Men Who Ruled Kenya: The Kenya Administration, 1892-1963

Men Who Ruled Kenya: The Kenya Administration, 1892-1963



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Men Who Ruled Kenya: The Kenya Administration, 1892-1963 by Charles Chenevix Trench, Charles Chenevix Trench

This book is a study of the Kenyan Administrative Service from its establishment in 1892 until Kenya became independent in 1963. Uniquely in the British Empire, some areas of Kenya were considered to be "white man's country", and they attracted a mixed bag of settlers. Many worked hard to build up the territory and their farms, but some regarded Kenya as a rich man's playground - as so vividly portrayed in the book and film, "White Mischief". The Administrative Service's task was to ensure the colony's prosperity, largely through promoting efficient farming methods, and above all to safeguard the Kenyans' own interests. From its foundation it attracted colourful characters and even eccentrics. But all its members strove to reconcile a number of conflicting interests, to develop the territory and to ensure its prosperity. This common purpose continued right through to Kenya's independence, even during the bitterness and violence of Mau Mau.

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Publisher: I. B.Tauris & Company, Limited
Publication date: 06/15/1993
Pages: 224
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