Men Are like a Pair of Shoes: A Single Woman's Guide to Choosing the Right Pair

Men Are like a Pair of Shoes: A Single Woman's Guide to Choosing the Right Pair



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ISBN-13: 9780972924245
Publisher: Two Ears Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

About the Author9
Part IMen = Shoes10
There Is a Pair of Shoes for Everyone!11
Select a Pair that Will Fit You Tomorrow15
Part IIWomen's Shoe Shopping & Ownership Habits19
You Are Here!20
Current Shoe Owners22
Are You Thinking about Throwing Out the24
Old Pair and Shopping for New Shoes? Is It Time for a Shoe Repair Pit Stop?27
Have You Been Thinking These Shoes Are Perfect, But... ?31
Have You Been Trying to Change the Shoes You Have into the Shoes You Want?34
Are You Wearing Shoes Someone Else Chose for You?37
Are You Wearing Another Woman's Shoes?40
I Have to Have Them! I Have to Have Them!45
Are You Keeping Your Shoes a Secret?49
Still Shopping52
Can't Get Real Satisfaction from Your Current Shopping Style?53
Have You Been Shopping at the Wrong Store?57
Are You Just "Window Shopping"?61
Have You Been Buying Too Many Pairs?64
Single But Not Shopping67
Have You Been Walking around Barefoot?68
Have You Given Up on Shopping?71
Have You Been Afraid to Shop?74
Have Your Feet Been Mending?77
Do You Hate to Shop?80
Part IIIPreparing to Shop Smart83
Being the Right Pair of Feet84
Heal Thy Feet86
Paying for Your Shoes90
Shoes for a Mother's Feet: Special Considerations95
Cleaning Out Your Closet101
What Type of Shoes Are You Looking For?105
Creating Your Shopping List109
Wearing Comfortable Shoes vs. Finding the Ideal Pair125
Part IVNow We're Shopping with a Smart Heart!127
What We've Learned So Far about Shoe Shopping128
Which Stores Are Right for You?133
Buying Shoes Over the Internet139
The Discount Bin (a.k.a. the bar scene)145
Tips for Working with Your Shopping List149
Questions to Ask as You Shop155
If the Shoes Fit, Wear Them161
Part VMaking a Good Fit Last165
Shoe Care166
Talk to Your Shoes171
Part VITry It, You'll Like It!175
The Choice Is Yours176
Suggested Reading178
Order Form183

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