Messages From Gaia

Messages From Gaia

by Mary Kirkpatrick


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For countless generations people have talked of our Mother Earth. Now she speaks to us, sharing words of wisdom, tenderness and deep love. We live in challenging times when the rapidity of change can feel overwhelming. These "Messages from Gaia", received and written by author Mary Kirkpatrick, provide light for the path that is surely needed as we navigate into the future. In them, Gaia, our Earth Mother, shares the love pouring from her heart to ours, only love, always love, love overflowing.

Mary Kirkpatrick has captured the heart of Gaia through her own heart. Every message reflects the deep love and understanding that dwells within the human/Gaia relationship. The messages are affirming, poignant and beautiful. This book is a keeper!

~Nancy Joy Hefron

author of The Wounded Heart

Messages from Gaia gives us a glimpse into the heart of the planet, and the peace that comes from opening our eyes to all the life around us.

~Cindy Reed Cindy Reed RN, PhD, Infinity Health Solutions and Energy Medicine Maven

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ISBN-13: 9781452500904
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/08/2010
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

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Messages from Gaia

Wisdom and Love from our Earth Mother
By Mary Kirkpatrick


Copyright © 2010 Mary Jane Crooks
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0090-4

Chapter One

    With love and gratitude to:

    Nancy Joy Hefron-my inspiration, my teacher and my number one
    Kristi-healer and cherished friend
    Minnow-fire soul and kindred spirit
    Elisabet-my dear darling friend
    Skoti-earth activist and soilmate
    Dana-earth healer and friend extraordinaire
    Aline-Findhorn friend
    Sarah-dimension traveler
    Blair-precious to my heart

    My wonderful Peace Circle friends, the angels in my life
    Karyn-precious to my heart
    Heather-soul of an artist, my Celtic connection
    Mary Beth-abrazos a mi amiga muy buena
    Marlene-wise woman, midwife to soul growth
    Roxie-loving heart, gentle soul
    Carole-light of courage for the path
    Kathy-giving heart, textile art
    Teresa-beautiful spirit
    Sharon-miracle worker

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.

~William Wordsworth

For most of my life, nature was something I took for granted. It was there in the background but not the focus of very much of my time and attention. I would sometimes look at the stars or gaze at a flower or marvel at the river's flow and feel a sense of wonder and amazement. But life was busy and those times were fleeting.

The earth-nature-supplied the air I breathe, the food I eat, the water I drink, my housing, gas for my car and so much more. But it provided so consistently and generously that I didn't stop to think that it is my life support system, the very substance of life itself.

Then, in 2007 our environmental problems finally got my attention in a sobering way. The mind-numbing bad news about destruction of the rain forests, pollution, climate change and myriad other problems really sunk in and I was scared, scared about what the planet would be like for my children and future generations, as well as for us now.

I started doing the recommended things as best I could: more recycling, driving less, writing my members of Congress, joining environmental organizations and talking and obsessing to anyone who would listen about the changes we needed to make.

But as I looked at the magnitude of the problems we faced, my efforts felt inadequate and even futile. I wondered if we, as the human species, had the will and the means to turn things around in time.

I began to wonder if there was something I was missing, answers in places that I hadn't looked. Einstein said that 'we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.' So, perhaps our problems were really an invitation, an opportunity to find a better way to live as we found ways to clean up the mess we created.

I was drawn to the education center and spiritual community at Findhorn, Scotland and participated in a life-changing workshop called "Connecting to God and Nature". It was led by Dorothy Maclean who was a pioneer in communication with the nature realm. As I learned and talked to Dorothy and others there, I felt like I had come home. I realized that there was so much more to nature than meets the eye. I learned and remembered what the indigenous people have always known-that nature is alive with spirit and indwelling life.

Since then, my life has changed and expanded in miraculous and beautiful ways. I feel connected to nature and the earth in ways I never could have imagined. I have discovered that indeed there is more to the world of nature than our physical eyes can see or our minds can comprehend. I have found the beauty and spirit of nature that only our hearts can feel and discern. In the process, I have met and connected to other people who love the earth and are passionate about restoring it to health. They are gifts and I cherish our friendship and mutual support.

I have come to believe that the answers to our environmental problems are part of our search for peace, contentment and connection to spirit. Nature is not something for humans to dominate or control. It truly can be our teacher, our partner, our friend and our path out of the mess we have created through our overconsumption of resources and 'looking for love in all the wrong places'.

Humans have a very important role to play as we seek to restore the earth to health. But we don't have to do it alone. Nature is resilient and alive with healing power. We are a part of nature and can learn to create abundance, just as nature does. As we connect to nature and join with other people, we can find fulfillment that will heal our spirits and heal the earth.

The messages and writings in this book are my attempt to share the gifts I have been given. I hope that the joy and peace that I have found will touch your life, as well. My wish for you is that you will feel the love that is so abundantly available to us from the nature realm-only love, always love, love overflowing.


