other details that I start to get lost and confused and that can affect my enjoyment (mostly b/c I spend a lot of time waiting to find out more and not concentrating on what’s happening now). The plot twist was interesting, but honestly I got a bit lost there as well… One area where Ms. Scott always excels is in her sports descriptions. No matter the sport, I always feel like she actually gives the sport and the athletes the respect and attention they deserve. She doesn’t use it as some gimmick to get a hot muscular hero, she actually shows the dedication of the athletes, and she shows the good and bad sides of training and of the sport itself. She makes the elements of the story where the sports are involved really engaging, and they’re often my favourite part. I LOVED the fight at the end in this one. I also really loved Miles. He was a standout secondary character,
LeighKramer More than 1 year ago
I've had crushes on characters before but I'm pretty sure my crush on Memphis surpasses them all. He's such a good guy and a strong contrast to other unsavory characters. I don't see how anyone could read this and not fall somewhat in love with him. That's all due to the strength of Ginger Scott's writing. I've only read one other novel by her, which I also loved, and while I was reading Memphis, I was kicking myself for not having already read Scott's backlist. Because this novel proves once more what a talented writer she is. The characters, even the despicable ones, are the reasons to read this novel. From the very start, there's such crackling tension between Olivia and her family. As the novel progresses, we learn why but it's not until the end we see the full extent of what Olivia has endured. When Memphis appears at her parent's place just as she's getting back into town, she wants nothing to do with him. He boxes at her dad's gym and he's gearing up for a big fight in Vegas. But there's something about him that draws her in. Liv desperately doesn't want to be like her mom, who is in the running for World’s Worst Mother/Human Being. She doesn't want to be back in Phoenix, she doesn't want to fall for a fighter. All Memphis can do is reassure her he's not like her family, he's not going to let her down. And we can see this so clearly, what a good man he is, and Liv can see it to. But when all you've known is people taking advantage of you and willfully hurting and abusing you, it can be hard to take the risk and trust someone else. This is a slow burn romance with a major payoff. Memphis’s patience is to be praised. He's tender with Liv and let's her set the pace of their relationship. I loved every part of how their relationship evolved and could not get enough! One of the best parts of the story is Miles, the homeless man Memphis befriends. He, Memphis, and Olivia form a family of misfits. They've each gone through hard times, they've all been let down by people they loved, they've been wounded. The way they all take care of each other is beautiful and I loved how much hope was present in where they're at in the end. I didn't know much about boxing beyond the Rocky movies and really enjoyed learning more about the sport. This is such a well developed story, from the plot choices to the character development. I highlighted a ton of passages just because of the quality of the writing. So many incredible sentences! I truly loved this one. If you read contemporary romance, go ahead and put it on the top of your TBR. Disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from WordSmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.
foxreads11 More than 1 year ago
This is like the tenth book of Ginger Scott’s that I have read. I got the book just on the name of the author alone. Funny thing too, she writes stories about sports and those that play them. Me, I was never into sports but I will read anything Ginger Scott writes. Ginger Scott writes books that just make your heart squeeze! The characters aren't shallow and there is always a challenge to get through! Memphis is a man trying to live up to the ghost of his father who he never knew. Memphis didn’t even get a name when he was born. His mother left him with the nuns. Memphis is the name he gave himself after he learns more about his father. His father who was a fighter and he wants to be one too! Although fighting is an aggressive sport, that doesn't mean that the fighter is an aggressive man. Unfortunately, he has some lousy people coaching him, people who are aggressive and ugly on the inside. They know how to coach but that’s all they know and are good at. But what I like about Memphis is that his heart is pure! Those people have a daughter, Olivia, that isn’t anything like them. But she ends up having to come back home after she is left with nothing and leaving with her heart torn and not trusting as well. When the two meet, there is chemistry! The more time they spend together, the more Memphis learns how awful these people he is training under are. Olivia’s mother is selfish, vindictive and definitely not a nurturing mother and I just wish Liv would have punched her in the book just once! But Olivia is better than me! Anyway, everyone has secrets and when things come to light, you know all hell breaks loose! For Memphis, fighting means everything! Liv is learning to trust. And both of them are going through the ringer (pun (sort of) intended) and dang I want both of them to be happy! I loved learning how the characters think and that we get to see their points of view as chapters are titled by whose point of view it is! I loved seeing the good in these two with the all the bad that has happened to them. This is like good vs evil! This is a story with the very opposite of good parents and uncle! This is a story of finding what is good and right in the world and trying your best and caring for others. Overcoming obstacles that are placed before you that you may or may not have control over. There is a homeless vet in the story too! Lots of things to make you feel good by the end of the book and that all is okay in the world. That you did your part and you can walk away with your head held high! And it doesn’t hurt to have a HEA either! Read the acknowledgements at the end. It gives some insight on this book's world and about the man on the cover! Contents: Language, open door sex scene, abusive parents
