Merger of the Heart

Merger of the Heart

by Melia Alexander

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Jessica Adams may have inherited the family construction business, but there are strings attached. Big, deal-breaking strings. The big wig to whom her grandfather had already agreed to sell the company? Daniel Spencer, her ex-lover…and the father of her seven-year-old son. Only, he doesn’t know.

What started as a standard business acquisition turns Daniel's world inside out. Leaving Jessica was the biggest mistake of his life. A mistake that compounds when he meets her son. Correction—their son. He might need a crash course in parenting, but that doesn’t stop him from laying everything on the line to put together a much different kind of merger—ifhe can convince Jessica to trust him with her life…and their son’s.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633750906
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 12/29/2014
Series: Glenwood Falls , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 249
Sales rank: 298,583
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Melia Alexander is the author of sassy, sexy, fun contemporary romances, but is also fortunate to spend her week days at The Male Observation Lab (a.k.a. her job at a construction company). During this time she observes guys in their natural habitat – what they say and do versus what they think they've said and done. In many instances she's seen through their personas to the heart of who they really are – the heroes of their own stories.

A native of Guam, Melia traded in warm, tropical breezes for the rainy Pacific Northwest where she now resides with her hero husband, two amazing nieces, and three adorable kitties. She's an avid reader who also loves to watch romantic comedies, particularly those with a twist. In her free time, she's busy conquering her CrossFit fears: ring dips, power cleans, and the dreaded 800 meter run. Her family appreciates her attempts at cooking and cleaning, although she spends it mostly daydreaming about her characters, which sometimes results in a burnt meal and a half-cleaned house.

Visit to learn more about her.

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Merger of the Heart

A Glenwood Falls Story

By Melia Alexander, Kari Olson

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Melia Alexander
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-090-6


"I can deal with this alone, Jess."

Jessica Adams stared at her best bud, Ian Savage, even as she struggled to understand what he was saying. He was present as her attorney now, and not just the guy who'd literally held her up at her grandfather's funeral. But she was done with being treated with kid gloves.

"I promise you don't have to be there." His gaze narrowed as he watched her closely. Probably worried she'd make some girl-move like faint or something.

She clasped the wadded-up tissue in one hand, crossed her muddy, work boot-clad feet at the ankles, and desperately fought to stay focused. When she'd walked into the conference room this afternoon, she was sure her heart couldn't break any more. Until now.

"What are you saying?" She sucked in a deep breath and concentrated on the rumble of a loader as it travelled past the first-story window outside the Lawrence Construction office. Thanks to Oregon's summer weather, her crews would be busy. But it wouldn't last long if she couldn't get a handle on this latest crisis. Like she hadn't had enough of those already.

Her gaze darted between Ian and her other best bud, Brad Fischer, both seated across the conference room table. "You're telling me my grandfather was one signature away from selling the business?" She stared at Ian. "I just buried him last week."

And now she was on the brink of losing her grandfather's legacy? Her legacy? No. Way. In. Hell.

She couldn't breathe, couldn't think. It was all happening too fast, coming on too strong.

Oh, God.

She hung her head, loosening the tension at the back of her neck, and gulped in a lungful of air. Yeah, times were tough, and her grandfather had mentioned the potential sale, but she'd talked him out of it. At least, that's what she'd thought. Especially after she'd taken on more responsibilities at the company and suggested ways to cut costs and streamline production. Selling out hadn't been in the conversation after that.

Was she ever wrong.

She rubbed her temples and squeezed her eyes shut, focused on her breathing and not the pounding in her head.

"Hey, it's okay." Brad, technically a competitor but still a best bud, was beside her now. He squeezed the top of her shoulder. "It didn't happen, all right? The sale didn't go through." He groaned. "Please don't cry."

"We'll help you through this, Jess," Ian added, rubbing her other shoulder. "Just ... yeah. Do you want some water? Coffee? Your Peanut M&M's? Brad, go grab some out of her office."

Under normal circumstances, she would've laughed at the desperation in both their voices. They'd always treated her like one of the guys, but every now and then, they had to remind themselves she had different plumbing. Like now. This time, she found it more annoying than adorable.

