The Men and the Boys

The Men and the Boys

by R. W. Connell

Paperback(New Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780520228696
Publisher: University of California Press
Publication date: 03/20/2001
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

R. W. Connell is Professor of Education at the University of Sydney in Australia. She is author of Masculinities (California, 1996), as well as fifteen other books.

Table of Contents


1 Debates about men, new research on masculinities 3

Issues about men and boys 3

The new social research on masculinity 6

Key conclusions of recent research 9

2 New directions in theory and research 15

Current debate: Concepts of gender and approaches to masculinity 16

The gender relations approach 23

Conceptualizing masculinities 29

Agenda for research 32


3 Masculinities and globalization 39

The world gender order 40

The repositioning of men and the remaking of masculinities 43

Globalizing masculinities 46

Masculinity politics on a world scale 52

4 Globalization and men's bodies 57

Understanding men's bodies 57

Imperialism and men's bodies 60

Contemporary globalization and men's bodies 62

Implications for gender reform 65


5 An iron man 69

Being a champion 70

Soft path, hard goal 74

The body and the self 76

Wanting to win: The ideology of competitive sport 80

Reflections 83

6 'I threw it like a girl': Some difficulties with male bodies 86

Looking at jelly: Adam Singer 87

Burning up the body: Tip Southern 94

Reflections 99

7 Man to man: Homosexual desire and practice among working-class men (written with M.D. Davis and G.W. Dowsett) 102

The working-class setting 104

The social framework of male-to-male sex 108

Sexual practice 114

Desire and identity 118

The HIV/AIDS epidemic 122

Reflections 126


8 Cool guys, swots and wimps 131

Getting into trouble 133

Knowing where you stand 136

Over the hump 139

Dry sciences 141

Reading feminism 143

Reflections 145

9 Teaching the boys 148

Schools and gender 150

Schools as agents in the making of masculinities 155

Pupils as agents, school as setting 161

Educational strategies in work with boys 164

The process of change 172

10 Men's health 177

Research evidence on men's health 178

Sex differences in health 179

The health of specific groups of men 182

How some masculinizing practices damage bodies 184

Attempts to make men's bodies healthy 188

The 'cradle to grave' health disadvantage of men 192

Reflections 194


11 The politics of change in masculinity 199

The historical moment 201

Men's interests 202

Purposes 205

A men's movement? 208

12 Arms and the man: The question of peace 212

Why war? 212

The problem of men and violence 213

Implications of masculinity research 216

Global patterns 220

Peace strategies and masculinities 223

Acknowledgments and sources 227

References 231

Index 247

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