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Your favorite weatherman could be a space alien -- find out the shocking truth in Men in Black! Special Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) works with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Department, but the aliens he's concerned with do not come from Mexico, Asia, or Europe: K is an operative of Division 6, a top-secret branch of the INS that monitors the activity of aliens from other worlds living among us, usually without our knowledge. When J (Will Smith), a smart and streetwise New York City cop, has an encounter with what he's convinced is an alien, K is able to wipe away his memory of the event with a special gizmo that his staff has devised. But K senses that J might make a good partner and he's soon recruited to join Division 6. And not a moment too soon: an especially ill-tempered alien life form has taken over the body of Edgar (Vincent D'Onofrio), a hygienically challenged farmer who is now obsessed with finding the legendary Galaxy Diamond. Combining a witty script (based on Lowell Cunningham's comic book series) and able comic cast with imaginative special effects and eye-popping visuals from director Barry Sonnenfeld, Men in Black is light but effective entertainment, offering a healthy dose of both laughs and excitement. Sonnenfeld reportedly asked Michael Jackson's permission to refer to him as an alien in the film and was turned down, but NBC meteorologist Al Roker cheerfully agreed. —Sandra Brennan, All-Movie Guide

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ISBN-13: 9780800103675
Publisher: Columbia Tristar Home Video

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