Message of Faith and Symbol in European Medieval Bronze Church Doors

Message of Faith and Symbol in European Medieval Bronze Church Doors

by Jadwiga Irena Daniec


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Jadwiga Irena Daniec's seminal survey of bronze church doors in the eleventh and twelfth centuries delivers exactly what its title promises, providing the reader with a complete overview and inside look at a topic never before presented in such entirety. She strikingly reveals how the doors of these medieval churches were much more than mere utilitarian portals; rather, they were weighted with symbolism, representing as they did the physical boundary between the real world and the spiritual world.

The author's examination of the extant doors focuses on the door at the Cathedral of Gniezno in Poland, unique because the panel-fields of the door reflect one theme: the biography of Saint Adalbert, with eighteen narrative images depicting his life from birth through the deposition of his remains at the Gniezno Cathedral; the door at the Cathedral of Sancta Sophia in Novgorod, Russia, the surface decoration of which bears the likenesses of its artist-craftsmen and the history of which still remains an enigma; and the other bronze church doors of the era, tracing the changes from eleventh-century Byzantium to the twelve-century Italian peninsula and cataloguing the doors credited to the German workshops of both centuries.

Through it all, Jadwiga Irena Daniec renders the medieval art of Romanesque era palpable, providing a valuable contribution to the exploration and understanding of the doors' rich motifs, whose forms are so evocative of the natural world, in lovingly rendered words and stunning illustrations.

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