Mentoring Teenage Heroes: The Hero's Journey of Adolescence

Mentoring Teenage Heroes: The Hero's Journey of Adolescence

by Matthew P. Winkler

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Matthew P. Winkler's viral TED-Ed lesson "What Makes a Hero?" introduced the Hero's Journey to millions of viewers. His debut book guides parents, teachers, coaches, and other adults toward a fresh understanding of adolescence as a heroic quest - a rite of passage as old as the ancient myths that metaphorically describe it. Those myths echo through contemporary books and movies and the real-world experience of growing up. For most adults, daily life is a routine grind. For teenagers, it's an epic struggle for identity

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ISBN-13: 9780997543728
Publisher: Woodhall Press LLP
Publication date: 02/01/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 158
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Matthew P. Winkler has taught and mentored teenagers at middle schools, high schools, and colleges in New York, New England, China, and Japan. His TED-Ed video "What Makes a Hero?" snowballed into his first book Mentoring Teenage Heroes: The Hero's Journey of Adolescence. He currently leads workshops and gives presentations to students and adults all over the world. His work in the public and private sectors led to his podcast and forthcoming book The Cave You Fear.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction, viii Foreword, x Chapter 1: Call to Adventure, 1 One O'Clock: Colin's Origin Story, 1 One O'Clock: Cynthia's Debut, 6 One O'Clock: Call to Adventure, 10 Chapter 2: Assistance, 14 Two O'Clock: Colin's Support System, 14 Two O'Clock: Cynthia Meets Paul, 19 Two O'Clock: Assistance, 22 Chapter 3: Departure, 24 Three O'Clock: Colin Notices, 24 Three O'Clock: Cynthia Crosses the Line, 26 Three O'Clock: Departure, 28 Chapter 4: Trials, 32 Four O'Clock: Colin's Uphill Climb, 32 Four O'Clock: Cynthia Raises the Stakes, 37 Four O'Clock: Trials, 39 Chapter 5: Approach, 42 Five O'Clock: Colin Stakes His Claim, 42 Five O'Clock: Cynthia Sees What's Coming, 47 Five O'Clock: Approach, 53 Chapter 6: Crisis, 55 Six O'Clock: Colin's Moment of Truth, 55 Six O'Clock: Cynthia's Last Straw, 60 Six O'Clock: Crisis, 64 Chapter 7: Treasure, 68 Seven O'Clock: Colin Set Free, 68 Seven O'Clock: Cynthia Hangs On, 78 Seven O'Clock: Treasure, 80 Chapter 8: Result, 84 Eight O'Clock: Colin Tests the Limit, 84 Eight O'Clock: Blowback for Cynthia, 92 Eight O'Clock: Result, 94 Chapter 9: Return, 97 Nine O'Clock: Colin 2.0, 97 Nine O'Clock: Cynthia Steps Back, 104 Nine O'Clock: Return, 109 Chapter 10: New Life, 110 Ten O'Clock: Colin Meets Ashley, 110 Ten O'Clock: Cynthia's Future, 115 Ten O'Clock: New Life, 117 Chapter 11: Resolution, 119 Eleven O'Clock: Colin Understands, 119 Eleven O'Clock: Cynthia Says Good-Bye, 123 Eleven O'Clock: Resolution, 126 Chapter 12: Status Quo, 128 Twelve O'Clock: Colin at Home, 128 Twelve O'Clock: Cynthia on Track, 131 Twelve O'Clock: Status Quo, 133 Coda, 135 Colin, 135 Cynthia, 136 Epilogue, 137 Afterword, 138 Endnotes, 140 Bibliography, 141 Acknowledgments, 142 About the Author, 143

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