She opened her eyes, straightened in her seat, and attempted to rein in the emotional clog in her throat. The way her grandfather would've expected. After all, he hadn't let her down when she'd given him every reason to. Even though he was gone, she could still save his legacy. She wouldn't sell if she could help it.

She waved them off with one hand. "I'm fine already. Knock it off."

"Hey." Brad's voice was soothing as he patted a hand on hers. "We don't have to do this if you're not ready."

She shook her head. "I need to deal with this now. There are projects coming up for bid that need my full attention." Because without more work, she'd definitely lose Lawrence Construction.

She blew out a shaky breath and stared at the far wall, where a photo of her grandfather hung. Jonathon Lawrence casually leaned against an excavator with an ecstatic grin on his face at having finally purchased several pieces of construction equipment. Purchased, not leased. A huge sign of his success. It might've worked, too, if his gamble on a quick economic turnaround had panned out.

She'd told him relying on loans was a bad idea, no matter how cheap the equipment seemed. Better to stay small and self-reliant than expose the company to a takeover. He should've listened to her.

Should've. Could've. Would've.


None of it was her fault, but it was definitely her problem now. And she'd deal with it by keeping Lawrence Construction.

She blew her nose and leveled a gaze at Ian. "How come I didn't know about this before? I thought we were friends."

"We are friends, Jess. You know as well as I do that attorney-client privilege didn't extend to you while your grandfather was alive."

"What a bunch of bull." She pushed back from the conference table, stood, and turned to the window behind her.

Beyond the row of parked end dump trucks, the asphalt plant rumbled in the distance, churning out the material her crews would pave with later today. Under normal circumstances, the trucks would be out in the field, and the asphalt plant would've started before daylight instead of just an hour ago.

Reality was brutal. Economic conditions had plunged sales to a two-year low, with gross revenues almost even with operating expenses. She'd memorized the details, couldn't help it. Not when there were two hundred employees who were a part of the company. Some of them longer than she'd been alive.

And definitely not when her son Jonathon's future was on the line, too.

"How long was this deal in the works?" she asked, continuing to stare outside.

"He'd been in negotiations with Crenshaw Industries for a few weeks." Ian used his authoritative voice, the one that made her feel as if she needed to be on her best behavior. Like he wasn't the one who'd instigated countless high school pranks that had landed her and Brad in detention along with him. No, the irony wasn't lost on Jessica. Life was a string of ironies.

Well. Recession or not, it was now up to her to keep Lawrence Construction going. And that meant stepping up and doing the work. After a fortifying breath, she faced her friends. "I want to turn them down myself."

"Why?" Brad trained his blue eyes on her like the pain-in-the-butt, big-brother-type he was. "Let Ian do his job. You've been through enough."

"So? Life doesn't hand out a 'pass' just because things have been tough." She raised her chin. "When's the meeting scheduled?"

"Next week." Ian looked up from the paper in his hand. "Brad's right. I can handle it."

She forced her attention to the conference room table where she'd spent countless hours as a kid, drawing while her grandfather worked. The same table where she'd eavesdropped on company conversation and gained insight into the way the business functioned long before she went away to college.

She'd started early and worked damn hard to get this far. She wasn't going to lose any of it now. "I want the pleasure of turning them down myself." She lobbed the wad of tissue across the room so that it landed dead center in a garbage can by the door. "That means I'm going with you."

* * *

"I trust your new office is acceptable?"

The old man's raspy voice blared out of the speaker phone as Daniel Spencer straightened in his seat. No matter how jet-lagged he was, any conversation with Crenshaw demanded his full attention. "Good morning, Albert." He glanced at his surroundings, the dark furniture standard-issue for a Crenshaw Industries exec. "The office is fine."

The exile to Glenwood Falls, Oregon, however, wasn't. But it wouldn't be for more than a year. And he could handle damn near anything for a year. Especially when the payoff was another notch on his resume.

"Now that you're back from vacation, close the Lawrence Construction deal."

Vacation? Daniel raised an eyebrow. A week in Brazil sounded like a vacation. Too bad he'd spent the entire time trying to talk a well-known specialist into leaving retirement and coming back to the States to take on his mother's dementia case. He'd finally convinced the doctor after paying a small fortune.

Not that Crenshaw knew any of it.

Besides, his opinion of Daniel's private life didn't matter.

He shifted in his seat and reached for the files on his desk. "Lawrence Construction will be yours," he said, his voice matter-of-fact. He'd studied the documents on the plane ride from Rio last night. "I've got a meeting set up with the company's attorney later this morning." Right after he checked on some personal business.

He thumbed through the file in his hand, pulled out the newspaper article. Too bad about Jonathon Lawrence. Daniel had enjoyed their lengthy conversation a few weeks ago, had admired the wisdom, the thought process that went into the older man's decision to sell. His death made things a bit more complicated, but this deal would be easy enough to close. Along with troubleshooting and fixing companies, Daniel was a master at closing deals.

"We've got a lot of money riding on this," Crenshaw said.

Like he needed the reminder. "Understood."

"Lawrence Construction is sitting on a gold mine."

Here we go.

A lighter clicked, and he listened as Crenshaw sucked in a deep drag of his cigar, then blew it out in a large whoosh. "Right on the McKenzie River." The old man's signature rasp floated through the phone. "Once we level the 'corporate offices,' we can get the zoning changed and develop the damn thing. Olsen should've thought about the damn zoning laws when he bought the damn property next to Lawrence Construction in the first place. If the idiot had, we wouldn't be in this mess."

Anyone who worked for him knew that Crenshaw didn't reward failure. Didn't matter if you'd married his daughter. And, yeah, a couple hundred acres of prime property was worthless if there was no way to develop it. Timothy Olsen had screwed up. Royally.

"I want that property, Spencer."

No kidding. "Relax, Albert. I'm the best."

"That's why you're there."

Yeah, it was.

"Don't forget what's at stake, Spencer."

Daniel stifled a snort. Who did the old man think he was kidding?

On top of the corporate shares Daniel received to move to the sticks, within a year, he expected to be back in Los Angeles, back at the corporate office.

Only this time, he'd have Albert's job.

* * *

Daniel glanced at his Tag Heuer wrist watch. Twelve minutes until his appointment with the Lawrence Construction attorney. Twelve minutes until he could get the ball rolling on the latest venture to catch Albert Crenshaw's attention. Twelve minutes until the clock started ticking on his continued climb up the corporate ladder.

He loved when life came together as planned. Even the arrangements to move his mother to Glenwood Falls came together smoothly. But he'd learned long ago that money often unlocked doors for anyone.

Daniel pulled open the glass doors to The Tower building. Given Albert's reputation as a miser, it was a surprise the old man agreed to purchase the place as the Crenshaw Industries lair. Then again, Albert always did everything for effect. And the centrally located Glenwood Falls historic landmark made a statement, all right. Crenshaw Industries had deep pockets and didn't mind digging into them.

He shifted his briefcase from one hand to the other as he crossed the lobby toward the bank of elevators in the far corner. He shook his head and tried to clear the cobwebs that'd formed. Being jet-lagged sucked. Not closing a deal because he was jet-lagged sucked worse.

"There it is," a woman muttered. She turned to him, not enough for her to actually look at him and let him catch her eye—step one if he wanted to see where a little playful flirting could take them—but enough for him to see her smile along with a sexy look of triumph in her eyes. "You'd think the elevators would be easier to find."

She wasn't very tall, even in her heels, but she filled out the gray suit she wore very nicely, leaving no mistake that she was all woman. He surreptitiously studied her in the reflection off the elevator doors. Her dark hair fell in soft waves around her face, a pair of brown eyes held a glint of mischief in them, and her smile made him grin. Something about her seemed familiar. Maybe because she was the epitome of the kind of woman he fantasized about. Everyone had a type, and she was his.

"Took me a while to find them when I first came in this morning, too." He pointed to the row of numbers. "And I think it's either on its last leg, or it's the slowest elevator in this city."

"Probably both." She laughed, a soft feminine sound that flooded his male brain with a spurt of endorphins. It was the only explanation for the spark jumping through his system. Either that or he was on the edge of exhaustion. Whatever it was worked for him.

