Men of Smithfield: Max and Finn

Men of Smithfield: Max and Finn

by L.B. Gregg

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Men of Smithfield: Max and Finn by L.B. Gregg

When I walked out of his office after the hottest sex of my life, I thought I'd left Max Douglas behind me forever—along with my favorite argyle socks and my self-respect. The last thing I need is the too-serious, too-sexy former Marine living across the hall from me while he acts as a bodyguard for one of my students. Especially since he fired me from my job tutoring his brother—after we hooked up.

I shouldn't want him. I should despise him after the way he treated me. But he's exactly my type: older, experienced, in control—and it's obvious the lust is still mutual. While I may not be able to keep our relationship strictly professional, I'm determined to keep it purely physical. But when the stalker threats escalate, it looks like Max is going to be sticking around the school for a while—and the more I get to know him, the more I'm in danger of losing my heart.

Previously published, newly revised by author.

39,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426894299
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 09/03/2012
Series: Men of Smithfield
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 183,397
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"Stop by my office before you leave."

I glanced up from the table I shared with a gum-snapping sixteen-year-old Kyle Douglas who, to date, was one of the most underperforming students I'd ever known, and met Max Douglas's sober gaze. "Sure, Max."

Kyle took the half-second my attention was focused on his older brother to check his phone. "Put it away."

"Yes, Mr. Finn." He sighed.

I nodded to Max. "We'll be done here in a minute. Kyle is just finishing his essay."

No response. Max had dismissed me at my nod, expecting nothing less than full compliance. I watched the back of his head as he moved purposefully through the office on to his next vitally important task. No one in the office spoke to him as he passed.

Kyle shot a wad of paper at his brother and Max, in true soldier style, didn't so much as flinch as it bounced off his shoulder. Max entered his office and clicked the door shut.

"Two points, right?" Kyle popped his gum against the back of his teeth.

I'd give him five points for acting like a thoughtless douche and then detention. "He pays for your tutoring, and you disrespect him. He's been decent to you all summer. He's given you a job. Way to say 'thank you.'" He shrugged and I knew enough about teenagers to change the subject. Besides, Kyle's essay had improved. He'd shown some progress under my tutelage. His relationship with his brother had nothing to do with me. Still, I couldn't help but add, "I can't believe he lets you get away with that."

"Nah, he doesn't. He'll make me clean the entire office tomorrow morning when we come in. Like with a toothbrush or some shi—thing. And that's after we run five miles and hit the gym."

"That sounds character building, at least."

"He wishes. So Mr. Finn, can we peace it? I'm done for today, right? I can pack my stuff and head out."

"Nice try. You have five minutes. Get busy."

Kyle clicked his pen and frowned at his essay. I couldn't blame him—he had his work cut out for him. I wondered again how he and Max could possibly be related, although the twenty-three year difference made Max more like an uncle than a half brother.

Max Douglas. Quiet, commanding, older, experienced, employed, gay—the man entered a room and my entire body perked up and took notice. And as the summer days turned into weeks, my casual interest in Max had become downright excruciating. I had a crush. An honest-to-God, sweaty-palm, man-on-man crush. I knew Max returned my interest at least a little, because when his hot gaze locked on mine, he held on until, flustered and red to my hairline, I was the first to look away.

He hadn't looked at me that way today, because of Kyle, but there were times when Max zeroed in on me with such unfaltering precision, I didn't know whether to run and hide or chase him down.

Years ago, back when I had no pride at all, I might have walked into his office and stripped—like, the ultimate icebreaker. No inhibitions, just unfettered sex free for the taking. No strings. No bullshit.

Of course, I wasn't eighteen anymore.

"Mr. Finn?" Kyle slid his essay across the table to me.

I blinked back to the present. "All set? Great." I used my most encouraging tone. "Next week we focus on math. Do your homework. You need to bring that score up by eighty points. You need to clear five hundred."

"Oh man, I'm going to have to say a novena."

"Nonsense. You'll just work harder."

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Men of Smithfield: Max and Finn 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
JacksonJG More than 1 year ago
A good story.    really enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's been a while since I last visited Max & Finn in their AMP edition, and after the minor revisions to Mark & Tony, I hesitated to buy this revised edition. I'm so glad I did! Aside from the loss of one kinda nasty descriptive word during Max & Finn's first encounter (THANK you for that, lol) the major difference I noticed was that Max, a total hardass except during sex, gained some depth. This time around I liked him. I'd definitely recommend this to a new reader, but I'd also recommend it to someone who's read the original.
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
A great read! This was a surprisingly great book filled with banter, mystery, great dialog and sizzling chemistry. What more could I ask for? Michael "Finn" Finnegan is a drama teacher at a prep school who has been hurt by love in the past and is skeptical of ever find it again. Then he meets Max Douglas and he finds himself having lustful thoughts and throwing himself at him. He is attracted to Max on the spot but after they had their first encounter he questions his impulsiveness, but goes on with his life nonetheless. However, when they find themselves in close quarters again, Finn finds himself confronting feelings of need, lust and fear. His attraction to Max is still active, even when Max acts like a total jerk, and he fears that his need to feed that lust is going to drive him straight into a broken heart. Max is an ex-Marine security specialist. From Finn's point of view I could gather that he was a straight-arrow kind of guy. He liked order and he liked control. And it is that control which leads to Finn's downfall. And Man! how I enjoyed those moments when Max unleashed his dominating side on Finn. It made for some great scenes. But just as those where amazing, so were the moments where he showed some vulnerability or tenderness. With those he just melted me right into a puddle of goo. I liked the way the author, L.B. Gregg, went about their relationship. Their getting together was fun, insightful and totally hot. I loved their banter and dialog. It really showcased their personality to the max and I truly appreciated that. Max so serious and Finn so laid back, but when they worked together it was magic. His yin to his yang. The mystery and the romance were brought together well. I liked that they were nicely balanced. It kept me in a state of anticipation on both counts. I wanted to know who was behind what was happening and I needed to know how these two were going to get together. Once again, L.B. Gregg drew into the town of Smithfield and I can't wait to go back. My only complain is that I wanted to see more of Finn and Max's relationship and I think an epilogue would have solved that little problem for me. But other than that, this was another great addition to the series and a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago