Merry Market Murder (Farmer's Market Mystery Series #5)

Merry Market Murder (Farmer's Market Mystery Series #5)

by Paige Shelton
4.5 15

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Merry Market Murder 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Merry Market Murder is the fifth book in the A Farmer's Market Mystery series. Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is looking forward to decorating Main Street and Christmas Trees that will auctioned off at silent auction. The Ridgeway family has been given an exclusive contract to sell Christmas trees at Bailey's Farmers' Market this year. As they are unloading their trees, Reggie Stuckey, another tree farmer in the area, arrives and claims to also have an exclusive sell contract. The next morning Reggie is found dead, stabbed with a Christmas tree stake in the back of his truck. When Reggie arrived the first day, Becca noticed that Billie Ridgeway was really upset to see Reggie arriving. Also Brenton Jones, one of the vendors at the market was also very upset. So Becca sets out to do her own investigation so that the murder will be solved and so that the Monson can have a successful Christmas Tree parade. Then when she starts getting tree ornaments, secretly left, she knows they have to clues pointing to the murderer. Most of the characters from previous books are standing by to once again help Becca find the culprit. Things are progressing very nicely with her relationship with Sam her policeman/boyfriend. Shelton does a very good job of updating the reader as to what has happened in the past and without over doing it. Delicious sounding recipes included. Will be watching for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Paige Shelton creates a perfect balance between murder and merriment in her latest book in the Farmer's Market Mystery series, Merry Market Murder. Shelton's ability to set the scene is remarkable and Monson, South Carolina is a place readers want to return to time and again. Shelton's characters are ready to celebrate the Christmas season when murder comes to town right along with Santa. A great addition to a wonderful series based on mystery and farm fresh products.  What I liked: The first thing I liked about this book is the same thing I like about everyone of the books in this series... the farmer's market theme. I grew up on a farm and relatives of mine are still vendors at the local farmer's market where I live. This series is very nostalgic for me for that reason, as I am sure it is to a lot of readers who grew up in a generation where fresh produce and farm fresh products were so important to the economy and the over all way of life. I am happy to see trends in both books like these and in the eating habits of many returning to this way of cooking and life. I love the fact that Shelton is promoting something good right along with giving us a great whodunit. I am very happy that we get to visit Bailey's during the Christmas season this time. That time of year is wonderful for a farmer's market. There are so many things that can be sold for gifts, as well as, part of the Christmas feast. I liked the whole idea of the contract dispute over the Christmas tree vendors and how that all worked into the mystery. I loved the fact that Shelton used Christmas ornaments as clues also. That was a great idea! I didn't feel like this book was overloaded on Christmas, but had just the right amount of Christmas hub-bub to go around. As always Becca and Allison are such a great duo. I liked the fact that Sam and Becca are going strong, but he does have reservations about her amateur sleuthing. It wouldn't seem natural if he didn't. We get to meet some new faces in this one and I hope some of them stick around. I felt like I was visiting old friends, with a couple new ones sliding in. There were plenty of suspects for Becca to try to sort through and I didn't figure this one out until about the last chapter.  What I didn't like: There wasn't really much I didn't like about this one. It was well written and the mystery aspects were believable and not easy to predict.  Bottom Line: I loved this one. I love this series. I think Shelton did a great job with balancing the Christmas theme against the murder and with creating clues that were imaginative and hard to figure out. Just what I was looking for during this holiday season.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Terrific setting, lovable characters, and a great mystery all come together in this fabulous book. This cozy mystery is the fifth installment of Paige Shelton's Farmers' Market Mystery series. I love returning to Monson, South Carolina and hanging out with Becca Robins. She’s a delightful protagonist and it’s like getting to spend time with an old friend. In Merry Market Murder, we meet a few new characters with ties to the market and Monson. It fun to go somewhere familiar and still discover something new. Becca's relationship with Sam heats up and the addition of a Christmas tree vendor at Bailey's leads to a murder. The murderer wasn't clear to me until the last few pages and I really liked how it all played out. It was a quick, fun read and the last 70 pages flew by! I admire how Ms. Shelton makes the setting so vivid. After reading certain scenes, I'd swear I just walked through a pine tree farm or an apple orchard. She does a wonderful job blending the farmers' market and the mystery while still find time to deepen the romance between Sam and Becca. Merry Market Murder is the perfect holiday gift! I loved all the Christmas holiday stuff going on in Monson. Especially the holiday tree with all the gold fish decorations. The recipes sound scrumptious and I'm definitely going to try out the pumpkin cream pie recipe and the gingerbread biscuits.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
This is the fifth installment of the Farmer’s Market Mystery Series featuring fraternal twin sisters Allison and Becca Robins. Allison manages Bailey’s Farm Market and Becca is a vendor selling her jams and preserves. Ridgeway Christmas Tree Farm has decided to add a booth at Bailey’s Farmers’ Market this year. Most of the regular vendors are excited about it until another tree farmer, Reggie Stuckey, arrives with a truck full of trees and tries to claim he has an exclusive contract to sell them. Before Allison has time to sort out the contract dispute Reggie is found with a tree stake in his chest. Things are far from MERRY! Soon after the body is found Becca starts to receive unusual and mysterious ornaments. She thinks they may be clues to who killed Reggie. As she tries to wrap her mind around what these clues are telling her she discovers a lot about some people she thought she knew pretty well. Just who is the Scrooge that that is set on keeping these holidays from being happy? Dollycas’s Thoughts One of my favorite series and this time we get to visit over the Christmas holidays. Again Becca lands right in the middle of the trouble. Her detective boyfriend wishes she would butt out but the clues are all being left for her and she can’t just ignore them. This is a very clue oriented mystery and Becca has to dig deep and back in history to put everything together and then she may still be too late. Paige Shelton has put a real clever spin on the clues this time. They need to be pondered and investigated and then sometimes pondered a bit more. All our favorite characters are back and it seems Becca and Allison’s parents may be sticking around awhile. The new characters are interesting. A tree farmer than looks a bit like Santa can’t be a bad guy. can he? Anytime is a great time to “escape” to visit Bailey’s. But with the smell of pine in the air and a bounty of tasty treats available this is perfect time. Time to get in the holiday spirit and you know this book would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the cozy mystery lover on your list. The recipes in the back of book are fabulous, the Orange Meltaways are just one that has been added to my holiday baking list.