"Did you have trouble finding a parking spot?" she asked, tilting her head to one side, a move that caused the light in the lobby to catch her hair just right, and made him wonder what it would look like spread over a pillow. It was probably as silky smooth as it looked.

"Well, no—"

"I had to park two blocks away," she added. "Which meant two blocks walking in these." She angled one foot out and displayed the heel of one shoe.

High heels. And stockings. Maybe with a touch of lace at the thighs. Yeah, she'd definitely look great in something like that.

He mentally shook himself as he cleared his throat. "I took a cab. My car's being delivered later this morning."

Now she looked straight at him, and he looked straight back, his thousand-watt smile ready. But instead of smiling back, she frowned, then shot him a strange look.

"I just moved here," he explained. "First time in Glenwood Falls."

"Oh." She nodded slowly and stared at him with an intensity that was both unnerving and thrilling. Must be the jet lag catching up with him.

"Maybe you could recommend some place for dinner. Since I'm new here," he added as the elevator doors slid open. And maybe she'd offer to have dinner with him.

Hey, he was a guy. Doing what came naturally to guys, right?

She stepped in ahead of him, turned, and raised an eyebrow as if she'd read his mind, then gave him a once-over. "Le Printemps. On Fifth Street," she said calmly. "You're the type who'd like it there. Floor?"

Floor? He glanced at the bank of buttons and blinked. "Top one."

She pressed it, but not another one. What business did she have on the top floor? He had a bad feeling about this. He wanted to ask her, but that odd look was back as she pulled an oversize bag off her shoulder and searched inside it.

Something had shifted, somehow, during the course of their conversation. Daniel wasn't sure what he'd said, but the woman was definitely frostier than she'd started.

"Have you lived here long?" he asked as the elevator started its slow climb.

"All my life." She scrounged around in her purse, then found what she was looking for. "There you are," she said, pulling out a small package of M&M's.

She attempted to tear into it, and she was doing the muttering thing again. He wasn't quite sure if he found it cute, but he was certainly leaning in that direction.

Finally, she got the package open, and then she pulled out a chocolate covered peanut and tossed it into her mouth. Her eyes closed as she sucked in a deep breath.

The movement propelled him back. Eight years back, to be exact. Assuming he'd correctly realized why she seemed so familiar.

He stared as she fished out another piece of candy. "I used to know a girl who packed those things around everywhere she went. Ate them whenever she was stressed."


Like the way his gut now churned at the memory of the last time he'd laid eyes on the girl. And she'd been just that. A girl. Barely nineteen, if he remembered correctly. Then life got rough, so he'd ended it with her—and not in a gentle way, either. Guilt washed over him as it had several times through the years.

She continued to watch him. "Is that right?" she said slowly.

Daniel stepped back, gave his elevator companion a once-over. She crushed the empty bag between her fingers and balled the wad into her hand.

That clinched it. He said, "I know you—"

"Yes, you do," she interrupted as the elevator doors slid open. "Good to see you again, Daniel."

And without another word, she turned and marched toward the reception desk on the Crenshaw Industries floor.