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
A Knockout! Wow! Ginger Scott took me by surprise with this one. Ms. Scott’s latest novel, Memphis, is a contemporary sports romance. The characters are just outside the age range of the author’s usual YA/NA genre. The characters’ backstories and issues make Memphis a bit darker than the author’s usual stories. I don’t recommend this book to younger readers (due to some violence and disturbing scenes); however, I whole-heartedly recommend it to adult readers. Ms. Scott never fails to deliver an extraordinarily well-written novel. Memphis is well paced, and the story is thoughtfully put together. Olivia’s backstory is revealed in such a way that the tension steadily builds throughout the novel. While the title of the book features the male lead (Memphis), Olivia and her family are the core of the story, and they create the story conflict. Each fact of Olivia and the Valentine family’s history foreshadows a shocking revelation to Memphis as well as a very emotional story zenith. Memphis is a fantastic character. He had a sad, difficult start in life, but that didn’t turn him bitter or malicious. He is the embodiment of good. He pursues boxing not so much for fame but for a deep desire to live up to his name. Memphis juxtapose to the Valentine clan makes for a clear good vs. evil story. While I find the thought of boxing as a sport disturbing, Memphis is a wholly likable character. He is thoughtful, kind, generous, handsome and charming—yes, basically a sexy boy scout. Olivia Valentine is the daughter of boxing royalty. Her dad, Archie, might have been king of the ring, but he was no prince. His behavior, along with her mom and uncle’s was reprehensible, and their actions form the foundation of the family’s dysfunctionality. Olivia endured a very negative childhood, and since then she has made one questionable choice after another. This smart, good-looking woman has not had any breaks. I found it easy to emphasize with her situation, but I did find her behavior/choices and reactions rough. While Memphis doesn’t harbor anger about his past, Olivia’s anger and resentment over her past has become her armor. She is happily estranged from her family, yet she returns home when her life tanks (with this group, living on the street might be a better option). Each time her despicable mother, Angela, throws down the gauntlet, Olivia takes the bait instead of ignoring her. Inevitably, it is Olivia’s anger and learned toughness that lead to her brilliant strategy and negotiations. The secondary characters in Memphis are fantastic. They are fully developed and instrumental to the story every step of the way. The Valentines--Leo, Archie, and Angela are the most horrible family members you could ever imagine. Enoch, Olivia’s ex, is wonderfully dislikable. Charles and Miles are the virtuous secondary characters who positively influence Olivia and Memphis, respectively. The denouement of Memphis is perfect. Olivia shows just how strong she has become, and she, with the help of Memphis, is her own savior. True to her style, Ms. Scott has made her lead female character not the damsel in distress who needs rescuing, but the strong heroine who saves the day. While there is a lot of anger and possibly ill will at the base of Olivia’s solution, in the end it is redemptive.
iScreamBooksBlog More than 1 year ago
"Lost souls find each other sometimes." Confession, this was my first Ginger Scott read. IKR? Where have I been? I've said many times that I have a weakness for broken characters, and she gave me two. They both have painful pasts that haunt them and it's understandable that they have trust issues. But for some reason, they are drawn to each other like a magnet to metal. The question is, will they allow their chemistry to develop into something more, or will they let their fears keep them prisoner? Olivia has been dealt a bad hand in life. She's stopped believing that the next card will change her luck. It's been one bad experience after another and it's best to not even get her hopes up anymore. But she's not blind. She can't help but admire his form. His muscles. His skill. His...everything. "All he has to do is say one word, any word, and I will forget the rules I made when I was a little girl about kissing boxers." Memphis is living on his dream to become a champion. He lives a simple life, not requiring much. Just a place to train and another to lay his head at night. He's following in the footsteps of a ghost, learning his way as he goes, trusting his gut. He doesn't need any distractions, but he can't unsee her, unfeel her. His body knows when she's watching him. She has the power to derail all his plans for the future. He needs to keep his eye on the prize. But which prize? All I can tell you is that this #Alpha had me from the beginning. He won me over without the need for a #KnockOut, I just fell at his feet. Memphis & Liv are amazing characters, but there are some support characters that leave a lasting impression too. A few had me searching eBay for some voodoo dolls and another had me ready to pitch a tent and camp out with him. I loved this story hard and I'll most definitely be keeping my eye out for whatever this talented author comes out with next. The line forms here...