Merry Christians: How to be a happy Christian and co-create Heaven on Earth

Merry Christians: How to be a happy Christian and co-create Heaven on Earth

by Arne Klingenberg


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Merry Christians is dedicated to both religious and cultural Christians who are not as happy as they could or indeed, should be. The author easily discards all political nonsense and philosophical errors that were introduced to Christianity over time by strongly focusing on its actual perennial essence that leads to real joy and great peace of mind.

This powerfully argued, well-documented and highly motivational book shows how to quickly become a happy Christian through a series of simple yet effective applications that actually work even in today's challenging environment.

Furthermore, with its deeply spiritual messages that ultimately encompass all philosophies, Merry Christians outlines a practical path to unite and reinvigorate a most divided and rather depressed world at large.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781876538033
Publisher: Beam Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2016
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Arne Klingenberg was born in Switzerland (1963) where he graduated with tertiary degrees in macro-and microeconomics.

He pursued a successful business career that took him more than 50 times around-the-world; starting out as assistant sales manager flying coach, he eventually got promoted to sales director traveling business, before ending up as CEO in first class. He helped to improve products while talking with factory workers and wined and dined (a.k.a. negotiating) with billionaires.

While traveling for six months a year and living in seven countries, he experienced a myriad of cultures, customs and creeds, helping him to unravel the mysteries of life. He eventually resigned from his demanding position to focus on writing and consulting.

Arne Klingenberg is the author of three practical philosophy books about happiness and other mind and consciousness matters.

Since 1995 he advises highly accomplished leaders, helping them to solve both personal and corporate problems (in four languages).

Arne and his Japanese-born wife, Miyuki, live mostly in the tropical parts of Australia where they've designed and built a fully self-cooling eco-house. He loves reading, writing and various sports (e.g. for over 38 years Arne practices Wing Chun kung fu, having learned directly from great grandmasters Lo Man Kam and Ip Chun), besides enjoying good food and wine in great company.

Table of Contents

The Big Picture
Happy is Good
Happy Fruits
Merrily United
The Merry Way
Love God
Feel God's Love
Love your Self
Love All
Stay Kind
Mind your Mind
Love your Body
Be your Self
Follow Love
Wish Well
Do it with Love
In Summary
In His Words
Obstacles of Love
The Divine Deal
Merry Money
Love in Separation
Merry Realizations
Post Scriptum
About the Author

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