Excerpted from Merger of the Heart by Melia Alexander, Kari Olson. Copyright © 2014 Melia Alexander. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Merger of the Heart (Entangled Lovestruck) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
3.5 Secret Baby ¿ *I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review* As you all know I’m not overly fond of second chance love stories, but those with secret babies just bypass this rule for some weird reason. Ok, so not weird because babies are the bomb, all cute and cuddly. A guy having to grovel endlessly to be a part of that child’s life and those who get super pissed because they lost time makes it even better. Ok, going back on topic, this story is about a guy who meets a girl, they go on a sexcapade for a weekend and then for some reason they never see each other again. That is of course, until he tries to buy the company she just inherited from her grandfather. It doesn’t take much time for Daniel to find out that the time he spent with Jessica bore fruit… a seven year old fruit named Jonathon. Thus begins the story of how Daniel messes up everything when he tries to get close to them and how Jessica makes him squirm for the opportunity of being a part of their lives. Overall I enjoyed Merger of the Heart, it was a quick and easy read with some hot moments, a lot of sweet and a lovely “family” romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute fast and lovable book. I finished it in one day. I recommend this book.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Jessica Adams is a single mother. Her seven year old son is her life. Since her grandfather's death she has been fighting to save his business, Lawrence Construction, from a merger. Could things get worse? Yes. They can. Daniel Spencer, her former lover, is in charge of negotiating for the other side. Emotions take control when he finds out that Jonathon is his son. He never knew he existed. Now he wants to be part of both their lives. Will they become a family? The characters are strong willed and passionate people. It was easy to be pulled into their story. I liked them and understood their conflicted emotions. Their past still is painful. It's hard to let go of the hurt. Jessica and Daniel have a love-hate relationship. I wanted these two to put aside their differences and realize they loved each other. The secondary characters were interesting especially Ian Savage. Both the dialogue and the setting added to the mood. This is a well written story that was filled with so many emotions. Melia Alexander is a talented author who did a great job bringing this story to life.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
He's about to acquire a whole lot more than a business… When her grandfather dies, Jessica Adams inherits the family construction business. But there are strings attached. Big, deal-breaking strings. For one, Jessica's grandfather was in the process of selling the company to a national firm. And two? The big wig who made the offer for Jessica's business is none other than Daniel Spencer, her ex-lover and the father of her seven-year-old son. Only Daniel doesn't know. What started as a standard business acquisition has turned Daniel's entire world¿and his plans¿inside out. But even as he offers her the deal of the lifetime, everything changes when he meets her son. Their son. Now Daniel is laying everything on the line to put together a much different kind of merger...if he can convince Jessica to take the biggest risk of her life. Review: This trope of guy finding out his is a father was written smartly, but was predictable.  That being said I thought this new author wrote a smart story, where the characters were intelligent and made mostly smart decisions that had a sense of realism.   Daniel and Jessica were a great couple who because of Daniel's insecurities separate after a world-wind 4 day fling.  Fate brings these two back together where Daniel finds out that the fling produced a son.  Daniel wants to be close to his son, but he stumbles along the way, still influenced by his childhood.  Jessica is smart and capable and has raised a son alone for 8 years.  All things considered Jessica is very good with Daniel and giving him a second chance and being a lot more understanding then may have been. An entertaining romance from this new to me author. 3.5Stars
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
A contemporary big business takeover or, as the title suggests, ‘A merger of the heart’ is the theme for this romance which is an easy read. Following the death of her beloved grandfather, Jessica Adams inherits her family’s construction business - along with a few other surprises! It seems he was in the process of selling the company and when she meets the lead negotiator it turns out to be her ex-lover, Daniel Spencer. She’s not the only one in for surprises as he doesn’t know he’s the father of her seven year old son until he sets eyes on him! He is suitably surprised and she is worried about the father and son creating a relationship only for Daniel to be off into the corporate world again, leaving a big hole in the lives of herself and her son. The chemistry between Jessica and Daniel is still rampant but whatever they do will impact on their son. Do they want to rekindle old flames? Should they risk having a relationship? What about the business? So many quandaries in the mix and what about the deals on offer?  The characters are well defined with appropriate flashbacks to memories of their previous encounters to explain reactions and emotions. The story line is sound. Thanks to the author and publishers, too,  for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this, an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an enjoyable book. The whole lawsuit issue was confusing given the abrupt ending with no explination. I look forward to the possibilty of more books with Brad, Ian and Jake's siblings. This could be the start to a nice series.