Mary Kirkpatrick

Meditation on being Keepers of the Earth:


Remember a time when people lived in harmony with nature and each other.

Fighting and war were not.

We lived in keeping with the heartbeat of the earth's rhythms.

Close your eyes, breathe and remember.

We cannot go back but listen. Is it not a siren's call? A quiet voice emerging from the deep places in our soul?

It urges us to be still, listen, sit a while in wonder of the miracles that surround us.

For a moment, leave behind the striving, the noise, the material things that consume our time and thoughts.

See our world transformed. The excrement of our tailpipes and smokestacks no longer suffocates our trees, our fields, our earth, us. The sounds of chainsaws and motors are silenced.

Remember. How long have we been given all we need-air to breathe, cold water to quench our thirst, food to nourish us and shelter from the cold? How long have we taken, mindless of the precious gifts?

What have we given back?

Feel the grief hidden in our hearts. The searching and needing and longing to find quiet places inside of us and out.

Listen to the wind and the happy sound of water in a brook. Hear the cheerful birds and marvel at the beauty always near.

And when we hear and see and feel, how do we respond?

Is it not time to say yes to God, to ourselves, to our earth and no to what can never satisfy us? Is it not time to heed the message of scientists who warn of ecological disaster if we continue to destroy our earth, the balance of our air and land and water and living things?

If we don't listen and remember, who will inherit the legacy? Is it not our children and grandchildren not yet born?

When our great grandchildren say, remember, do we not want them to remember our courage, our ingenuity and our passion to leave the earth better than we found it?

We could do it out of fear. But let us do it out of love, for self, for Creator and all of creation.

Who can imagine the blessings and gifts of our choices?

A butterfly emerging from the chrysalis into a world on a path to health.

A child free of fear from a world damaged by our current choices.

Us, peaceful and living in harmony with each other and our earthly home.

Laughter in tinkling brooks, ocean waves, a piece of sky, a green meadow calling for a playmate.

Remember, then join together to make a new memory.

Let us begin now.

But I know every rock and tree and creature Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

~From the Disney movie Pocahontas

At the 'Connecting to God and Nature' workshop I took at Findhorn, Scotland, I learned that many cultures have long believed that there is part of the angel realm that is connected to nature. The devas are the architects that make the templates, blueprints and plans for nature's creations. The nature spirits, sometimes called elementals, are the ones who turn energy into form so we have the parts of nature that our eyes can see-trees, flowers, rocks, rain and so forth.

This has enriched my view of nature beyond description. I used to look at a tree or plant and just see a 'thing', the physical form of a tree or other plant. Now I see so much more, when I look with my heart, as well as my eyes. I see beautiful life forms and also nature beings that are my friends. We, humans, are part of nature! What nature does for plants and animals, it does for us, too. It provides our food which becomes our bodies. It gives us all we need for life, so many gifts and blessings.

The part of nature that I first connected to and received messages from was Gaia, the deva of our planet earth, the Goddess. She truly is our Earth Mother, loving and strong, heart and arms outstretched to share her love with us.

I also connected to Pan, god of the woodlands who, as one author says, is the CEO of the nature spirits, full of power and also love. Other messages are from the devas of particular plants or parts of nature. Some I was inspired to write to or about nature.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Messages from Gaia

This is the first message I received from Gaia:

The Goddess is rising. Long has she waited to take her rightful place beside the male. She does not seek to dominate or control the male but to be a partner, to co-create a new heaven and a new earth.

Now is the time! Can you not sense the birthing, the joy? The contractions are closer together now. The new is ready to be born.

The Goddess, Gaia, rejoices to find those who are vanguards of the new order, people who respect and reverence the female and celebrate her beauty and mystery. Gaia smiles her happiness and gratitude to each of you who are a part of this. In this space, women can release the pain of the past and find the loveliness of this new way of living.

Long has the male dominated and destroyed the essence of the female. Rape, terror, molestation, shame and harshness. These are the legacy of millennia of male abuse of power.

Women carry the pain, this ancient pain in their bodies, their minds, their souls. It is imbedded in their cellular memory and it haunts their every moment. They carry the memory of women forced to live in slavery, used for male pleasure and when nothing else could control them, burned at the stake, stripped of their dignity, beaten and tortured, their gentle nature destroyed by this treatment.

Men carry the burden of shame for what has been done by generations before them, stretching back for countless centuries. Women's loss has not been their gain for all have been diminished by this madness. Men ache for this ugliness, repulsed and horrified by this inheritance.

A cleansing flood is washing away the past, releasing us from its bondage. Can you not feel the freedom rising from the depths of the earth? Is not the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, lifting her hands in gladness, joined by the Great Spirit, Father Sky as He joins her in glorious celebration.

We are a part of it! We are witnesses and celebrants in this awakening, this birthing. With joy and gratitude we lift up our hearts and minds and yea, our very souls, unable to contain the heartfelt joy we feel.