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Rating: 4.5/5 Merger of the Heart was a well-written story full of romance, second chances, and a merger between two individuals that changes the course of their lives for the better.  Being the first book I've read by the author, I wasn't sure what to expect of the book. Needless to say I was rather impressed with the story line, and characters themselves. There was a lot of character development that took its own course throughout the story without feeling forced. The story starts off following the death of Jessica Adams's grandfather, amidst all that is happening around her at the time, she finds out that her grandfather has left her a construction company that has been in the process of getting sold without her knowing. Now not only does she have to stop the contract from getting completed to save her grandfather's legacy, and the one of her son. Without knowing who she was going to bump into next, she is surprised to see that Daniel Spencer, an ex-lover who dumped her the minute he could, is the one buying her grandfather's company. Old wounds are open, and a secret that she has been hiding for seven years is revealed the minute Daniel enters her life again.  Daniel Spencer has always dreamed of making it big some day. Having worked endlessly to make his dream come true, the minute he returns to make the deal that will get him to where he wants to be, he was not expecting to find Jessica, his ex-lover, declining his offer. It could have been the deal of a lifetime for her and for everyone else working at the construction company that her grandfather loved, but she changed the game by saying no. Now Daniel's plans change as soon as he sees the little boy that calls Jessica “mom,” and what surprised him the most was the comparison that he has with the little boy.  The chemistry between the two main characters is undeniable, they have their own pasts that have kept them from being happy. Jessica has hidden her son from his father, and Daniel is afraid of not meeting the expectations that he has for himself, and when he finds out that he has a son, he worries that he won't be a good father. So, there is definitely a lot that the characters have to learn and overcome if they want to find happiness. I really enjoyed reading the interaction that Daniel has with his son, it was cute to read. Jessica is a loving mother, but she wants to keep a strong face when her son is around, which made that relatable to read. As a reader I connected with the characters, and really rooted for them to fix their relationship. Overall, the story was captivating and I really enjoyed reading it. I recommend it for those that are looking for a quick romantic story. :) ***ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.***
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Jessica had a few magical days with Daniel and then, with a few cruel words, he was gone. That was eight years ago. Now, he's back and a little freaked out because he's standing in front of a seven year old boy that looks just like him. I'm just sad that it's over. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fantastic story about love, responsibility, guilt and second chances. Fabulous characters and a great story line. I love it when I get so lost in a story that I lose track of time. I will be keeping an eye on this fabulous author and her wonderful books. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
the heart always comes back to what it craves- this is a keeper! Hot and Romantic!! ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review**** Jessica Adams finds herself taking over the family business after her granddad dies. She puts herself wholeheartedly into running the business because she believes she can bring the business to its full potential and make it bloom again. More than how her grandfather left it. She also plans to withdraw from the sale her grandfather was involved in. Enter Daniel Spencer- he is the man who is sent in to secure Lawrence Construction but is also the man who for a brief period(a couple of days) had romanced Jessica years ago and left without a forwarding address or phone number- when he left her , left her pregnant. Jessica discovers he's the guy sent in to acquire the family construction business, she's not impressed nor is she willing to sell the family business. Another thing is she not happy about is Daniel is hotter than ever and she is going to have to let him know he left her with a reminder of their brief fling. Daniel and Jessica had this chemistry – and the moments from the past were tortured. Daniel was fighting demons that he didn’t know he had. Throughout the book he didn’t know if he could be the man that Jessica and his son needed. Jessica loved the man that Daniel was years ago and she really fell deeper under the spell Daniel weaved now but she was not blind to his faults but she still loved him in spite of those faults. The author does a great job of enticing the reader into the story and keeping them drawn in until the very end. Loved the ending. My rating: 4.5 starts ***
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review.. Jessica Adams finds herself inheriting the family construction business after her Grandfather dies. Far from shying away, she intends to inject fresh vigour into the stilted business, and certainly aims to withdraw from the sale that her Grandfather had set in motion.  Daniel Spencer is the man drafted in to secure Lawrence Construction. He envisages no problems, but has hot footed it down to Oregon just to ensure a smooth process. What he didn’t expect was a girl he had spent a blissful 4 days with, eight years ago, to be the main negotiator in guaranteeing this contract. Little did Daniel know, but that 4 days had left a permanent mark on Jessica’s life, and he was about to find out how much it would impact his. This was a second chance romance, that was an easy, sweet read. I cannot fault the writing, which was engaging, and the characters were well developed. Daniel was loyal and earnest, and threw himself into his new, somewhat unforeseen role. My only reluctance in awarding more stars was purely through personal choice. I felt the story was a tad predictable, and there certainly wasn’t enough hair pulling for my inclination!
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed this story and it quickly grabbed my attention from the start and kept me engaged throughout the whole story.  Jessica inherits the family construction business after her grandfather passes away but she has a fight on her hands when she finds out he was in the process of selling to a somewhat surprising person.  This was a very sweet and wonderful story that I enjoyed from start to finish.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
A sexy second chance. I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to books that have the 'Surprise! You're a Dad' storyline. Simply because the heroines tend to irritate me. Thankfully this wasn't the case and Merger of the Heart is an easy read, sweet, sexy romance with humour and likeable characters. 'It wasn’t every day a guy got a second chance with the girl of his dreams.' Daniel Spencer and Jessica Adams had a brief romance in college, he left her and she hasn't seen him for eight years. And when she discovers he's the guy sent in to acquire the family construction business she's not impressed as a) she isn't selling b) he's sexier than ever and c) he left her with a permanent reminder of their fling. The latter of which he is about to discover... They had a great chemistry; Daniel is sexy and sincere and the mutual lust is clear from the moment he and Jess are reacquainted. And their son, Jonathan is a little star - he brought fabulous humour to the storyline and some real cute father/son moments. But, I wanted a little more to the storyline; Daniel has confidence issues being an insta-Dad and she's adamant he'll leave them and this seemed to be repeated with the business element taking a bit of a back seat. I would've liked a more made of this and it was a little too plain sailing, all things considered. But I did enjoy it and Melia Alexander has brought us a sexy, heartfelt and fun romantic journey. I look forward to visiting Glenwood Falls in the future. 3.5 stars. 'You were so beautiful, so sexy. I couldn’t keep my hands off you. And for whatever it’s worth, you’re still sexy.' Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Merger of the Heart is an entertaining read from "new to me" author Melia Alexander. The well-designed cover and book blurb immediately caught my attention. I love the accidental pregnancy romance trope and Ms. Alexander does a nice job of evolving the individual characters into a family. Jessica Adams and Daniel Spencer met eight years ago while in college, and enjoyed each other for a very short time. The result of their amazing chemistry and lust was Jonathon, a very well adjusted and sweet seven-year-old boy. Jessica is a wonderful mom and juggles motherhood and her recently inherited construction company with the help of her two best friends, Brad and Ian. Jessica was beyond shocked to learn that her late grandfather was in the process of selling the family business. Now, she not only has to keep her construction company afloat, she has to stop the buyout. Little did she know that Daniel would be in her life once again, this time as her business opponent. Daniel is an awe-inspiring person. At the tender age of seven, he became the man of the house, practically raising his younger siblings while his mother worked to support them all. Now he is the one who is taking care of his mom, who is suffering from dementia. To this day, Daniel continues to blame himself for his dad leaving and his mother's stroke some years ago. He thought he was happy due to his success in the corporate world, yet after seeing Jessica again and learning about his son, he recognizes a new kind of happiness. Merger of the Heart is a hot, passionate, and touching contemporary romance. It is complete with desire, well-defined characters and an engaging storyline. I enjoyed this book and found Jessica and Daniel to be wonderfully perfect for each other. They have great chemistry and their ability to overcome their past and find happiness together is quite uplifting. I immediately connected to them as individuals and as a couple. Overall, a solid read. Complimentary copy courtesy of the publisher.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
3 - Should've. Could've. Would've. Stars. Merger of the Heart is a well written, albeit extremely predictable, second-chance love story. Daniel and Jessica cross paths after 7 years separation, little does Daniel know that their 4 nights of shared passion together, produced more than just a few unforgettable memories. "We have a lot of catching up to do." As I said this is a well written story, and Melia offers plenty of depth and development to the main characters as the book progresses. But for me some of the elements seemed to be erroneous to the actual story as a whole. While their being from rival construction companies seemed to be pretty underplayed, the inclusion of Daniel's family issues and Jessica's mothers involvement in the story both seemed to add absolutely nothing to their story of interest.  Jessica's constant 'When you leave' and 'you will leave' attitude towards Daniel got a little repetitive, so it didn't really come as a surprise, when he then lived up to her expectations. There is definite potential for further books in this series with the inclusion of Jessica's Best guy friends, Ian and Brad, and I am interested to see where Melia will take the series as a whole.  Not a total winner for me on this occasion, but I loved Jonathon a young voice always adds an extra something to a story, and the moments of him and Daniel together were sweet and heart felt. ARC generously provided by Entangled, in exchange for the above honest review.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3 stars Merger of the Heart was a quick, sweet, fun and heartwarming read.