The butterfly is emerging from the chrysalis, its moist wings ready to carry the new life in flight. The sun and moon are converging in a resonance, a rhythm that cannot be denied or halted. The earth is singing a new song of glorious celebration for this transformation.

Let us join in the music, the dancing, the release of pent-up expectation turned into radiant reality. Let us become the mystery, the majesty, the partners in this co-creation.

Oh, Gaia, Goddess, friend, female. Oh Great Spirit, Creator, male. We lift our hands and our voices in a joyful shout. We offer our humble thanks and consecrate this moment to your honor. We take what we have shared here with us into the world, ready to do our part to carry this message to every corner of the earth.

    September 9, 2008

    From the rubble and the ashes, the Goddess rises.
    Do you see fire and destruction?
    Yes, but look again.
    The old must disappear for the new to be born.
    The earth is in labor now, pushing and contracting.
    Have you seen birth? Have you participated in it?
    It's a mess!
    The egg cracks, the membrane ruptures and the amniotic fluid gushes.

    There's blood and pain and a cry for help.
    But feel the exultation, the joy, the freedom, the excitement.
    New life, wings where they were not before.
    Look around you, see up ahead.
    See the majesty, the mystery, the miracles revealed.
    Most see death, endings, the familiar and comfortable fading away.
    And they are afraid as they cling to what exists but soon will be no

    A precious few can see the new and they are precious indeed.
    They hold the hand of the Goddess as the earth heaves and contracts
    and pushes the new life forms through the birth canal into the radiant
    She is not afraid, neither should we be.
    She exists in a place beyond time and calls us there, to her heart, where
    love is all there is,
    nothing else; only, always love.

    This is not random, it's no coincidence that we are here now, in this place,
    with plans and dreams that shatter the old order and will help to create
    the new.
    Be glad! Enjoy it all! Every bit!
    The Goddess holds out her hand, yes, her heart, as well.
    Be still a moment. Feel the beat, the rhythm, the sacred breath.

    Reach out, open your hands and your heart
    The gifts are yours, freely given.
    Take them and celebrate the wonder, the miracles, the magic.
    She's smiling out to you.
    Love is flowing, gushing, flooding from her heart to yours.
    Let it wash over you, refresh you, fill you.

    The Goddess is teacher, companion, friend.
    So are you. Yes, you!
    She could create the new but she wants us to be a part of it.
    Co-creator, co-creation.
    It's a gift beyond price, of value that cannot be measured in the seen world,
    only in the unseen.

    Ask for what you need.
    It will be given in abundance, beyond your wildest expectations.
    Your hands cannot hold it all so share and all will be blessed.
    The contractions will subside, the new will shine in all its splendor.
    And you will know in your heart that it is yours.

Goddess Rising!

October 23, 2008

Feel the hush. It's hard to breathe as the reality of the impending birth sinks into my heart, my soul.

The womb, place of the gestation of new life, is now empty. The new life form is in the birth canal, is birthing, being pushed out, entering the earth ... reaching, stretching rejoicing to bring the new, be the new.

One more push and the new is born, enters our world, joins our world, becomes our world and we are one.

Breathe ... breathe ... breathe

Feel the quiet excitement, the joy, the celebration. It's happened! The new is here. The separation is healed!!

Who knew. We thought this day, this time was far away in the distant future. Many never sensed it as even a possibility. But now, now, yes NOW, it is reality!

Surely some intuitively knew it was possible, even sensed its approach. But now? Us? Here?? Surely, that's impossible, too good to be true.

But we're not ready. The earth is a mess. The timing must be off, the birth premature.

No. My dear children, beloved ones, precious partners, my dear darling co-creators.

How is the new birthed? Do plants emerge in their mature form? Are animals and people birthed in their adult stage?

No! The seed is small, babies fragile. They are new and fresh, perfect bearers of the new. And I, the One who births, I know the timing. It's now! Let's dance and celebrate, rejoice!

Be happy. Look around you. The old order is collapsing. It has outlived its usefulness. Let it go. A fire is spreading across the earth, the old is dying, the new is being born. Know for sure that the Goddess is rising.

What is the new? You need only look within your heart to see.

Harmony-all creation attuned and held in the same energy.

Peace-inside and out, no more striving and fruitless searching. The new, before unseen, is now visible. Touch it and know that it is true.

Love-truly all is contained in this pervasive, all-encompassing love. Always love, only love, nothing else. The illusions are vanishing. Let them disappear.

All you need will be provided. All wisdom, all love, all gifts-they are already along the path you will take. Just walk with open hands and open hearts and they will appear. Feel the joy of this discovery.

As the Goddess rises, so does love. Separateness is no more.

Take my hand, beloved ones, and each others hands. From the dust of stars we will create beauty together, always together. The broken will be healed, the web of life restored to glorious perfection. The broken will be joined in wonderful wholeness. Nature will be beautiful beyond our wildest imagination.


Excerpted from Messages from Gaia by Mary Kirkpatrick Copyright © 2010 by Mary Jane Crooks. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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